5 Reasons for domain transfer to a new registrar


5 Reasons for domain transfer to a new registrar

Purchasing a unique and suitable domain & hosting is the first step towards establishing your business website. You might be thinking that it is just a domain name, and you can buy it from anyone. However, this is not the case. Every registrar is not the same in their features and services. If you have already registered the best domain name with a registrar with limited options, you need not worry. You can simply opt for domain transfer to a new registrar.


Here are some reasons why you should consider transferring your domain.



Transferring domain may have many reasons because every registrar competes with pricing, features, customer services, and Reliability. Before looking into some common attributes of a registrar, you must check that the new domain host is accredited with ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers).



With technological development, cybersecurity threats have also skyrocketed. Hence, while choosing a registrar for your website, security must be your focus. Often, it starts with your visitors complaining they cannot fetch your website or it is being directed to an entirely different Url. Mostly, the reason is a domain name hacker. To avoid such situations while going for domain transfer, ensure that your new registrar facilitates you with a domain name lock. With lock, no one can change your domain name unless you change it. Moreover, ensure that your new web hosting company will notify you in case of any changes.


Customer care

For a growing website, support in various areas is vital. While you decide for domain transfer to a new registrar, ensure you get help during transfer, and your domain hosting would support you even afterward.


User Experience

The accessibility of your domain settings is also one reason for domain transfer to a new registrar. Ensure that your registrar keeps it simple and easy for you to make any changes you might wish to make. Hence, you can save time and stress.



There is a red flag you must keep in mind. Every registrar would claim that your privacy is the priority for them. However, it doesn’t come as same as they claim. So, going through the customer feedback and detailed research for privacy concerns always proves an efficient move.



Costs are always one of the main reasons for domain transfer to a new registrar. Not all the registrars provide the same features at the same pricing. You must keep these facts in mind during your research for the best suitable domain & hosting company.