6 WordPress website mistakes you should never make!

6 WordPress website mistakes you should never make!

WordPress website brings many benefits for any business due to its user-friendliness, plugins, and eCommerce capabilities. However, some WordPress website mistakes can turn your website into a burden instead.

Scroll down to know and be aware of these blunders. Let do this!

Unsuitable Theme Relative to Your Business Niche

The first mistake people make is to choose a theme not fit best with the brand. Don’t get swamped by the colors and designs of the themes.

Instead, while browsing through the themes, keep in mind:

  • Does the theme convey your brand values?
  • Can the theme catch up to your business goals?
  • Can your mobile users easily navigate through the theme?
  • Quality coding of the theme

In addition,

  • Check for the SEO-friendliness
  • Responsiveness
  • Theme Issues
  • Cross-browser compatibility
  • Security

It is best to consult a WordPress Development Agency or asks for a developer’s opinion to avoid such a mistake.

Note: WordPress introduce its new core editor WordPress 5.0.2 to provide best editing environment.

Not Backing Up the Website

The second one from WordPress website mistakes is to rely on automatic backups and doesn’t pay attention to securing the website files.

Unfortunately, website owners, sometimes, due to website crashes, cyber-attacks, data breaches, malware, and so forth, loss their site’s data. Eventually, there is no option left other than spending the thousands of money again.

WordPress has plenty of backup plugins (both free and premium); you can utilize them. Besides, keeping an eye on yourself or via a WordPress Development Agency on scheduling the backups or can save you from site issues and wasting loads of money.

Installing a Massive Number of Plugins

Plugins, indeed, boost the WordPress functionality and add features that increase the site’s efficiency. For instance, the security and data backup plugins work best to keep your site out of danger.

However, don’t get overwhelmed by the excess choices available to get in one go.

A massive number of plugins installation eventually lead to slow down the website. As a result, the site loses leads and conversions as no internet visitor wants to visit and stay on a slow-moving WP website. Also, it affects the SEO rankings.

You definitely don’t want that; therefore, keep your best to avoid the jotted WordPress website mistakes. 

Leaving the Site with Vulnerable Security

You must know that sites that are not secure don’t get trusted by the visitors, and search engines also don’t prefer them.

Besides, other reasons we mentioned above (cyberattacks, etc.) backfires the site’s overall performance.

  • Practice strong passwords (using uppercase, lowercase, numbers, characters).
  • Install WordPress Security plugins, SSL Certificates to build a strong firewall around your website.

Changes on the Live Website

Mostly what individuals do is change any features, plugins, theme, content directory directly on the live websites. You should not be doing this, especially when you are not an expert. Due to bugs and unexpected scenarios, your website can show errors like 404 and others to your visitors. It most probably can break their interest in visiting, subscribing, and purchasing with you. Therefore, avoid this by either using the staging option or letting an experienced WordPress Development Agency do this task.

Un-Optimized Images

Finally, the last one from the WordPress website mistakes is using the un-optimized images on the website.

Admittedly, images make your website livelier and engaging to potential customers. However, un-optimized photos add weight to the website, affect speed and SEO.

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