Agile Web Development vs Traditional Development


Agile Web Development vs Traditional Development

Web development, no doubt, is a time taking process. But is there any solution to speed it up? Surely, there is with the name of Agile Web Development. Let’s check out what is it, and it differs from the Traditional Web Development Services.


Traditional Web Development

Traditional Web Development is also known as the Water Fall Development process. In this type of development, every process comes in work simultaneously after the completion of the former startup. That is a sequential order of the services that get followed. To illustrate this, whenever a client partners up with a Web Development Company to get a new website. The company first analyses and then moves on to plan the project, followed by the documentation.

Afterward, the Web Design part comes in hand for working. Subsequently, the development stands as the next step, followed by the testing (feedback, user acceptance, review). Passing from all the former processes, finally, comes the deployment (when a website is ready to go live or on-air).

The traditional Website Development process takes months or one year at maximum for the completion of the project (that is quite a prolonged period).

Agile Web Development

You might think that it may be a technical term or source to do Web Development; however, it refers to the method with which the Web Development is done.

Obviously, development of the website, for instance, Front-End Web Development and Back-End Web Development parts will be the same. Still, the systematic approach gets different from traditional methods.

What differs is that the planning is done once in the presence of all participants that are going to work on the website (decision-makers, designers, developers, content writers). Then, there are no more meetings, communication via calls and emails in the Agile Web Development process.

Furthermore, the most noticeable difference is that the launch does not get delayed waiting for the completion of the project (i.e., the website). Shortly after the designing and development of the website, it gets launched. Then tested and reviewed so that the small issues can be sorted out earlier.

It helps not only in saving from dealing with larger problems after the completion of the project like traditional development but results in a more optimized and functional website in a shorter time



Which one is better?

As far as the query which one is better is concerned, it can be drawn from the above comparison that although they are alike in features, still both follow a different approach. Moreover, considering the time factor, traditional development takes more time to hand over the project to the client. Whereas, Agile Web Development is a faster and excellent time-saver process.