5 Best Linux Hosting Providers in 2021

There are exceptional web hosting services for Linux available. Whether you need one of the basic and best Linux hosting packages or a dedicated from a huge range of providers, you will have to explore a lot. However, you will have to keep in view a few aspects. If you have only a few hosting requirements, you are more likely to pick an account based on practical aspects, which include storage or bandwidth volumes.

In such a case, an operating system (OS) is likely to be on your priority list, and it is definitely left out of your feature lists. Nevertheless, using technical experience along with Linux offers you the benefit of control that OS provides over the websites.

For example, you might get a favorite distro or your control panel, which gives you great web server control. In addition, most Linux shared hosting providers are cooperative enough to accommodate requests, along with the Linux packages that include extra features and add-ons. Moreover, these include firewalls, mail servers, private DNS (domain name servers), and best-quality technical support.

The idea of a striking Linux package might be exclusive since you need to consider all the best Linux hosting services available and then choose what can work best for you. Here is a list of a few Linux shared hosting providers with all the remarkable features they are providing. It will definitely help you choose the right hosting provider for your business.



Navicosoft ranks top among all the best Linux hosting providers. It is among the emerging web hosting companies. It is one of the perfect choices for all your website solutions, which includes website designing, development, and exclusively making your digital presence immensely impactful. In addition to this, they have been remarkably good at delivering the best journey towards a better future. Navicosoft has a real global presence along with incomparable clientele across the world.

Navicosoft has been serving its customers for more than 12 years; therefore, they are completely aware of your site’s requirements. It offers you unique features regarding Linux shared hosting, with full flexibility and root access. Moreover, they have created a reputation being one of the remarkable and dominant Linux shared hosting companies. They operate on a simple motive to provide absolute and economical Linux Hosting along with cPanel solutions.

Best Features:

Customer-Centric Approach:

Navicosoft provides a customer-centric approach. They have been serving the clients for more than

100 million clients.

Website Security:

They offer full website security along with hosting, which is definitely a priority above all other things.

High Uptime:

They offer you 99.9% uptime so that their customers do not have to face any difficulty.

24/7 customer support:

Navicosoft believes in offering the customers 24/7 friendly support via calls, live chats, and emails. Also, they make sure to offer 24/7 Server monitoring.

Fast and Smooth Email Services:

They provide fast, dependable, and smooth email services.


Navicosoft’s pricing starts at $36.5 each year.


HostGator provides you with the best quality hosting, which guarantees the exceptionally good uptime in comparison with all others in the market. In addition, it provides you with a huge variety of the best Linux hosting packages. As your site evolves, you will require more features, and you will have to upgrade your plan. Hence you will have to choose wisely.

Best Features:

There is unquestionably a lot that you will like about HostGator. Here are some of the features which you definitely need to consider.

Best uptime guarantee:

When a site is hosted with HostGator, it will be running for the maximum possible time since they guarantee you an uptime of 99.99%. If they are unsuccessful in providing this uptime, they will provide you with one month of hosting for free.

Free SSL certificates:

HostGator is perfect if you are starting a new website. HostGator provides free SSL Certificates and a free domain with their best Linux hosting plans.

Excellent support:

The HostGator knowledge from their experts is an immensely useful and easily searchable resource. In addition, it provides you with 24/7 support via live chat and phone.

Free site transfer:

Although it applies to almost every plan, you need to double-check while signing up.


Their monthly Packages start from $2.75.


While HostGator offers the overall best Linux hosting, InMotion is among the best Linux shared hosting providers. However, it also provides VPS Linux hosting plans.
Therefore it is an exceptionally great option for small as well as new websites.

Best Features:

InMotion provides Linux shared hosting plans and VPS hosting plans that are saturated with features at an affordable price.

Here are a few of them:

Unlimited disk space and bandwidth: 

This is a feature which not a lot of providers offer; hence it is quite valuable.

Free SSL, free backups, and a free domain with all packages:

They provide several additional features for free plans and keep your additional costs very low.

Expert staff:

Every support provider in InMotion support staff receives 160 hours of training.
Hence they are specialists at tackling some of the complex queries.

90-day money-back guarantee:

It means that you can try InMotion for 90 days and decide accordingly if it suits you or not.


The monthly package starts from $2.49.

A2 Hosting

Best for cloud hosting

A2 Hosting provides several impressive and remarkable features with its Linux cloud hosting plans. It offers you support options providing you complete value for money.

Best Features:

A2 Hosting ranks in the fourth place, specifically for its specialty in Cloud Linux hosting.

  • Best cloud hosting provider:

A2 offers its customers an exceptional cloud hosting combination, maximum RAM, and many more features among all the best Linux hosting providers. In addition, it offers you root access at a reasonable starting price. A2 Hosting cloud plan is best for scaling your website.

Anytime money-back guarantee:

A2 Hosting provides its customers with exceptional services, allowing you to get your amount of money back at any time. Moreover, they are among the very few Linux hosting providers offering this.

Free site transfer:

A2 Hosting is capable enough to migrate your website over to its system from any other previous provider with no charge. Hence it is best if you are searching to switch.


Starting from $3.92.


Hostinger is a perfect example of a Linux shared hosting provider where you get everything that you need to pay for.
The price that you need to pay is very low. They offer you stripped-back features at discounted prices.

Best Features:

There are two main pros of Hostinger:

Very Economical prices:

Hostinger provides the cheapest method to host your site at rock-bottom discounted prices.
Moreover, it is worth considering that the cheap plan renews at a similar price, equivalent to InMotion plans, once the promotion is over.

Free backups:

They offer free backups with some of their plans


The monthly package starts from $1.95 per month.

Final Verdict!

Undoubtedly, you can choose Navicosoft as your number one priority. You can explore all the features stated above and make your decision accordingly. It is among the fast-growing IT company. Navicosoft provides one of cost-effective solutions for its customers. Moreover, they are specialists in providing extremely strong and secure web identities. Therefore they are experts offering remarkably reasonable Linux server that offers efficient and best Linux shared hosting.