3 proven tips to optimize images for search engine


3 proven tips to optimize images for search engine

By now, we have realized the importance of adding images to the text. Images are 94% more engaging than the text. Adding images makes a significant part of your content and helps in SEO of websites. Adding the best suitable image to your content ranks highest among the elements that enhance scanning the content. Knowing all this, you must understand that image seo plays an important role in ranking your content higher on SERPs.

Here is some useful tip for you.

Right Image

While you select any images for your content, using the photos you have taken is the best option. However, if you cannot manage that, you must ensure that the images are unique and relevant to your content.

Furthermore, keep your images in the smallest possible size without compromising the quality. Images have significant impacts on the loading time of a page. They must have a src set attribute so that the pictures may adapt to the screen size.

Right format

The second most important point of image seo is choosing your image’s right format. You must note that:

  1. JPEG is best for illustration as it provides more clarity and rich colors even with small-sized photos.
  2. Further, WebP format is the best for high-quality images with smaller sizes. There are some tools that you can use for the format conversion, such as Squoosh.
  3. If you wish to keep the background transparency of your image, PNG should be the format.
  4. Lastly, SVG is suitable for logos and icons. You can resize your SVG images easily with CSS or JavaScript. 

Adding images to the content

Once you select and your image for your content, the next step of image seo includes labeling the images. Following are some important steps.
It may be too complex for a newbie or an emerging business. You can simply hire a WordPress design agency to avoid such issues.
Captions: Enter relevant captions of your images. It helps your reader to skim through your content and to show them relevancy.
Alt tags: Adding alt tags would help the readers if they are using a screen-reader or reading in smart data mode. It must be an SEO key phrase. Though, do not ever over-optimize.
Structured data: adding structured data of images for search engine to your page helps search engines rank your pages higher.