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Navicosoft is one of the most known App Hosting Providers

Navicosoft is one of the most well-known App Hosting providers that started its voyage in 2008. We have been gaining popularity and fame since the beginning due to our exceptional quality of luxury application hosting services. Provide powerful and easy-to-use services. Instilling a tradition of trust in our clients, as we understand the consequences of your needs and always try to satisfy you. We aim to deliver comprehensive services and support for industry-leading applications.

Luxury Application hosting services like never before

We provide the most flexible App Hosting to you. It does not matter if you want to create a blog, an e-commerce store, a photo gallery, or any other forum creation; you achieve the ideal digital creations with Navicosoft. You can run our luxury application hosting on all platforms, including Apache, Linux, My SQL Joomla, Magento Hosting, and many more! We bring endless possibilities on your digital way and make sure to provide the best web App Hosting to frame your smart space.

A Solution For Your Applications

We provide the most suitable and economical WEB HOSTING and App Hosting services. It does not matter if your organization or application is big or small or how complex is the IT challenge. We are always there working for you by understanding your needs and requirements to develop a perfect hosting solution.

NODE JS Hosting

You can now scale up your Node.js apps with our NODE JS HOSTING. With the high-performance SSD cloud servers, we make sure to provide such hosting for your apps that can handle thousands of users with low latency of Node and high API volume. Whether you need a beginner’s experience or all featured hosting, we provide the most suitable packages at your fingertips! Hosting

We specialize in Microsoft Hosting. Also, provides the best possible environment for building and running dynamic environments. Support various ASP.NET hosting technologies to host your app efficiently with updated technology. It includes ASP.NET MVC, ASP.NET AJAX, Razor View Engine, LINQ, Web Deploy, and many more.

Magento Hosting

We provide such Magento Hosting services which let you focus on your e-commerce business. We aim to provide Magento hosting services that ultimately deliver such an e-commerce site that can deliver 10x faster-loading speed and performance, security, scalability, and friendly support 24/7.

Rails Hosting

Navicosoft has partnered with innovative and modern tools & technology to provide you with the best application hosting services. We always host your application on reliable servers with 99.99% of uptime. We aim to provide efficient Ruby on Rails Hosting that will never make you feel that you are paying extra.

PHP Hosting

Navicosoft offers PHP hosting with MySQL database service and support. Whether you want to develop your application on the latest version or any older version, we have got your back. You can choose Navicosoft for windows application hosting and make your website load even 10x faster.

Cloud Application Hosting

We serve with a passion for the latest technology. We, as an innovative IT company, always make sure to provide the latest cloud application hosting solutions. A support team is always up 24/7 to solve all your issues and concerns. We have a supportive team of cloud engineers who make sure that your apps are running smoothly or not.

Angular Hosting

When you get Angular Hosting from us, we make sure to deploy the angular app to IIS effectively. With our branded turbo servers, we make sure to deliver blazing speed apps at your step. Moreover, if you want us to deploy an Angular app to IIS, we can also provide your website’s migration to our servers without any cost.

Wide Range Of Apps Availability

We provide a wide range of apps. Our focus is on delivering the most sought-after apps as demanded by our customers and clients. We come up with apps that are not only popular but bring value to your sites. We have Magento, WordPress, Joomla, Open Reality, and many other such apps that give you the best exposure to relevant websites. Each second is innovative in the field of information technology. So as soon as we find a new useful app, we add it to our application installer to provide the latest user experience immediately

Simple & Easy App Installation

We provide such an app installer that makes it easy to install and manage apps with one-click installation. You just have to find out the location where you have to install the app. Neither do you have to create any type of database, nor do you have to deal with complicated installations and configurations. You can set up your application with appropriate hosting in just a few clicks!

Our Luxury Application Hosting Services

App Monitoring

We provide advanced monitoring systems to deliver critical environment metrics via a customizable dashboard. After monitoring and scanning, we make sure to identify the issues quickly, fix the problems, and keep our clients happy and prospered.


We provide automated backup solutions with WINDOWS APPLICATION HOSTING and LINUX APPLICATION HOSTING to ensure that your data is backed up regularly. We aim to deliver relaxation and peace of mind to our customers by taking regular backups and fixing unexpected issues that might have a negative influence on your business.

Security Bundles

We offer auditor-approved solutions to help our customers fight malicious intruders. Also, make sure to comply with industry standards to provide malicious free apps and hosting to our customers. Value our clients and always make sure to provide you with hosting that makes your brand capable.

Why Navicosoft For Luxury Application Hosting Services?

We provide a flexible platform to choose tools for security
optimization, database performance, and scalability.

Navicosoft supports a wide range of operating systems,
databases, and tools.

Since the beginning, we have helped organizations fulfill their luxury Application Hosting needs.
We are expertise in various products including Microsoft Azure and Office 365 ensuring your site working at its peak!
We always aim to deliver superfast app performance with affordable & luxury application hosting and reliability for mission-critical systems.
Our customer support team provides 24/7 friendly behavior towards you to solve your queries.

Web Hosting: A Comprehensive Guide to Your Best Options

The digital era requires a robust online presence for businesses, blogs, portfolios, and virtually any venture. A key element in establishing this presence is web hosting. However, with the many hosting services available, making the right choice can take time and effort. This guide will provide an overview of some popular hosting types and options to help you make an informed decision.

Cheap WordPress Hosting

WordPress is often the platform of choice for budding bloggers and small businesses due to its user-friendly nature. Cheap WordPress hosting ensures that these entities can enhance their online presence without breaking the bank. While affordable, it’s essential to ensure that the provider offers decent speed, uptime, and customer support.

Best E-commerce Hosting

E-commerce platforms have specific requirements, such as SSL certificates for secure transactions, high uptime for constant accessibility, and tools for inventory management. The best e-commerce hosting services provide these features, often with integrated solutions, ensuring seamless online shopping experiences for customers.

E-commerce Web Hosting

E-commerce web hosting is specifically tailored for online stores. Unlike standard hosting, it often comes with tools to help businesses manage products, track orders, and handle customer queries. It also emphasizes security features, given the sensitive nature of transactions.

ASP.NET Hosting

For those who have built their websites using Microsoft’s ASP.NET framework, specialized hosting is essential. ASP.NET hosting provides:

  • The necessary infrastructure to support this framework.
  • Ensuring compatibility.
  • Smooth performance.
  • Access to specific tools and features available only within the Microsoft ecosystem.

ASP Hosting

While ASP.NET is the newer, more modern framework, some websites are still built on the classic ASP (Active Server Pages). For these websites, ASP hosting is the go-to solution. It provides the environment needed to run ASP-based websites effectively.

Magento Hosting

Magento, a powerhouse in the ecommerce world, offers extensive features for large online stores. Best Magento hosting is specially optimized for this platform, ensuring quick loading times and a smooth user experience. Providers often offer tools for easy Magento installation, updates, and backups.

Best Magento Hosting

For those looking for top-tier Magento solutions, the best Magento hosting providers offer superior speed, enhanced security features, and expert Magento support. They ensure that online stores operate at their optimum, handle large traffic volumes, and provide customers with a seamless shopping experience.

Drupal Hosting

Drupal is another popular content management system known for its flexibility and scalability. Best Drupal hosting ensures compatibility and optimal performance for websites built on this platform. It often includes easy installation, regular updates, and tools tailored for Drupal.

Application Hosting Services

Beyond conventional website hosting, there’s a growing demand for hosting specific applications, be it for business processes, collaboration tools, or custom web apps. Application hosting services provide the infrastructure to run these applications smoothly, ensuring they are always accessible to users, receive regular updates, and are secure against threats.

In Conclusion

Selecting the exemplary hosting service is crucial for the success of your online venture, be it a blog, an e-commerce store, or a business application. Factors like scalability, security, support, and platform-specific features play a pivotal role.

Whether you’re inclined towards the user-friendliness of WordPress, the e-commerce capabilities of Magento, the flexibility of Drupal, or the robust nature of ASP.NET, ensure that your hosting provider aligns with your needs and objectives for the best online experience.

Your Questions, Our Answers

What is application hosting?

Application hosting is a type of web hosting that allows you to run the applications on servers or on a cloud. A hosted application, in simple words, is something that can be accessed globally through the internet. Application hosting provides an operational platform for the applications. In addition, content management applications, web applications, android applications, and database applications are some on-demand software applications that are hosted on the internet to be accessed by everyone.

What are the advantages of application hosting?

Application hosting comes with unlimited benefits. Hosted applications can be accessed through the internet instead of internal servers. In addition, you can save a lot of money spent on the maintenance of servers by hosting the applications. When you get application hosting services, you also get 24/7 friendly customer support. In this digital world, accessibility, security, and speed of any application go hand in hand. Application hosting with greater access and lower costs help in the efficient working of the apps.

Can I host multiple applications on one server?

It all depends upon the chosen specifications & space. If you are looking for maximum security and speed for your application, it is suggested not to host various applications on a single server. Always make sure to select a renowned application hosting provider because a reputable hosting provider will keep the security inclined that will help in hosting various applications on a single server.

Does NavicoSoft accept the BTC payment method?

As the world is getting digital, cryptocurrency is also getting so much popular. We understand the importance of having a secure gateway for payment transactions. So, keeping your security and identity needs at priority, we accept the BTC or Bitcoin payment method.

Can I get a trial to check if things work?

Yes, you can. We work for your satisfaction and believe in providing you the comfort more than anything else. You can contact our technical support team & tell them your requirements. Once they analyze and understand your requirements, they will initiate a free three days trial so that you can check the features.

What should I look into before choosing the application hosting provider?

While looking for an application hosting provider, you need to keep some important features in mind:
Compatibility: The paramount thing to consider is application compatibility. The way all the apps are built differently, the same lies for the hosting. Hosting is not a multipurpose solution. You should choose the hosting platform after analyzing the software requirements.
Security: Always stay conscious when it comes to application security. These days, data breaching is happening at an alarming frequency. So, always try to consider the hosting platforms that focus on the security of the server, its infrastructure as well as the security of data.
Support service: Since running any application or website demands 24/7 availability, so always choose the hosting web agency that provides 24/7 technical customer support. It’s because applications can go down, or glitches can occur at any time. So to stay on the safer side, look for a company with 24/7 support.

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