An Ultimate Guide to Managed Magento Hosting 2021

An Ultimate Guide to Managed Magento Hosting 2021


A successful Magento shop is significant for speed, agility, and expertise for handling traffic spikes using the best possible solution for security. However, since Magento does not provide a web hosting, you will have to opt for a robust infrastructure in order to meet the specific requirements of Magento hosting. Here you will explore whether Managed Magento Hosting 2021 is the suitable option for you or not.

A proper Magento hosting environment will need a server with definite and well-configured expertise. Such requirements can be fulfilled by several types of hosting, which includes:

While selecting the preeminent hosting plan for Magento, you will need to decide between a Managed hosting or an unmanaged solution. This is because enterprises often fail to set up and configure the essential constituents. Therefore support by a managed Magento hosting 2021 allows daily backups, updates, server management, and security will be solely your responsibility.

Let us look into the details of Managed Magento hosting 2021 and why it can be the best hosting choice for your business.

What is Managed Magento Hosting?

Managed Magento hosting 2021 makes sure that your Magento hosting provider is accountable for the server and software management. In addition to this, a managed hosting provider will take care of all the essential tasks for operating your business.

The experts continuously work to make sure that your site operates optimally, even if you add extra products, release other features, or increase traffic.

Managed Magento hosting services include scalability, migration, performance, and security.

Advantages of Fully Managed Magento Hosting 2021


Constant monitoring makes sure there is a good status of your servers for incomparable performance. It also helps you to recognize and troubleshoot problems proactively.

Managed Magento hosting 2021 provides you with excellent log management solutions for analyzing and exploring huge data logs for real-time troubleshooting.

Operational support

Managed Magento hosting takes responsibility for all the operational and maintenance workloads to secure a high-performing Magento platform. It offers comprehensive operational reliability along with server administrators solving maintenance problems in a shorter span of time.

Without a managed Magento hosting, it will not allow you to be in charge of all the technical features of Magento. It might become an add-on workload, and you might not be able to perform it efficiently. Managed Magento hosting 2021 eradicates backend tasks from your checklist so that you don’t have to perform them, and you can have more time to focus on your business.

Expert Support on Application Level

Several aspects could go wrong while selecting a hosting for your Magento store. For example, server misconfigurations, excessive third-party apps, disabled caching, integration errors, etc., all can be very stressful. Therefore opting a Managed Magento hosting is a perfect option if you want to avoid such hassle.

Managed hosting provides you with proficient support for handling the Magento infrastructure. Therefore an experienced Magento team assists you in customizing the online store according to your exact needs. Even if there is an unexpected issue, your managed Magento hosting provider will identify it and efficiently provide professional solutions for it.

Optimization and Performance

Page load time affects conversion rates, bounce rates, and consumer loyalty. For example, if there is a 2-second delay in page load time, it can result in 87% abandonment rates. Even if the Magento e-commerce platform is extremely customizable, adding pointless extensions with poor cache management will negatively impact your website speed. Managed Magento hosting service providers are able to handle optimization workloads using both server and software for Magento.


E-commerce stores are extremely susceptible to cyberattacks, resulting in huge financial loss, data breaches, or affecting the brand image.

There are numerous Magento security threats that you need to consider:

  • Malware and ransomware
  • SQL injection
  • E-skimming
  • Phishing
  • Cross-site scripting (XSS)
  • Spamming and bad traffic

Managed hosting make sure they prioritize Magento security and strengthen the defenses using systematic updates, susceptibility scans, and server-side security patches. About 80% of breaches are preventable if there is an increase in the security budget. Therefore, Managed Magento hosting plans provide you cater your security needs with highly reliable protection solutions. Opting for managed hosting means that expert Magento security specialists will be protecting your store against all the malicious attacks.


Scalability is a significant aspect of an effective Magento shop. However, it also needs flexible architecture and strategy. For example, you definitely do not want that your Magento site remains unavailable in traffic spikes.

Managed hosting solutions assist you with saleable and globally continuous uptime using required compliance. Moreover, Managed Magento hosting 2021 assists you in building a robust Magento infrastructure for expanding your store.

Reduce time and saves cost

Hosting a Magento site by your own self might not be very cost-effective in the long run. It is because you will end up paying for a full-time technical support since you will have to hire in-house staff or selecting for expensive hourly services. Getting a subscription-based managed hosting is much more cost-efficient, as it provides a suite for managing Magento services with a team of experts that are readily available to help you at any time of day.

Whenever you require any technical assistance, you can easily contact the managed hosting provider to resolve all your issues efficiently. On the other hand, selecting an unmanaged hosting can cause financial losses, specifically due to downtime. Therefore you can save the cost by not selecting managed to host, but it will, later on, result in major losses of savings and opportunities.

Final Verdict!

Effective e-commerce companies are constantly developing and adding the latest technologies. The backend workloads of Magento Managed hosting are complex and considerably affect site performance and security. Shifting such tasks to a fully managed Magento hosting provider is a practical approach for safely eliminating all the concerns of maintaining your Magento store. By using managed hosting for Magento, you can make emphasis on increasing your e-commerce business.