Sino hosting | GZIDC VPS hosting in China

Sino Hosting | VPS Hosting in China

Sinohosting is also a very popular and promising VPS hosting in China.This VPS hosting in China provides its servers in the following areas: 

  • Beijing 
  • Shanghai 
  • Hangzhou 
  • Shenzhen 

Its virtual private servers are low cost. Sino VPS hosting in China is good for those who have traffic and intensive website that consists of detailing.Operating systems it use are,OpenSuse, Windows Server 2008, Ubuntu and also CentOS . 

Client Services

Sino VPS hosting in China provides low cost options to its clients with best fitted solutions.They also upgrade performance with video streaming services.Their can be some high demanding clients for which Sino VPS hosting in China provides high performance SSD and also SSD storage. 

one time setup of Sino-VPS hosting in China can be activated immediately with one time setup fee of RMB200. 

Standard Features

  • The VPS that are provided by Sino hosting in China are all very managed.
  • An Operating System reload can be done on any moment on request.
  • It is a setup of 3~24h
  • It has a very good remote desktop access(Windows) and SSH(Linux).

GZIDC-VPS hosting in China

 The full name of GZIDC is Guangdong Jinwanbang Technology Investment Co.Ltd has worked a lot and brought a new generation data centre in 2000 and has an experience of 18 years.With excellent skills and experience having capable team. It is in no time that the company become a well-known IDC service provider in the whole South China. 

GZIDC-VPS hosting in China its well-known data centers in Guangzhou.It pays much attention and concern to the quality of the services they provide to its users and consumers. 

GZIDC-VPS hosting in China provides not only premium services to its users but also promising security services to its users and its consumers. 

GZIDC-VPS hosting in China also provides telecommunication services which are absolutely secure from end to end. 

Around the middle of 2015, GZIDC was recognized by Guangdong Provincial Communications Administration. 

GZIDC is not only catering its customers but is also bringing innovations in its infrastructure. 

Along with all that GZIDC is also building partnerships with other VPS hosting in China to help orthodox SMEs move towards the cloud. 

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