Ad ranking in Google Ads | What & Why?

Ad ranking in Google Ads | What & Why?

Concerning Search Engine Marketing on Google, Google Ads pop up on the top following the paid searches. You might already know that you can run your ads (PPC Ads) on which, for one click, you have to pay. Ok, so now, when it comes to ads, it’s not just about publishing them. There are great happenings behind the scenes. One of them is the “Ad ranking in Google Ads.”

What does ranking have to with ads?

Google Ads display on three spots. Display network, search network, and Search Engine Result Pages (SERP).

Concerning the ads display on SERP, there is specific ad space. Thus, which ad will appear and which one will be on the top or middle or at the bottom of the list is the central enigma.
So basically, ranking is the position on which your ad will place on Search Engine Result Pages.
Further, the top-ranked ads get more views and clicks. It eventually secures high exposure to the products/ services. As a result, leads and conversions from these ads are also high volume and qualified. Moreover, the ad groups or campaigns’ overall performance will be no doubt coming along nicely.

While low ranked might or might not get as much as the top ones, however, it is far better than ads not showing up at all.

How Ad ranking in Google Ads works?

The ad publishing platform (here it is Google) will decide whether to show you the ad at all or not. If yes, let’s check out what is the real deal about the position.

Ad rank depends on: 

Bid Amount

To get a specific position, there is a particular amount you need to bid. That is, if a keyword is costing $3, then biding less will not do. 

Search Context

The particulars related to the searcher include location, device, time, terms, etc. 

Ad quality at the auction time

More specifically, this parameter has a name quality score and one of the most critical factors for ranking Search Engine Marketing ads. For instance, the score makes up the Click-through rate (CTR), keyword relevance, ad relevance, and landing pages (where the ad visitors get directed to) experience. The higher these measures are, the increased the score will be.

Thus, the score your ad achieves when it participates in the auction will be a factor for Ad ranking in Google Ads.

Competitiveness of the Auction

Ads with similar quality scores/ bidding, etc., contesting for the same position will obviously have challenging competition. Any factor gap can be the reason for high ranking.

Ad Rank Thresholds

Thresholds are the minimum requirements that Google sets to determine whether your ad is eligible to participate in an auction.

The limit is for each and all; bidding, quality score, search context, extensions, etc.
Although all the factors mentioned above are important yet, depending on the competition and search, one factor gets dominance over the other, eventually fluctuating the Ad ranking in Google Ads.

If your ad is getting a low rank, the quality score of the ad must be less. Or you might have bided low in contrast to your competitors.

Now you know that you have to think about the ad ranking to generate favorable results from your Search Engine Marketing efforts. Therefore, for creating attention-grabbing ads with an excellent quality score, work with a certified digital marketer