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Unknown Facts about node.js hosting

Node.js is an event-driven javascript runtime environment that is built on V8 JavaScript. Node.js was invented to handle client-server I/O differently. Its I/O handling attributes and other characteristics make it ideal for asynchronous event-driven I/O. Best node.js hosting helps build server-side web applications and provides you with scalability. In today’s tough competition, finding the best node.js hosting provider for your application takes work. That’s why we will tell you some exciting facts about node.js hosting and recommend the best host for key features and service quality.

We will elaborate on the essential points while choosing a node.js hosting platform for your web applications.


1. Compatibility facts about node.js hosting 


Node.js is a flexible runtime environment, and anyone can use it, whether it is an e-commerce website or app, a commercial app, or an entertainment app. Numerous businesses use node.js, e.g., NetflixNASAWalmartLinkedIn, etc.

Node.js can be used for the following applications:

  1. Real-time chat boxes
  2. IoT-Internet of Things
  3. Complex Single Page Application (SPA)
  4. Real-time collaboration Tools
  5. Streaming Applications
  6. Microservices Architecture Applications

Operating System

The most important and attractive fact about Node.js is that it is compatible with all operating systems. It doesn’t matter if it is Microsoft Windows, macOS, CentOS, or Linux. The preferred operating system is Linux.

Control Panel

Various control panels are suitable for node.js web application hosting, such as cPanelPlesk, and cloud panel, and the best among them is Plesk.


2. Management options for node.js

Management facts about the node.js applications offer you the two popular methods of hosting these applications:

  1. Managed- Fully managed Node.js hosting allows you to concentrate on the application’s code, and the service provider will handle all the other responsibilities.
  2. Cloud VMS- In cloud VMS, you are responsible as you can use your preferred OS and take charge of your application by managing everything independently.

Both options are viable according to scope, budget, and requirements, but if you can afford them, Managed node.js Hosting is preferable. You don’t need in-house technical capabilities to host your web application with Node.js. Reliable technical and customer support is always available for you. Moreover, avoiding the complexities of managing and administrating the systems results in a streamlined process. If you intend to put considerable time and effort into installing and administrating, cloud VMS is good to go.


3. Suitable hosting platforms for node.js

Most web hosting companies offer all types of web hosting, i.e., shared hosting, VPS hosting, and dedicated hosting for your node.js web applications. Here we will describe the suitability of all the web hosting types for your usage requirement.

Business Startups

For new business applications, usually, the traffic is low, and shared hosting is a good option.

Blogging Applications

Blogging applications need not receive high traffic; that’s why shared hosting can manage it.

Commercial Applications

Commercial applications, such as banking applications, prominently receive more traffic and security concerns, so a dedicated or even a VPS hosting option is good to opt for.

Ecommerce Apps

An e-commerce website like AmazonAli Express, etc., needs to deal with day-to-day purchases and get the highest traffic daily. So, a dedicated server is the best to manage the application securely.


4. Best hosting for node.js 

Like other mesmerizing facts about node.js, it can be hosted with all available hosting types for web applications as below:

Dedicated Hosting

Dedicated hosting is perfect if you are concerned with security and require a separate server to run your node.js application. A dedicated server comes with reliable resources like renting out the whole server with unlimited bandwidth, disk space, and customized management. In addition, with dedicated hosting, you will be responsible for your server’s security, and you can install several firewalls for security checkups.

VPS Hosting

A VPS server acts as a bridge between shared Hosting and Dedicated Hosting. It comprises of virtual private server with virtual resources. These resources mimic a dedicated server environment and provide you with secured yet shared resources that are virtually dedicated to you.

Shared Hosting

A shared web hosting is a hosting service where several applications use the same server to be online. It may create some security issues and limited resources, and scalability is impossible after a certain limit. However, it is usually suitable for beginners and offers cheap hosting services. Node.js web applications can also be hosted on Linux or Windows OS by shared hosting option.


5. Essential facts about the node.js platform

Every hosting company claims numerous benefits to the customer while offering node.js Hosting. But there are a few critical points to evaluate the companies. So first, let’s have a bird’s eye view.

a. Program Language

It is evident to identify which programming language is supported by the hosting plan. Every programming language possesses some key benefits and suitability for the runtime environment. So, checking for the programming language is crucial for compatibility.

b. User-friendliness

It is good to check whether the node.js hosting platform is user-friendly. Moreover, the control panel is an essential tool for evaluating hosting companies. For example, Plesk is a handful of control panels to manage your web application with node.js hosting.

c. Developer Tools and APIs

As node.js hosting is provided with shared Hosting, VPS, or dedicated hosting options, you should look for hosts that integrate node.js apps with developer tools and APIs.

d. Needs within budget

Budget is another crucial factor that affects your node.js hosting platform choice because getting value for money is everyone’s desire. Therefore, choosing a hosting agency that offers affordable node.js hosting is highly recommended and fulfills your requirements.

e. Version of Node.js

Node.js should be evaluated for its suitability compared to PHP and other options. At the same time, it is essential to check the available node.js version supported by the agency for high-end results.

f. Scalability

If a leading web hosting company provides you with the facility of scalability, it is a good option. However, as business websites require scalability with time and node.js hosting services with flexibility, the provider needs to offer scalability.

g. Uptime as the best node.js host

To get your web application online, it is recommended to seek a web hosting company that offers you the maximum and most reliable uptime.

h. Technical and customer support

Web hosting agencies possessing good technical and customer support are a better option. However, it impacts customer satisfaction and facilitation.

i. Market reputation of the host company

Before choosing, look for customer and client reviews for any web hosting company. Market reputation is a key point in evaluating a company’s performance.


6. Top Ten Leading Node.Js Hosting Provider 


How can you enjoy the fascinating facts about Node.js Hosting?

Aside from the key factors of web hosting, security, speed, and support are a few impactful factors for node.js hosting. It is observed that many visitors turn around if they feel the slightest speed issue for a few seconds. That’s why it is eminent that the uptime of web application and websites matter a lot.

On such a basis, we have analyzed ten top-ranking hosting companies for you that offer node.js hosting.

  • Navicosoft – Best and most Reliable node.js Hosting
  • A2 Hosting – Good for dedicated node.js hosting
  • Hostinger – Good for flexibility
  • Bluehost – Good for dedicated Node.js Hosting
  • DreamHost – Good for VPS node.js hosting
  • HostGator – Good for easy node.js setup
  • InMotion – Good for node.js help and support
  • HostPapa – Good for shared node.js hosting.
  • Heroku –Good for cloud node.js hosting
  • SiteGround –Good for customer support

We will have a detailed review of these node.js hosting companies to guide you further.

1. Navicosoft – Best and Most Reliable node.js Hosting

Navicosoft is one of the leading web hosting companies with numerous data centers around the globe for easy and fast hosting services. Node.js app hosting comes with a click installation, offering shared, VPS, and dedicated hosting options. Many js framework options, such as Express js. Angular js is available for shared hosting. It provides an easy-to-use control panel for managing node.js applications. Not only this, Navicosoft offers you an instant activation facility after payment without suffering from a lengthy process. Its effective policy recommends a free trial of your web application hosting. Price packages are very economical and affordable, even with cPanel. Users can choose their package according to their requirements and budget. Furthermore, it gives you a free domain name with unlimited email addresses.

Moreover, a free SSL certificate for a secure host connection is provided along with 24 hours best technical and customer support. Not only this, but Navicosoft facilitates web application development also. We have summarized the available key features for shared node.js hosting for all the packages:

Shared Node.js Hosting:

Navicosoft has four types of packages with a range of features Pro-W, Mega-W, Bronze-W, and Unlimited-W. Details are given below:

  • Price range: $3.9 – $10/month
  • Web space: 8 GB – unlimited
  • Uptime:        99.99%
  • Data Transfer: 150GB – Unlimited
  • Transfer Speed: 100KB/s – 1000 KB/s
  • CPU usage:      10% – 30%
  • MSSQL Database: 3 – 20


VPS Node.js Hosting:

Navicosoft has offered five price plans, i.e., special-V, Silver-V, Gold-V, Diamond-V, and Pro-V.

  • Price range:    $12.33 – $79.99/ month
  • RAM:           1GB – 16GB
  • Disk space:     25GB – 400GB
  • Uptime:        99.99%
  • Bandwidth:    2TB – 20TB

Dedicated Node.js Hosting:

Navicosoft has offered five price plans, i.e., dedicated server4, dedicated server5, dedicated server6, dedicated server8, and dedicated server9.

  • Price range:    $120.96 – $174.99/ month
  • RAM:           8GB – 24GB
  • Disk space:     500GB – 1000GB
  • Uptime:        99.99%
  • Bandwidth:    33TB


2. A2 Hosting

In addition to being an all-rounder robust host, A2 Hosting is one of the good providers that offer hosting for node.js, even with shared hosting plans. It emphasizes the developer experience so that you may have whatever you need for your application. Otherwise, you can generate a feature request to inform the team about your requirement. A2 Hosting offers node.js hosting for Windows and Linux Operating Systems with an affordable price range with money back guarantee. A2 Hosting also provides shared hosting for node.js with free email addresses, SSL certificate, database backup, and easy drag & drop features. It provides customers with 24/7 customer support, but the scaling option is unavailable. A2 hosting offers four price plans: Startup, Drive, Turbo Boost, and Turbo Max. It possesses the following key features:

  • Price range:    $10.99 – $24.99/month
  • Disk Space:     100GB – Unlimited
  • Uptime:        99.99%


3. Hostinger 

Hostinger is an eminent name in the world of web hosting. It only supports Node.js on its VPS server with eight different VPS plans. It offers free domain names and full security by Cloudflare and CDN & DDoS protection. Hostinger-free one-click backup is something appreciated. It gives you the option of weekly backups and full root access. It costs you additionally for an SSL certificate, and the unavailability of dedicated server node.js hosting is the only downside for Hostinger. Moreover, Hostinger has eight price plans that we have summed up the following features below:

  • Price range:    $8.49 – $219.99/month
  • RAM:           1GB – 16GB
  • Disk space:     20 GB – 250GB
  • Uptime:        99.99%
  • Bandwidth:    1 TB – 12TB


4. Bluehost 

Bluehost is a competitive web hosting company that offers node.js hosting with VPS and dedicated server options. Like any other provider, Bluehost offers high-end security. It is a good choice for beginners while offering dependable features. Bluehost provides an SSL certificate for a cost of $49.9 per year, hotlink protection, as well as secure shell access. It gives you good customer support, but the claimed uptime could be more reliable. At the same time, it has a limited basic plan and will consider its key feature for VPS and Dedicated hosting separately.

Node.js VPS Hosting:

For VPS hosting of Node.js applications, Bluehost offers three price plans, i.e., Standard, Enhanced, and Ultimate. Summarized details are as below:

  • Price range:    $39.99 – $119.99/month
  • RAM:           2GB – 8GB
  • Disk space:     30GB – 120GB
  • Bandwidth:     1TB – 3TB


Node.js Dedicated Hosting:

Bluehost offers three price plans for node.js dedicated hosting, i.e., Standard, Enhanced, and Ultimate. Summarized details are as below:

  • Price range:    $125.99 – $209.99/month (3-year contract)
  • RAM:           4GB – 16GB
  • Disk space:     1000GB – 2000GB
  • Bandwidth:    5TB – 15TB


5. DreamHost 

DreamHost is one of the dream web hosting companies for node.js. It provides node.js hosting over VPS and dedicated servers. It possesses a variety of hosting plans for both types of server hosting. The most attractive feature is the unlimited traffic, websites, and email addresses at your domain name. Dreamhost is a good platform to enjoy the facts about Node.js applications with excellent hosting services. In addition, it offers complete MySQL databases and scalable RAM options. Moreover, it facilitates 24/7 customer support. We will sum up the critical features for VPS and dedicated server hosting separately here:

Node.js VPS hosting:

DreamHost offers four price plans: VPS basic, VPS business, VPS Professional, and VPS Enterprise.

  • Price range: $15 – $120/month
  • RAM:           1GB – 8GB
  • Disk space: 30 GB – 240GB
  • Uptime:        99.99%
  • Bandwidth: Unlimited


Node.js Dedicated Hosting:

There are only two price plans offered by DreamHost: Standard and Enhanced.

  • Price range:    $149.99 – $279/month
  • RAM:           4GB – 16GB
  • Disk space:     1TB – 2TB
  • Uptime:        99.99%
  • Bandwidth:    Unlimited


6. HostGator 

HostGator is another excellent web hosting company that offers node.js when you sign up for its VPS hosting. HostGator provides node.js hosting over a VPS server and a dedicated server. It gives knowledgeable customer support and more features on its shared hosting plans. Moreover, it provides a free SSL certificate and site-lock security add-on for only $1.94/ month. Unfortunately, host Gator price plans are expensive, and the control panel and site designs could be more modern and suitable for clunky developers. For HostGator, we will share the key features separately for VPS and dedicated node.js hosting:


Node.js VPS hosting:

For node.js hosting over a VPS server, HostGator offers three plans, i.e., snappy 2000, snappy 4000, and snappy 8000.

  • Price range:    $23.95 – $59.95/month
  • RAM:           2GB – 8GB
  • Disk space:     120 GB – 240GB
  • Uptime:        99.99%
  • Bandwidth:     Unlimited


Node.js Dedicated Hosting:

HostGator offers three price plans for node.js hosting over dedicated servers, i.e., value server, power server, and enterprise server.

  • Price range:     $89.98 – $139.95/month
  • RAM:           8GB – 30GB
  • Disk space:     1TB SD – 2TB HDD
  • Uptime:        99.99%
  • Bandwidth:     unlimited


7. InMotion 

InMotion hosting is one of the trustworthy web hosting companies for node.js. It provides services over VPS and dedicated servers, and additionally, it includes SSL certificates, secure shell, and hotlink protection. Furthermore, DDoS protection is offered for free by InMotion with the spam filter of emails. The only downside for InMotion is that you have to avail of three years plan contract for minimal prices. Otherwise, these are too expensive. Moreover, InMotion offers the best customer support and different price plans for your suitability. We will discuss the key features of VPS node.js hosting and Dedicated node.js hosting separately.

Node.js VPS hosting:

VPS hosting has four price plans, i.e., VPS 4GB, VPS 8GB, VPS 12GB, and VPS 16GB, as below:

  • Price range:    $19.9 – $59.99/ month (3-year contract price)
  • RAM:           4GB – 16GB
  • Disk space:     90GB – 360GB
  • Uptime:        99.99%
  • Bandwidth:    2TB – Unlimited


Node.js Dedicated Hosting:

For dedicated node. Js hosting InMotion offers minimal prices for a 1-year contract and have four price plans, i.e., Aspire, Essential, Advanced, and Elite. Details are as below:

  • Price range:    $89.9 – $269.99/ month (1-year contract price)
  • RAM:           16GB – 128GB 
  • Disk space:     1TB – 4TB
  • Uptime:        99.99%
  • Bandwidth:    10TB – Unlimited


8. HostPapa

HostPapa is a rare web hosting provider that shares node.js hosting over shared servers. It strikes a good balance between customization of your node.js code and ease of use. HostPapa provides customers with a free website builder, SSL certificate, and 24/7 award-winning support. It has offered four price plans to choose from according to your suitability with a 30-day money-back guarantee. Let’s have a look at what it has inside its four price plans named; Start, Plus, Pro, and Ultra.

  • Price range: $8.95 – $17.95/month
  • Disk space: 10GB – Unlimited


9. Heroku 

Heroku is a cloud application platform that offers affordable node.js hosting. It provides you with different price plans from basic to business. However, you can scale and effectively manage your node.js with a simple, easy-to-use dashboard. Heroku is developer-friendly that ensures the fulfillment of the above-mentioned facts about node.js, but it doesn’t offer you a free SSL certificate. You can get one for an additional $1.49. Moreover, another downside is that it sleeps after 30 minutes of inactivity. For a beginner, their basic plan is a good-to-go option, and the key features of its basic plan are as below:

  • Price range: $5 – $10/month
  • RAM:           512 MB
  • Uptime:        99.99


10. SiteGround 

SiteGround is an all-rounder web hosting company that offers node.js hosting only over dedicated servers. Its offerings include a free SSL certificate, email addresses, and backups. The services of SiteGround are competitive and backed up by quality with a 30-day money-back guarantee. Its prices are affordable with the best 24/7 customer support. Not only the determined features, but you can add features according to your requirement also. However, Site Ground has limited storage and three years contract for lower rates. It facilitates the customers with various price plans as below:

  • Price range: $14.99 – $39.99/ month
  • Disk space: 10GB – 40GB
  • Uptime:        99.99%


Facts about Node.js in a nutshell

There are some robust reasons that Node.js is preferred over other backend technologies like Java and PHP, which are:

  • It is very fast
  • Best synchronization of code between server and client due to same code base
  • Easy to use for web developers because it is a JavaScript Library

Concluding the facts about node.js, we will summarize the benefits and downsides as follows:

Pros of node.js

  1. It is a fast-processing and event-based model
  2. Node.js uses JavaScript, which is a well-known runtime environment
  3. Node.js manager has almost 50,000 packages for the functionality of the application\
  4. It is best suited for streamlining huge data and intensive operations regarding I/O.

Cons of node.js

  • Node.js is suitable for light computational tasks.
  • Using callbacks with node.js is complex when you have ended up with several nested callbacks.
  • Dealing with relational databases is not a good option for Node.js
  • Being single-threaded, CPU-intensive tasks are not suitable for it


Why is Navicosoft the best Node.js hosting company?

Navicosoft offers low-cost node.js hosting services enriched with exclusive features and the best support. It focuses on the main things that hinder your web application performance, i.e., uptime & loading speed. Whereas it highly concerns the server speed and optimization to give you the optimum quality of services. Navicosoft owns its data centers almost in every continent and ensures fast loading. As a local provider, it offers you real-time technical support with an out-of-the-way favour, and you can build a complete and functional website immediately. Its team is so skilled and competent that it helps you throughout web deployment with its hosting. Not only hosting, but with its easy node.js installation guide, you can deploy your code in the server to ensure it’s expected to work. The node.js hosting plan offered by Navicosoft comes with the best and easy-to-use control panel, which eases your site and web application handling. Navicosoft is the best hosting option to enjoy the mesmerizing facts about node.js applications.


Bottommost Thoughts

Node.js is the best framework for web development, and it is becoming popular among developers who want learner solutions. The appealing facts about node.js also answer the developer’s queries requiring something lighter and more responsive. Almost all web hosting companies offer unique solutions and packages with different features. However, Navicosoft understands very well that being a developer, you must have some goals to achieve. That’s why it delivers the stable yet fastest and cheapest node.js hosting services for your web applications. Its versatility in providing affordable services makes Navicosoft a unique, competent, and best node hosting company.