5 useful common terms for PSD to HTML services


5 useful common terms for PSD to HTML services


The most trusted and most widely used tool for designing is Photoshop, even web page creation. However, some of the browsers are not compatible with the PSD files. Hence, PSD designs limit the quality and functionality of the web design as well as hinder the website’s adaptation to different devices. Conversely, website content adaptation to the screen size is one of the most critical SERP factors.


Therefore, to address this limitation and improve the website performance, PSD to HTML services is the best solution. Let’s learn here some of the most common terms for PSD to HTML.

No doubt, PSD results are super amazing. However, PSD to HTML is an optimum choice for web designs because HTML is readable by web browsers. PSD to HTML conversion takes some expert skills for the best quality results. Henceforth, it is good to learn some basic terms of the process.


Bootstrap is a front-end development framework. It offers the designers to design and codes the web page, which is adaptable to different screen sizes. It ranks among the most favorite frameworks by the users for reliability and features.


One of the important and common terms for PSD to HTML is jQueryIt is a front-end JavaScript library famous for integrating features such as sliders, tooltips, and others.


The Slice tool helps you to break down your PSD design file into various small pieces. Later on, with HTML code the designers arrange these pieces and style with CSS code.

Moreover, it is more like a tool set integrated with in the Photoshop helping the web design photoshop PSD 2 HTML conversion.


If you are working with PSD to HTML conversion, W3D is common for PSD to HTML, you must know. It is an abbreviation to the World Wide Web Consortium, which has set open standards for quality.

Pixel perfect

Pixel perfect is a premium tool for the PSD to HTML conversion. It offers you to work deeply on your design. It offers Pixel fitting, Pixel Hunting, Pixel Perfect Techniques, and Pixel art to facilitate you with various features. Web design Photoshop is made perfect with the Pixel perfect.