4 ways to purchase the null-free version cPanel License

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Null-free version cPanel License is the authorized license that you can buy from the cPanel store, WHM log-in, Manage 2, and from cPanel certified partners.

It’s important to clarify that using or seeking out free cPanel licenses or engaging in any form of cracking or illegal licensing practices is against the terms of service and licensing agreements of cPanel Inc. cPanel is a popular web hosting control panel that offers a wide range of features for website management, server administration, and security. While there may be tempting offers for nulled or cPanel licenses free, these practices are not only unethical but also illegal.

Legitimate cPanel licenses come with a cost, as they are a crucial part of maintaining the security, stability, and functionality of web hosting environments. Utilizing unauthorized or cracked licenses can lead to various issues, including security vulnerabilities, software instability, and potential legal consequences. It’s always recommended to obtain cPanel null licenses through official channels or reputable hosting providers to ensure that you have access to the latest updates, security patches, and proper support.

Engaging in ethical and legal practices not only safeguards your website and server but also supports the ongoing development and improvement of the software you rely on. Instead of seeking free or nulled licenses, consider exploring affordable cPanel hosting options provided by reputable hosting companies, which typically include a licensed version of cPanel as part of their services. This way, you can enjoy the benefits of cPanel while adhering to legal and ethical standards in the web hosting industry.

Looking for a null-free version cPanel License crack, let us guide you to the simple way.


cPanel is a browser-based control panel with a Linux setup and a graphical user interface (GUI). The primary motive behind this software is to help with server management and websites.

That means using cPanel, a website owner or a web host can easily run and manage without assistance from tech administrators and managed IT services providers.

For example, the user can administer the domains, files, and databases, backups, emails, website publishing, etc. It also aids in controlling installations like Content Management Systems (CMS) to different software and development tools, etc. So the list extends to whichever task you have relative to the servers and the websites.

That is why cPanel is the worldwide well-known online control panel and has millions of users. You can also buy cPanel license and give it a go.

What actually is the null-free version cPanel License?

The null-free license refers to the authorized version rolled out by the cPanel company itself. At the same time, many tech companies are also offering cPanel licenses. Obviously, the licenses by the cPanel itself will be original, but you can’t be sure about the latter companies.

However, cPanel offers partnerships with reputed IT companies and hosting providers. So it is true that many companies have secured this partnership and have become official and authorized cPanel partners. And their offered licenses will also be null-free licenses.

On the other hand, cracked licenses, also called nulled cPanel cracked licenses, are also available in the market. Unfortunately, these are not the original ones that can’t provide the extensive features required to streamline the peak performance of the servers and the websites.

The pirated cPanel or other nulled licenses not only endanger your site/ server but can also subject you to penalties and lawsuits. So you need to beware of the cracked licenses and buy only the cPanel free License.

A point worth noticing is that a cPanel license can’t be shared between the servers. So the users with more than one server have to buy more than one cPanel license. Remember, if there are any companies that are offering shared cPanel licenses, they also aren’t certified, and those licenses should not be your way to go.

Now let us walk you straight to:

4 ways to purchase the Null-Free Version cPanel License


Via cPanel Store 

To buy the license from the cPanel Store, you need an authentic email address. So with this email address, you can create an account if you already have one; use that one. Afterward, you can log in to the account on the store. Then, check out the licenses from the menu and decide on your needed license.

Now add your desired type to the cart and enter the valid IP address (not used before). Finally, review and verify what you selected and then purchase. In the end, check your invoice, and you are done with the null-free version cPanel License (a certified license) purchase.


Via WHM (Web Host Manager)

Web Host Manager, abbreviated for WHM, is an efficient tool for administrative access to the cPanel account backend. It lets you create cPanel accounts to employ and manage hosting accounts and small to large websites.

So to buy through WHM, you need to log in as a root user to the WHM interface from the server. There you can click on the ‘Purchase a License’ from the Trial License Banner. However, if you can’t see it or can’t buy using that link, there might be root-level access issues. In that case, you have to direct to the cPanel store account and purchase a null-free version cPanel License from there. Then, on verifying the username, password, and other essentials, you can get the license.

Via Manage 2 

The third method is through Manage 2.

Manage 2 is a cPanel website that helps in dealing with the cPanel products and licenses related tasks, be it to add, remove, or update cPanel products and the invoices management and payment.

Of course, you need to have an account here, too, so create a new one or use the one you already have with it and log in. Manage 2 is more like a dashboard, so you can easily look around and check for your desired licenseNow add one following your requirements and press ‘Add License.’ Afterward, you will receive a confirmation message.


Via a Certified cPanel Partner 

Last but definitely not least is the assistance from the partner companies. You can search for them from the cPanel partner directory. NavicoSoft is also one of the official cPanel partners providing the null-free version cPanel License.

Buying a cheap cPanel license from a certified partner brings many lucrative benefits, especially in terms of support. First, the cPanel certified experts at the company can help you in case of assistance from activation to migration to recovery and so forth. Secondly, you can expect discounted cPanel pricing as well. So you can have huge savings in conjunction with the excellent features to help you with the web hosting, servers, and websites.

Now you know that servers with cPanel/WHM (Web Host Manager) call for a valid cPanel license to work and administer properly. So you should also know what cPanel license you need to buy. As we already mentioned, the license is separate for each server. So you can’t use the VPS server license for the dedicated server and vice versa. So depending on your VPS or dedicated server, you should purchase a null-free version cPanel License from a certified cPanel partner or other approaches said above.

Final Words!

cPanel can be your assistant taking care of all the burdensome servers and website management tasks. So get a cheap cPanel nulled license and share your burden. However, don’t forget to check for the authorized license to get all the features and original on the top and avoid hassles. Navigating the world of web hosting can sometimes lead users down paths of seeking cost-saving measures, like a free cPanel license or free WHM license. While the allure of such offerings is understandable, it’s crucial to tread with caution. Terms like “cPanel null”, “cPanel nulled license”, “cPanel cracked license”, and “cPanel crack license” often refer to unauthorized versions that can pose significant security risks and potential legal issues. Using a cPanel nulled or cPanel license crack not only jeopardizes the integrity and safety of websites but also undermines the developers who work diligently to provide genuine products. It’s always advisable to opt for legitimate licensing to ensure a secure and reliable hosting experience.