3 leading WordPress Live Chat plugins for 2021

3 leading WordPress Live Chat plugins for 2021

WordPress Live Chat plugins let you integrate the live chat solutions on your online presence easily.

Live chat of any website engages the potential customers and the converted customers instantly. Eventually, it increases the functionality and User Experience, which every internet visitor likes about a site—no matter which website it is. However, eCommerce websites using this feature are swamping with leads and conversions.


Therefore, a proficient WordPress Development Agency offers services for installing WP Chat plugins on all niche websites.


Which WordPress Live Chat plugins are best for 2021?

Granted, plugins are outstanding when it comes to adding a functionality (whichever) to a website. Interestingly, WordPress put forward thousands of plugins, to be precise, more than 50,000. However, this post highlights the plugins for live chat only.

Live chat software greets people in your place. Afterward, let them ask the query that you can easily and instantaneously reply to.

Some plugins are free of cost, while others have asking prices. More specifically, many of the plugins have either a free version, or premium version, or both.

Anyhow, let’s check the leading WordPress Live Chat plugins.


Live Chat

The first and the most famous one is the “Live Chat.”

What does it offer to you?

  • Excellent interface for all frontend and backend.
  • You can control all the discussions using one dashboard and even let you customize the chat windows.
  • Besides, to enhance the UX, you get to see different color circles per visitor to demonstrate his waiting time.
  • You can create Chatbots to respond (pre-planned replies) in the stance you are not available.
  • For chat, you can use any of the web browser, desktop app (Windows & macOS), mobile apps (Android, iPhone)

What does it offer to customers?

  • It appears as a box and welcomes the visitors.
  • Moreover, people can minimize the chat window. Still, a visible sign is present at the bottom. So that if at any time the surfer wants to ask, he can approach it by clicking only.
  • What interesting is that your visitors/ chatters can return feedback about their experience concerning the chat.
  • Further, the plugin features the share buttons with which the customers can rate the chat/ company on social media.
  • You can view the stats, reports, past visits/gossip history easily.


Its starting price is $19/ month or $16/ month for a year for one agent. Live chat does not offer a free version. However, it does provide a 14-days free trial.

Besides, owing to the features and the benefits it furnishes efficiently justify the imposed costs. Further, the premium version cost varies with the number of agents (the employees that will answer the questions).

Famous companies using this plugin include McDonald’s, PayPal, etc.

Another famous and widely used plugin among leading WordPress Live Chat plugins is The coolest thing about it is that it is rich in features yet is a 100% freebie.

What does it offer to you?

  • You can use more than 45 languages and use over 1800 Emoji during the chat.
  • Moreover, it offers customizable widgets, ticketing built-in, and automated triggers.
  • It let you divide into several departments and route chats.
  • Also, you can even transfer messages between agents and upload the files.
  • Interestingly, it offers the message sneak peek to allow spotting what the chatters are typing.
  • You will get to see the time for which a visitor is present on the chat.
  • Real-time tracking,
  • All of your chats will stay as it is until you delete them on your own accord.
  • Likewise, the above plugin has canned messages (pre-determined replies) options.
  • It works for all web browsers, desktop app (Windows & macOS), and mobile apps (Android, iPhone) for live chat solutions.

What does it offer to customers?

Like other WordPress Live Chat plugins, it greets the customers the instant they explore the site.

Further, the customers can feedback/ survey/ rate the services of the company.   


Though providing a bundle of useful features, is completely free. No matter how many agents you use and install this plugin on unlimited sites.

However, if you use this plugin, your chat box will show a one-liner “powered by” No worries, if you want to get rid of this branding, you will pay $15/month.

Also, if needed, to operate your chat, you can pay $1/ hour to hire agents.

Millions of companies and websites are using this plugin for online chat with customers.

No biggie regarding having one for your WP Theme; hire WordPress Development Agency to inaugurate the live chat plugin. And let your business be quick in responding to the audience’s queries and develop their interest to purchase with you.


Tidio Live Chat

The most beginner-friendly plugin you could ever meet, especially for three agents’ live chat level. Otherwise, it has advanced features and a graphical user interface (GUI). Similarly, to get ultra-modern features, it costs you (some discussed in the pricing section).

What does it offer to you?

  • It offers a one-click installation.
  • It has three designs for chat boxes with a color customization option.
  • In addition, you can control and engage the chats using a web browser, desktop app (Windows & macOS), and mobile apps (Android, iPhone).
  • You can send/ continue the conversation using emails if a visitor leaves the chat room.
  • Further, it lets you have offline chats straight in your inbox.
  • Unlimited chat history stays at hand, and it provides unlimited free conversations/month.

What does it offer to customers?

Your website users satisfactorily communicate with you.

You and your customers both can send and receive files and pictures during chat and on the conversation window. You can either click on the paper click icon or, by drag and drop, you can select what you wish to send.


  • The plugin is free until you are using less than or up to three agents. In particular, the paid versions’ advanced features:
  • In case to add more agents, you can start with $16.80/ month.
  • If you want to have Chatbots on your site, you have to pay $18/ month.
  • To upgrade to features like message sneak peek, live chatters notifications, etc., you can start with $18/ month.
  • Further, if you are interested in sending emails to your customers, it offers Email Marketing services for $10/ month.

Thousands of websites have it integrated into them.

Choose the suitable one per your website needs. If you still encounter any issues, you need to address this swiftly. Contact an expert from a reliable WordPress Development Agency to consult for top WordPress Live Chat plugins. Subsequently, integrate one on your site and implant to heed your business growth.