A good Domain Name – what are the constituents?


A good Domain Name

what are the constituents?

A good domain name

A domain name is your identity on the internet; it is how people know you and differentiate you from your competitors. A good domain name or a carefully thought one can act as a USP (Unique Selling Proposition) in itself. Therefore, due consideration must be given while selecting a name for your website. While a lot of stuff is already available on the internet regarding naming conventions, we believe some out-of-the-box thinking should also go into naming. Here are a few innovative suggestions to help you land one:

Business and website name can be different

Business and website owners often feel handicapped in the sense that only the business name can be the website’s name. Although it is an ideal situation if both of them do match, it is not a mandatory requirement. Just as a legal name can be different from a business name, so can be the domain name.

Consider exploring extensions

If, for some reason, you have to remain stuck with the business name and aren’t lucky in finding your dream domain on .com, don’t lose hope. Although the original six TLDs still have their pull, customers are ready to look at other extensions as long as their needs are satisfied. You may also be able to land a very cheap domain if you are willing to tread this path.

Name your business after the domain

This is a classic hen or chicken first debate. It may seem like a ridiculous idea; however, it reflects the extent to which the entrepreneurs are willing to forward. No base left uncovered. This does have it’s merits and demerits. Obviously, it can only be done in case of new ventures. Our tip: If you are a traditional business, then it does not make any sense. However, if you have a minimal or next-to-none physical presence and the majority of your customer base will be online, you can be the trendsetter.

SEO friendly naming

Continuing with the theme of proactive thinking, the website or domain name should be SEO friendly. A well-laid foundation will lead to good results in the long term. The idea of a useful website these days is the one that comes up on an organic search. Not only does an SEO friendly name helps an SEO, but it also looks useful to the customers- the actual intended audience.

So when finalizing the domain name for your new venture, please be willing to break away from the convention. Innovation is the name of the game these days!