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.EDU.PK Domain is Second Level Country Code Domain (ccTLD) name which is reserved of Schools, Colleges, Institutes and Universities in Islamic Republic of Pakistan. The word Edu dot PK comes out from Education in Pakistan.

What is .Edu.PK?

Edu.Pk domain is a second level country code domain extension of .PK domain in Pakistan. The word Edu comes out from Education. .Edu.Pk domain is very useful and not commonly used domain name in Pakistan because .Edu.Pk domain is only reserved for registered Schools, College, Institutes and Universities in Pakistan. If you want to make your schools, College, Institutes and Universities website and want to make its appearance over the internet in Pakistan then .Edu.Pk Domain extension is the best choice for your school, College, Institutes and University website domain name. You cannot register an .Edu.Pk domain for any individual, commercial and other purpose because it is specified only for educational purpose in Pakistan. .Edu.Pk domain registration and renewal criteria is same like all other .Pk domains because you can register an .Edu.Pk domain for minimum two years and you cannot register .Edu.Pk domain less than two years. All the rights are reserved to PKNIC for .Edu.Pk domain activity because PKNIC is the main registrar and the main sponsor .Edu.Pk domain but Navicosoft is the main reseller of .Edu.Pk domain. You can register your .Edu.Pk domain by providing some necessary information to Navicosoft easily. In additional we can register an .Edu.Pk domain in very low and cheap prices. You can compare our registration prices for .Edu.Pk domain with any other company in Pakistan. We are only in Pakistan who can register an .Edu.Pk domain extension for you in very cheap and low prices. You can also resell domain by getting domain from Navicosoft in low prices.


  1. It is a second level country code domain, reserved for Pakistan.
  2. .Edu.PK domain is not an Internationalized domain extension.
  3. You can register .Edu.Pk domain for only educational purpose in Pakistan.
  4. If you are running any educational Institute in Pakistan then you can get domain extension for your institute website.
  5. All Registered Educational Institutes in Pakistan can register .edu.PK Domain.
  6. You can not register a .edu.PK domain for any illegal purpose or work.

.EDU.PK Domain Requirements

According to the domain name registration policy, the domain registrant for domain extensions must be a bona fide educational institute, with sizeable active students enrollment and the name of the registrant institute must reflect in the domain name. Therefore, for moderation purposes, the domain names are kept inactive after registration.

For activation of the EDU domain, following requirements apply:

  • A letter of authorization signed by the Principal/Head of the institute on institute’s original stationary letterhead (no photocopies or laser printed letterheads).
  • A proof/claim of being a registered and active educational institute (i-e copy of registration documents with a government education body etc).
  • A CNIC copy of the authority signing the authorization letter.

Send these documents to the address as under:
PKNIC Collection
Lahore. Pakistan
The domain will be activated upon verification of the received documents.