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Our control panel (CPanel) gives you FULL control of every aspect of your web hosting account. Managing your website has never been easier!

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Parallels Plesk Panel Onyx Demos

Our control panel (Parallels Plesk) gives you FULL control of every aspect of your account. Managing your website has never been easier!

Control Panel demo


Check out the control panel for hosting. WHM has a large number of features.

Control Panel demo

Note: demos don’t have all features due to security reasons.

Plesk is one of the most famous used control panels and software platforms for relaxing the busy schedule of developers and Web Professionals. Plesk is a versatile platform you may use to easily handle your web projects, without mastering specialist web development expertise. You need not the Terminal or command lines to maintain your projects, websites, databases or emails. Select the best way with Plesk to provide your customers a great experience & enable them to make their projects in a few clicks.

Plesk is a web hosting control panel which is most compatible with the Windows operating system. It gives pretty much relevant features as cPanel. Plesk users may manage thousands of virtual hosts on a single server. Plesk control panel may be used with shared, VPS Hosting & Dedicated Hosting . Plesk automates tasks which offer web hosting providers to minimize resources and operating costs as well manage server and domains. Plesk unique features such as migration manager, key auto-update mechanism, auto-component updater & web-based installation assistance in managing your server & domains.    

The system needs for Plesk is Windows Web Server. Plesk control panel is compatible with the cloud till it is supported by the operating system which is running.  You may easily monitor your servers 24/7 by using Plesk Hosting & immediately fix issues. Plesk also provides mobile monitoring & your company is more sensitive with this function. You may log into Plesk by pointing your mobile browser to post 8443 of your website & you can give it a quick start by selecting any of Windows Hosting Packages.

You can upload data without FTP clients because Plesk provides a built-in file manager you may manage, upload, move, copy, download and modify all the files on your hosting package. You may also package several files into zip archive. Besides this Pleask has single login for domain owners & administrators. Plesk support all major CMS platforms & Plesk features an internal application installer which makes it easily to install and manage most CMS platforms, including WordPress, Joomla, Drupal & Magento in just a few clicks. This application installer may also be used to install ecommerce applications such as shopping cart as well any of the applications may be uninstalled directly through the control panel.

Plesk control panel may be customized with the Virtuozzo software to build a variety of templates. Plesk offers you to set limits, generate a complete report of your accounts, view assigned IPs, setup your custom buttons, logos & directories at the Client level. You may also set up domain templates and view traffic stats with the press of a button. Plesk also allows you to control everything associated with your domain user level.


  • The automation & management of domain names
  • Email accounts
  • Web applications
  • Programming languages
  • Databases and infrastructure tasks to provide ready-to-code environment
  • Strong security across all layers and operating systems
  • Designed for web agencies
  • Perfect for resellers
  • Plesk better than cPanel
  • Migration Manager
  • Key auto-update mechanism
  • Auto component updater
  • Web-based installation assistance in managing your server & domains


Control panel such as Plesk has become important management tool for multiple domains hosted on dedicated/virtual private servers. Because Plesk offers best features as compared to the average server management professional who usually deals with number of tasks scattered in numerous locations. Plesk control panel is the most widely used on the market & require paid subscriptions.

Plesk Onyx offers automated and simplified tools that independent hosters & agencies may make great use of.  There are multiple editions for this hosting platform. Plesk supports Windows and different Linux versions including Cloud Linux, Red Hat Linux, Debian, Ubuntu, and CentOS.

Plesk is most appropriate for:

  • PHP
  • js
  • Ruby On Rails
  • Python

If you depend on WordPress to manage content, then see how the WP Toolkit helps to automate staging, provide you a wide range of features and offer you with good security.

Plesk is a hosting control panel certified for use with all top cloud platforms like Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud. The most important quality of Plesk’s features and continous technical support make Plesk a very prominent.


With Plesk Onyx you may manage all aspects of your solution such as:

  • Files – Backup & advanced FTP
  • Web traffic statics
  • Databases – Manage & create both Microsoft SQL and MySQL database servers
  • Disk space & bandwidth
  • Domains – Subdomains, parked domains and add-ons
  • Auto-install software
  • Docker Support – Plesk provides access to a wide range of top technologies like MongoDB, Redis, Memcached and much more.
  • js – easy to code with PHP, Javascript, Ruby, Perl, Python, Java, .Net & Node.js support.
  • Git Support
  • NGINX – Content served by NGINX only
  • System Resource Usage Limits
  • Multi-Server


Following are the most popular Plesk Onyx control panel access levels:

  • Client/ Reseller – Login account where users are allowed domain creation rights
  • Domain Owner – Accounts with planned permissions & interface access
  • Mail User – Provides the user to log in to their own private interface and manage passwords, anti-virus settings, spam filters etc.


Please keep it in mind the most important factors while choosing a web host with Plesk Onyx:

  • Updates – It is important to know how often Plesk Onyx updates your existing versions
  • Management & Support
  • Extensions – Please check your selected host provide Plesk Onyx extensions and tools
  • Types of Hosting – Confirm your host supports Plesk Onyx throughout each hosting plan
  • Types of Server – Ensure you will be running on Windows or Linux Host

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