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ERPNext is an open-source project of Frappé Technologies designed to help small and medium business enterprises to meet efficiency in their business operations. Navicosoft offers such a cloud-based platform with ERPNext hosting, that will be accessed anywhere and the relevant staff can manage their operations in mobility. We provide such applications with ERPNext Hosting that serve to manage accounts, real-time inventories, revenue through sales and purchases, customer relationship management, and much more. Discussing technical specifications, this website runs on MariaDB Database systems powered by Python server-side framework.
A well-versed and comprehensive solution for small businesses to handle tasks which are difficult to manage manually. Imagine keeping a manual record of 10 years accounts in your pocket and working on it every time was practically impossible before could solutions such as ERPNext arrived. ERPNext Web Hosting on managed ERPNext hosting hosting servers in cheap & affordable prices with dedicated erpnext support subscription.
ERPNext has a really simple to use interface and quick clean User Interface that becomes amazing to use for beginners and professionals. The launch console of this web application has simple and clean icons just like those used in android platforms app drawers. On a click of a button, you can fully maintain stock and inventories, and even human resource from this end. Manage your payrolls with this next level ERPNext software.
The web application even has embedded email application so that you never have to visit inbox separately. The best thing about this open source ERPNext web application is that it has a responsive design which brings a nice design at you mobiles and tablets. You can practically bring the professional aesthetics and feel of your office on the palm of your hand. We design your business web application based on ERPNext software core setup with a customised user interface according to your business needs.
Refer to previous invoices and manage them according to the time schedule demand; monthly, quarterly and yearly. Start migrating to this awesome business solution system which will never make you regret on your decisions.
What’s the best thing about a business application & cloud solution apart from its cloud access capabilities? Yes, you caught it right. You can have a brilliant ERPNext Hosting & Development support from our expert team. Don’t need to worry more about technical support issues. Maintaining & rectifying technical issues would no more be your headache so your focus and attention brings superb business profits.

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till having issues or doubts on the compatibility of running this as your business software? We are in contact with you 24/7 on skype, email and on hotline. Just leave your queries at our side and we will effort to bring you the quickest solutions to your problems. You never need to worry about installing EPRNext and then work on its setup individually. We are here to serve you with the best.