6 WordPress website migration plugins | 2021


6 WordPress website migration plugins | 2021

Migrating a WP website to a new host or domain in 2021 can be an easy task. However, at times it can swallow all your energy. Why let site migration burden you?

When WordPress Development Agency simplifies the process at best with the WordPress website migration plugins.



All-in-One WP Migration

This plugin is a freebie, and you can download it from wordpress.org easily. It works for all migration, website replica, data backups, etc.

The course-of-action of this wonderful plugin is that you can export your WP website in a single file. Afterward, you can upload/ fresh install it to the new site or server. You can either free download the file on your local PC or store it in the cloud storage; Google Drive, Dropbox, etc. However, the latter comes by paying some charges. To illustrate, this plugin is available in both free (suitable for small websites) and premium versions for large sites (varying between $29-$99).


Migrate Guru

Migrate Guru is a free add-on among WordPress website migration plugins. However, it works a bit differently in comparison to the above plugin. All you have to do is install this plugin on your existing WordPress website and jot down the credentials. Or let the WordPress Development Agency do it for you. The built-in features automatically move all the files to the new server; no manual playing with the files.



This migration plugin seems more like the All-in-One WP Migration. Yet, there are two files in this plugin, known as a package after exporting the website. After exporting, the plugin wizard completes the rest of the work itself.

Alongside the free version, its premium version is available at $69.


WP migrate DB

DB here stands for the database. In particular, the free version of this plugin relocates your database only quite viably. WordPress staging website creation becomes far easier with this feature. Likewise, with the premium version starting at $49, you can migrate the whole website.


Updraft Plus

No need to mention how much vital a backup is for a website and especially before a migration. Similar in fashion with the WP migrate DB from WordPress website migration plugins, the free version works for site well-organized backup. Moreover, in case needed, database alteration is also a feature present in this plugin. Otherwise, you can upgrade to premium Updraft Plus starting at $70 and migrate your all-inclusive website.


Your Host’s Migration Plugin

As the name suggests, it is the plugin that your web hosting company uses or offers. More specifically, if you find all such processes hard, you can ask for help from a WordPress Development Agency. It provides efficient site migration. People with no or little tech background mostly get influenced by the site migration issues.

Many Website Hosting Companies provide site migration services even free of cost in the hosting plans or with reasonable amounts. Besides, you can purchase the WordPress website migration plugins and do the rest work yourself if you are an expert.