7 Extra Notable Services Offered by Hosting Companies

As the range of the internet is widening, several business owners are discovering novel opportunities to increase their business through their sites. Since there are a number of business websites seeking to grow, they require extra notable services for that. Hence it becomes very feasible if they can get everything from one company. Therefore web hosting companies are struggling very hard to provide the right web hosting solutions to the right people.
There are various companies that are providing extra notable services and products but have eventually outgrown their business offerings. For instance, there are web hosting services that are no longer only web hosting services these days. Since they offer numerous other relevant services, most users are already looking to create and operate their blogs or sites. The following are some significant web hosting services that are offering these extra notable services to become a more prominent company.


Domain Name Registration

Domain registration is one of the most prominent services that web hosting has been providing. There are various companies that suitably bundle domain names along with their web hosting plans. In addition to this, there are some who offer this service independently. In addition to this, most web hosting specializes in domain names for a particular region or country. Moreover, in the past several years, web hosting companies were able to register new top-level domain names, including .cafe, .club, .restaurant, and .store.


SSL Certificate

There are several web hosting to help website owners in securing their websites by simply using SSL certificates. Therefore web hosting does not itself grants such certificates. All they do is simply help in obtaining it from reliable certificate providers, which is GeoTrust. Therefore, getting an SSL certificate means that you will be able to encrypt the sensitive data on your site. Therefore it is predominantly significant for sites that are proficient enough to accept user registrations, online stores, or e-commerce sites. Moreover, it is vital for data encryption to stop data theft and fake schemes, including phishing.

In addition to this, SSL certificates might be offered in several different ways. Therefore it successfully provides entry-level website protection, which covers all websites, sub-domains, or defense against enterprises. Therefore, SSL certificates are normally exceptional by the existence of a “lock” icon on your browser, especially on the address bar. It is particularly worth noting to know that SSL encryption can help increase the Google search ranking.


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Search Engine Optimization

Web hosting does not stop with only putting up your website and operating it. However, there are several ventures offering Search Engine Optimization (SEO). After delivering solutions to build and run a blog or site, they provide services to ensure that the website is competitive for being searched with specific keywords. Moreover, SEO has many additional features. It is not regarding optimizing the content by placing certain keywords.

Moreover, optimization methods are applied in the designing of a website. However, there are some do’s and don’ts to ensure maximum searchability and avoid being penalized, particularly by Google. Moreover, there is also a link-building facet.


Online Marketing

Although there are not many companies providing online marketing solutions. But you won’t be astonished to discover that they will help their web hosting clients in encouraging their websites. After offering everything essential to start a website, they also deliver your services to increase your website’s online reputation and responsiveness. It involves something simple such as email marketing or even a full website marketing plan comprising SEO and even social media marketing.


Website Builder

A website builder is usually not a paid service; however, it is something that is worth counting on the list. However, various web hosting services provide basic website builders that benefit customers in quickly creating their websites after subscribing to their web hosting plan. In addition to this, many companies are searching to quickly create their own website with the minimal requirement to comprehend the details. In addition to this, web hosting companies actually acknowledge it, which is why many of them offer website builders.


Web Design

Website design is comparatively different from website builders. However, there is web hosting that delivers professional web hosting services. Such website designing services are typically best for users who are availing web hosting packages and require a specific design for their upgrade. In addition, the sites may be repaired for the advantage of the latest technologies or additional features along with the web hosting package. At times, it is immensely beneficial to utilize the web design services of a web hosting company since they have already mastered optimizing a website’s design for the hosting company. Moreover, they also give you advice on what you can specifically do and what you should not do to ensure that the website performs at its optimal.


Website Security:

Although the technological revolution has provided several benefits to users worldwide, website security has a lot of significant issues for several businesses and individuals. Moreover, to confront such vulnerabilities, you will need website security so that you can emphasize your responsibilities without any difficulties.

You can use a popular Content Management system today, which is WordPress. However, cyber-attackers work to target these specific platforms for affecting a widespread public. Moreover, Viruses, Malware, and Spams are all over the world. Such threats enforce an unlimited effect on your site security even if they enter your website’s root drive. A single malware can easily make your website go down, infect the code, and block access to specific pages on your website. In addition to this, it can also delete some of your important data. Website Security problems can arise even worst if an expert does not analyze them. Hence you can get website security from a web hosting company to clean sweep your site’s malware like a pro.


Final Verdict!

You can analyze all these essential extra notable services and adapt whatever fits your requirements.