Performance-optimized Python Hosting with excellent built-in functionality and security.

Python Web Hosting Prices


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  • Free Domain Name
  • 4 GB Web Space
  • 80 GB Data Transfer
  • 10 Email Addresses
  • 512 MB RAM (pMEM)
  • 8 Concurrent connections (EP)
  • 20 processes (nPROC)
  • 1 MB/s I/O
  • Free Website Builder
  • Addon Domain 1
  • No SSH Access


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  • Free Domain Name
  • 8 GB Web Space
  • 150 GB Data Transfer
  • 15 Email Addresses
  • 512 MB RAM (pMEM)
  • 10 Concurrent connections (EP)
  • 25 processes (nPROC)
  • 1MB/s I/O
  • Free Website Builder
  • Addon Domain 2
  • No SSH Access


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  • Free Domain Name
  • 20 GB Web Space
  • 400 GB Data Transfer
  • 20 Email Addresses
  • 512 MB RAM (pMEM)
  • 15 Concurrent connections (EP)
  • 35 processes (nPROC)
  • 1MB/s I/O
  • Free Website Builder
  • Addon Domain 3
  • No SSH Access


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  • Free Domain Name
  • 30 GB Disk & 600GB Transfer
  • FREE LSWS Manager
  • 30 Email Addresses
  • 756 MB RAM (pMEM)
  • 20 Concurrent connections (EP)
  • 40 processes (nPROC)
  • 1.5MB/s I/O
  • Free Website Builder
  • Addon Domain 4


Choose Plan
  • Free Domain Name
  • 40 Gb Web Space & 1 Tb Transfer
  • FREE LSWS Manager
  • Unlimited Email Addresses
  • 1 GB RAM (pMEM)
  • 45 Concurrent connections (EP)
  • 50 processes (nPROC)
  • 1.5MB/s I/O
  • Free Website Builder
  • Addon Domain 5

Make The Smart Choice & Get Python & Django Hosting

Navicosoft has been serving its clients since 2008 and is a trusted online web host with the most budgeted approach to protecting your identity and listening to you instead of simply terminating your site. Additionally, We offer the most suitable solutions for startups, entrepreneurs, and such ventures that require offshore web hosting to let their journey go on with privacy and anti-website shutdown.
Also, We provide discount Django hosting & best Python web hosting with the pre-installed framework of Django that is fully optimized to perform the best. Our offerings cater to a diverse range of of applications that suit all Django Python developers, including performance monitoring and module installation. We are here for our clients from skyline to shoreline to:
  • Present a hosting that is so desirable.
  • To keep you alive all the time with technological innovations.

A Door to Spacious Python Web Hosting

We are a Trusted Django Flask Script cPanel Online Web Host company and offer an open-source web framework, specifically written in Django. The framework is flexible enough to be handled by developers in a hassle-free manner. Being a leading web hosting agency, we offer a developer-friendly platform to have appealing website development in a short time.
We make sure to provide such a Django hosting Services environment
that will surely give unparalleled scalability and similar features. From the beginning, including Django installation to up-gradation and firewall installation, we make sure to complete all tasks smoothly to run your website.

Our Services of Django Hosting

We provide you the right solution at the right time. We understand your needs and offer services of Python Web Hosting that is ridiculously fast, secure, and exceedingly scalable.

Forefront Web Host

We offer a complete hosting package as we are a Trusted Django Flask Script cPanel Online Web Host. We always ensure to offer a complete package of hosting for such people who want a complete solution and a complete framework.

Control Panel

Our Hosting packages come up with complete access to the control panel. We provide a cPanel control panel and give you complete access to manage your email accounts, databases, website statistics, and many more.

Cloudflare Integration

We always make sure to establish your fast and secure business website online. Navicosoft, being your partner to make your site super-fast, makes sure to integrate your site with Cloudflare global network to protect your site and give blazing speed.

MYSQL Databases

We come up with flexible MYSQL storage and provide fast and secure MYSQL databases with low cost Python Web Hosting. We provide you the freedom to manage your database easily as we do not impose a restricted data limit.

Super-fast FTP Uploads

We create an unlimited number of FTP accounts and upload them on the server using the most suitable software. We offer such exclusive FTP services that support all FTP and SFTP clients.

Why Navicosoft For PYTHON HOSTING?

We take the simple yet the best decision for your website. We offer you a one-stop solution for all of your needs of PYTHON HOSTING!

  • We come up with such a competent support
    team that is available for you around the clock with
    all friendly behavior.
  • Navicosoft offers web Hosting Services via secure and
    fast speed SSD servers and is a trusted online web host
    across the globe.
  • We offer free website migration whenever a new
    customer wants to migrate a site on our servers.
  • Since the beginning, we have an excellent track-record
    for treating our clients with love & care.
  • Navicosoft, being a leading name in web hosting
    providers, makes sure to provide up to 99.99% of uptime.

High Performance Hosting To Tune Up Python Apps

Navicosoft is the name of the most Trusted Django Flask Script cPanel Online Web Host who aims to mark your presence alive with elegant expertise! We always ensure to use powerful servers featuring your data to be safe and secure. We make sure to deliver the insane speed of Python web Hosting via our powerful enterprise SSD servers.
Not in terms of power but speed also, we make sure to enhance the speed of your websites drastically. We use LiteSpeed web servers(LSWS), which come up with Redis and Memcached backend caches to optimize your website speed miraculously. Apart from that, we have an expert team for WORDPRESS HOSTING.

We Bring Ideal Strategies For You!

With our affordable approach towards PYTHON HOSTING, we are providing hosting with a burst of features. Furthermore, We come up with such hosting features that ultimately settle your online life!


App Installation

We make Python app creation even easier. You can install python apps with just a few mouse clicks. We make sure to support your apps from starting and always continue to do so!


Latest version updates

We understand hosting and the importance of versions. We give you the option to choose the version accordingly. Additionally, We also ensure that our clients are enjoying super-fast processing and CPU boot.


Periodic backups

Our hosting plans include periodic backups to ensure that your data is not lost. We provide free backups so that at any point you feel like you have lost your data, you can restore your account, databases, emails, and even statistics of your account.


Module Installation

We provide complete ease to install modules with our Hosting Plans. Simply, Search & select the module you want to install, restart your app, and you are done. Moreover We always make sure to provide as much ease to our clients as we can with our competent support team 24/7.


Guaranteed uptime

We understand the value of uptime for your digital business. We are proud to exceed your expectations in case of uptime. In fact, We are among the very few web hosting companies that have the best record of providing maximum uptime.

Python Web Hosting

In the realm of web development, Python has proven itself to be an incredibly versatile language. Known for its simplicity and readability, Python is the language behind numerous web applications, including those powered by the Django framework. As the demand for Python-based web applications increases, the quest for the perfect hosting platform becomes paramount. This article delves into the intricacies of Python web hosting and offers insights into the best options available.

Python Hosting

Python hosting primarily refers to the services that allow you to run Python scripts and web applications on remote servers. In essence, this type of hosting ensures that your Python-powered projects are accessible online with minimal hassle. An ideal Python hosting service provides ample support for various Python libraries, frameworks, and tools.

Best Hosting for Django

Python’s Django framework facilitates the rapid development of secure and scalable web applications. Due to its specific requirements, it’s crucial to choose a host that understands and caters to the Django ecosystem. The best hosting for Django offers PostgreSQL or MySQL databases supports various Django versions and ensures easy deployment of Django applications.

Best Python Hosting

When hunting for the top Python hosting services, one should consider factors such as uptime guarantees, server speed, technical support, and scalability options. The best Python hosts often support multiple Python versions, ensuring compatibility with your projects. Additionally, the provision for virtual environments, such as virtualenv, can make the development and deployment processes more streamlined.

Best Django Hosts

Some of the most reputable Django hosts include Heroku, DigitalOcean, and AWS. These platforms provide tailored environments that can significantly simplify the deployment process of Django applications. Features to look for in the best Django hosts include one-click deployments, pre-configured databases, and efficient scaling options.

Best Django Hosting

The ultimate Django hosting platform provides a blend of robust infrastructure, cost-effectiveness, and advanced features tailored for Django. Moreover, This includes support for Django’s ORM, database migrations, and the ability to handle significant traffic spikes. A high-quality Django hosting platform also offers seamless integration with other services, such as caching and content delivery networks.

Web Hosting Python

In the broader context of web hosting, Python support is an essential feature to consider. Web hosting Python services typically offer the ability to run Python CGI scripts, WSGI applications, and even Flask or Pyramid applications. These services often come with tools that aid in easy deployment, version management, and environment isolation.

Cheap Django Hosting

Budget-conscious developers often seek cost-effective solutions without compromising on performance. Thankfully, there are cheap Django hosting options that cater to this need. While these might not offer all the bells and whistles of premium hosts, they still provide a stable environment for smaller Django projects. Always research user reviews and ensure that the cost savings don’t come at the expense of security or reliability.

Django Web Hosting

When exploring Django web hosting, it’s crucial to understand the specific requirements of a Django application. Additionally, this includes support for static and media files, middleware requirements, and potential third-party integrations. Optimal Django web hosting platforms provide easy integration with databases, caching mechanisms, and email backends.

Django Hosting

To summarize, Django hosting is a specialized segment of web hosting dedicated to supporting Django-powered applications. The key is to find a service that understands the intricacies of the Django framework, provides robust infrastructure, and caters to the evolving needs of Django developers.

In conclusion, whether you are developing a small personal project or a large-scale web application, selecting the right hosting platform is crucial. The aforementioned platforms and considerations offer a roadmap to find the best fit for your Python and Django hosting needs.

Your Questions, Our Answers

What is Python?

Python is a well-known computer programming language used to create websites and applications, automate procedures, and analyze data. Python is a general-purpose language; thus, it may be used to create a wide range of programs and is not tailored for any particular issues. It has earned a spot on the list of today's most popular programming languages thanks to its versatility and beginner-friendliness.

It has high-level built-in data structures, along with dynamic typing and dynamic binding. However, it makes it especially interesting for use in Rapid Application Development as well as in scripting. Also, it is a glue language to connect already existing components.

What is Python used for?

Python is a popular tool for creating websites and applications, automating repetitive tasks, and analyzing and displaying data. Many non-programmers, including accountants and scientists, can use Python. Also, it is used for various routine activities that include managing finances since it is very simple to learn.

Can I install and configure Django on a Shared Hosting plan?

Installing and configuring Django on a shared hosting plan can be challenging. Shared hosting environments typically have limited access and control compared to VPS (Virtual Private Server) or dedicated hosting plans. However, running a Django application on some shared hosting servers may be possible if the service providers offer the necessary features and support.

What are the benefits of Python Server Hosting?

Python hosting offers numerous advantages for developers and businesses. It provides built-in Python support for efficient scripting and easy access to modules and packages. Therefore, it supports Python web frameworks like Django, simplifying web app development. Also, Python's object-oriented nature and readability enhance code quality and speed. Additionally, its large community ensures ample support and cross-platform compatibility ensures wider reach. Python's simplicity accelerates development, and code modularity encourages reusability, reducing project timelines. Overall, Python hosting is a cost-effective, efficient, and versatile choice for web development.

What are the Best Python Hosting Providers?

Various factors, including server performance, customer service, security, and scalability, should be considered while assessing Python hosting service Providers. Some reliable Python hosting companies are:

  • Navicosoft: The best Python web hosting is given by Navicosoft, with a fully optimized framework already installed. Navicosoft's hosting stands out with dedicated resources and hosting quality to customer support. Further, they provide a variety of features, such as performance monitoring and module installation, to accommodate all Python developers.
  • A2 Hosting: With two levels of management, A2 Hosting offers dedicated resources for hosting services. It directly boosts the functionality of your website and pushes you to the top.
  • Python Anywhere: You may easily create the application using this Python hosting service without setting up or maintaining separate web servers.
  • Chemi Cloud: ChemiCloud, a Python hosting provider, provides one-click Python installation. With only a few clicks, it can handle traffic surges and cache management thanks to its LiteSpeed Cache.
  • Heroku: It is a cloud platform built for developing Python-based applications. It features continuous delivery that follows a certain dedicated procedure, resulting in apps of higher quality.

Is Python Hosting compatible with shared hosting platforms?

Python hosting can be compatible with shared hosting platforms, but it's important to verify the support and resources provided by your hosting provider. Therefore, shared hosting is often more suitable for smaller or less resource-intensive Python applications. Also, if your project requires more control, customization, or resources, consider VPS or dedicated hosting options, which offer greater flexibility and performance.