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8 ways to boost the Woocommerce store security

Apr 14,2021

8 ways to boost the Woocommerce store security

Security on the internet world is what fears the most the website owners and the customers. Therefore, make sure to focus on the measures that help safeguard the websites. In a similar fashion, the Woocommerce store security is also necessary.

Woocommerce hosting

To keep the pace of Woocommerce up, you can employ WooCommerce Optimization. However, to ensure and boost the Woocommerce security, we have enumerated the eight best ways here.

Quality Web Hosting

The first thing you need to work on is your Hosting Services. Make sure that your purchased server is secure, a core requirement to be fulfilled. The best way is to get the Hosting from a creditable yet famous Website Hosting Company. It is because the host knows the security demand better than any other person. Thereby, it practices preventive measures to save the Woocommerce site chunks from intrusions.

More specifically, there are hosting amenities that ease such hurdles—naming a few: SSL Certificates, regular backups, and monitoring for malware and hacking prevention. Besides, the updated server software and server firewalls also help avoid trespassing issues and reinforce Woocommerce store security. Moreover, even in any problematic scenario, round-the-clock customer service must be present as the back support.

Even these resources have quality ratios; therefore, a reliable web host is a must to get first-class features.

This is where you can get help from a service provider.

It takes two hands to clap even. You already have guessed what we mean!

Moving on, you have to put in an effort from your end as well to boost your Woocommerce store security.

Therefore, start with:

Creating Strong Passwords

Erect indestructible passwords for your account(s). To create an un-crack-able passcode:

  • Never use personal yet known-able words/ numbers like birthdays, anniversaries, and other special occasions.
  • Have a different PIN code for each account.
  • Increase the length to a maximum of 20 characters or above, alongside making it tricky. (Not less than 12 characters)
  • You can use symbols, numbers, letters (both capital and lowercase). Further, it would be better to blend them (combine) and enhance the complexity to the next level.

Note: Well! It’s pleasurably good to create strong passwords. However, don’t forget to jot them down in a different place (secure one!), or you can use the password managers. Or else you will be inviting a new mess.

Activating Authentication factor

2FA, commonly known as two-factor authentication, is a twofold verification process. On a brief note, it is best to keep a peek at the people accessing your logins and credentials. That is, whatever email account, logins of the website/ server/ profiles they are, no one can access them without notifying you.

Sounds interesting? But how is it possible?

Stay tuned to know!

You (or any other person) have to provide the two factors (pins) before accessing an account. Generally, your mobile device, like smartphones, are the secondary devices that give the second password.

It seems quite reliable to walk with, so why not avail the benefits of 2FA to underpin the Woocommerce store security.

Put a stop to Cryptographic Hacking Attacks

Besides the above measures, next, what you have to do is ward off all the chances of hackers intruding into your confidential information. Unfortunately, some technocrats know how to use artificial bots for breaking in. These bots use the trial and error method until they guess the right password to the account.

Not to mention, these brute force attacks can backfire the site with an escalated volume of spammy traffic. That ultimately leads to slow loading times, data breaches, and so forth.

Thus, it would be best to install security plugins like Sucuri Security, Jetpack, Shield Security, Wordfence Security, etc., to bolster brute force protection.

Still and all, if you still face the loading time troubles, it indicates that WooCommerce Optimization is inevitable. The mentioned process efficiently eradicates the slow-causing scenarios from your WooCommerce store.

Supplementary Site Protection

Adding a good scoop to the above ways, you can opt for building an additional coating of safeguarding to your WooCommerce.

Attack tracking, spam prevention, malware scanning, downtime monitoring, automated updates. Some of them are freebies, and some cost you a bit; however, they steer all the spam, malware, hacking, and threats clear.

Restriction on FTP accounts

FTP stands is an abbreviation of file transfer protocol; it allows the files transfer services among two servers or devices. Simply the FTP accounts are the road that let it happen and authorizes access to the root directory, admin, content, etc. Therefore, excess of FTP accounts means more intrusion to the administration and less protection.

It might become a potential reason for instigating vulnerability of the Woocommerce store security in the near future.

Hence the ideal choice is to restrict the accounts’ settings and permitting exclusive access only to your FTP account.

Periodic Updating of Website

Generally, updates serve best to uplift the overall health of the website. More specifically, making it more unshakable towards the petty troubles. To efficiently do so, regularly update your website.

Commonly, even if updates aren’t much back-breaking, often individuals overlook them. For the same token of site updating difficulties, WordPress offers auto-update options and push notifications concerning updates.

Timely Backups

Aside from updating and protection practices regarding Woocommerce store security, you can also look at other ways. For instance, back up the whole site. Not only the cyber-attacks yet data failures, server crashes, hard drives collapsing, etc., also give rise to data losses.

Therefore, backups are a remarkable entity to effortlessly start again in no time by using the copied data.

Many software offers one-click backup options. All you have to do is to go for daily backups or plan a time to start bottle-in all the files and databases.

For example, Jetpack backup effectively works on saving and storing the files of all types of websites.

Don't neglect the Optimization

All-in-all, set your focus on security, yet don’t forsake the optimization.

Sometimes what happens is that your site isn’t fully optimized in other aspects like heavy media files, absence of CDN, database problems, etc. In the long run, that eventually leads to security issues, customer bouncing, and sales downfall.

Thus, alongside strengthening the Woocommerce store security, trace the WooCommerce Optimization inevitably.

A friendly piece of advice is to look for a reliable company when it comes to Woocommerce Optimization. One who knows the insights to the ongoing issue and the solution to save your WooCommerce website’s performance.

Set your ride to strengthen your online store security and draw qualified traffic as lead and customers!

If you still find anything confusing or have another query, you are welcome to ask.