6 VS code extensions for website development


6 VS code extensions for website development

Ranking among the top code editors, VS code stands for Microsoft Visual Studio Code. VS Code is popular among website developers because it offers a stable platform with an extensible nature. The VS code extensions provide the developer a variety of options and features. Hence, they can venture on trying on new things and customizing the code according to their demands. VS Code extensions are amazing and make the task even simpler for both a website development company and freelance developers.


So, here we have some of the most widely used extensions you might wish to try.



The best of the VS extensions is ESLint. It helps you make your code perfect by detecting code errors and prompts immediate feedback. Hence, it enabes you to ensure the quality of your JavaScript coding.


Bracket pair Colorizer2

Remember highlighting the text on your books in school to make it easy to read and memorize. Developers enjoy that too, and this what bracket pair ccolonizer2 is here for. It facilitates you with the option to color code matching pairs to bring ease to the process.


Sublime Text Keymap and Settings importer

Sublime is another one of the highly recommended VS code extensions. It is popular because it allows you to import sublime Text shortcuts to the VS code. You just have to do is restart your VS code after installing it, and just when you launch the extension, a prompt will help you import your settings.

Using such smart extensions, a website development company brings you the best website development outcomes



Gitlink is more like a simple small extension that makes the website development process a bit easier for the developers. All that it does is highlighting the snippet of code. Further, it redirects you to the online repo for the respective snippet. It makes it superfast to go to your repo despite wherever it is hosted.


VS Code Icons

Code customization is not about functional changes only rather VS code icons make web development real fun by making the editor colorful. It makes the file much easier to navigate. The file system is incorporated with various icons that represent different file types. Simply, such VS code extensions are too good to wear off the strain on your eyes and head.


AutoClose Tag

No doubt, it is such a headache to type the codding in closing tags in any language. No more worries, Auto Close Tag has brought such a relief for front end & Backend web developers. It automatically adds the closing tag as you insert the closing bracket of the opening tag. So, now installing the Auto Close tag can save you from the cringe of manually closing the tags.