5 common problems of cloud hosting trending in 2021


5 common problems of cloud hosting trending in 2021

For modern problems, the world is looking for modern solutions, and the same is the case with hosting. Already growing trend of remote solutions is catalyzed by the recent pandemic. Similarly, cloud hosting for new digital world brings a lot of amazing features with cloud servers. It is popular because cloud hosting is much more scalable, flexible, redundant, efficient, and secure.


However, nothing out there is perfect, and before you decide, you must know both sides of the coin. There are some common problems of cloud hosting you must know.

Security No doubt, according to the Cloud Security Alliance (CSA), more than 70% of businesses worldwide are operating with cloud. However, this mass usage does not guarantee the security of cloud servers. With everything so connected, it has been very difficult to ensure data security, making security one of the most common problems of Cloud hosting.

Stats indicate that more than 50% of the businesses on cloud consider their security measures concerning their data are very low. Furthermore, hacking employee accounts to reach to sensitive data is a common practice for attackers. 

Hence, ensure your security while choosing your cloud hosting services.

Malware injections

The cloud services are embedded with valid instances. These instances are the malware injections, the scripts that run as SaaS to the cloud server. Hackers use these scripts as a door to inject malicious codes into the server and fetch sensitive information. Such problems of cloud hosting compromise the integrity of the cloud server and affect all the partners sharing the cloud. 


Application programming interfaces (APIs) facilitate users with the customization of cloud experience. Moreover, it allows them authentication, access, and encryption. As API infrastructure grows with the improvising services, the security risks also increase.


No hosting provider can avoid the downtime, and it is the worst of all the Problems of cloud hostingfor sure. However, the best cloud hosting providers can guarantee you 99.9 % uptime. It is because your cloud hosting is based on a network of servers entirely depending upon the internet connection. In case of any challenges with the internet connection, there may be some downtime.