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Why You Need cPanel License for Your Business

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Why You Need cPanel License for Your Business

If you have an online presence or are working towards building one, you’ve probably heard of cPanel license


If you have an online presence or are working towards building one, you’ve probably heard of cPanel license. Many website hosting companies offer it with their hosting packages for free. The problem is, a lot of people don’t understand what a cPanel license is and what it is capable of.
Picture this, you are a new small business owner trying to make a name for yourself. You know the best way to create a presence is by getting your business online, but you don’t know where to start.
That’s where a cPanel license comes in.
By definition, cPanel is a browser-based control panel that website owners use to manage their sites. Now, what exactly does that mean?
A cPanel license makes it easy for anyone to run a website. There’s no need for website administrators or full-on tech teams, because all of your tools are available within the control panel in your browser. From the cPanel dashboard, you can easily install content management systems (CMS) such as WordPress, manage your backups, databases, email, domain names and much more.
It’s no wonder that cPanel has become one of the most popular website tools today. According to BuiltWith, cPanel has over 1 million users and is used by over 750,000 live websites.
Here are 5 reasons why you need cPanel license for your business:


Abundance of Tools

Along with its features, cPanel license offers you many tools to make your web hosting experience as painless as possible. Here are some of the best:

Backup Wizard

Creating regular backups of your website is a necessity, if you want to ensure you don’t lose any data. With cPanel’s Backup Wizard, creating a backup can be done with a few clicks. The Backup Wizard allows you to make complete backups or partial backups depending on which files you want to secure. No matter which you pick, backups are created as a zip file and stored on your local device. This way you have complete control over all of your backups.

Site Publisher

Site Publisher is a tool that you can use to put a simple website online, fast. This website acts as a placeholder, while you design the website of your dreams. Visitors can get your contact information and other important details until your actual website is ready.

Email Accounts

In cPanel you have complete control over your company’s email accounts. You can create a number of emails that you need for your website or delete them. Simply log into your hosting dashboard and click on My cPanel. From there, scroll down to the email section and with a few quick clicks you can accomplish what you want, whether that’s setting passwords, controlling spam, managing storage, setting up autoresponders, it’s all made simple with cPanel license.

Easy to Use

The Softaculous App Installer allows you to add several applications to your website with a click of a button. These apps include things like content management systems (CMS), shopping carts, social networking, image galleries, etc. You name the app, cPanel has an easy install for you.
If you don’t know anything about building a website, having a user-friendly CMS is crucial, as it will make the whole process a lot easier. Without a CMS you will need to know how to code and understand computer languages such as HTML. With a CMS, however, like WordPress or Joomla, you have an easy designer in your browser, that can create, organize and secure your website.

Reliable and Secure

One of the things that cPanel license does best is keep your website running. We’ve highlighted some of the reliability features already, Backup Wizard and automatic scanning are a couple, but let’s talk more about the security features in cPanel.
Hackers don’t distinguish websites they want to attack, often they have bots do their dirty work for them. They simply look for any vulnerability they can find in websites of any size and exploit them. This is why it is important to protect your website in as many ways as you can. cPanel can do a lot to keep you and your visitors’ information safe.
cPanel has several simple security precautions that you can add to your account, such as passwords. Like almost everything on the Internet, your cPanel account is password protected, but you can also password protect any of the directories you create within your account. This ensures that unwanted visitors can’t freely breech your information.



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