3 common WordPress theme issues and solutions


3 common WordPress theme issues and solutions

WordPress is the topmost widely used content management system (CMS), serving about 35% of the websites all over the internet. WordPress makes the best CMS for blogs, e-commerce stores, News Journals, and portfolios. It allows the users to manage your website and the content even if you do not have any technical knowledge. There is a wide variety of plugins, default and customizable themes. There is no tool out that performs 100% and doesn’t pose any technical issues. The same is the case with WordPress. Here we shall be discussing WordPress theme issues.

Your website is your brand’s first impression. Your WordPress website design must be attractive and compliant with brand goals. For this, WordPress offers you a variety of default themes.

Here are some common problems that you might face with WordPress themes.

The theme is different from the demo theme

This problem is quite similar to the e-commerce stores. You may find a theme just right for you, and you even pay for it. In some cases, after installing it, you would find out that it is nothing like the template theme. It is truly frustrating.

All you can do is build that theme with its features in the backend of WordPress.

No stylesheet error

The other most frustrating of the WordPress theme issues are the missing stylesheet. After buying and installing your favorite theme, you may have an error prompt indicating that the stylesheet is missing and the installation failed. 

You need not worry and fetch the WordPress theme folder on your system and unzip it. Open the folder and locate your theme. It must be in an installable theme folder or somewhere obvious. Fetch the theme and upload it with FTP or zip it and upload via WordPress. 

Featured images support

Featured images support was rolled out with WordPress 2.9. If you are converting from an older theme to a new WordPress that didn’t have the featured images, you might face such WordPress theme issues.No one would have time to edit all the previous posts to add featured images. 

Here is a short and simple solution to it. You can incorporate the “Easy Add Thumbnail” plugin into your website. It helps you set featured images for your older posts automatically.

It may be too complex for a newbie or an emerging business. You can simply hire a WordPress design agency to avoid such issues.