ASP NET Hosting with Bitcoin | Buy it now with reliable activation

Buy ASP NET Hosting with Bitcoin | Buy it now with reliable activation

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ASP Net Hosting

This article is about to buy ASP NET Hosting with Bitcoin. ASP NET hosting is a kind of web hosting, which allows web pages written in the script language ASP (Active Server Pages) to be executed. Due to the script engine that is installed on the server, ASP language is “understood” by the web server and thus the orders and source codes can be interpreted.

In this way, interactive contents can be created. A simple example: if a web page should output the current date and time, a scripting language is necessary – HTML does not have the ability to output dynamic content and would not be able to tell you what time it is.

Good and reliable web hosting companies, such as Navicosoft, offer ASP NET hosting with bitcoin packages at reasonable rates. Although, if you don’t want to use your card to pay for an ASP NET hosting package, and are concerned about your privacy in the online realm, or all three factors, then several web hosting providers have got your back. This is because competent web hosting providers, such as Navicosoft, accept Bitcoin as payment for your ASP NET hosting package. This way you can access ASP NET hosting while your privacy is protected in its entirety.

For those that are unaware, Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency. It is a decentralized digital currency without a central bank or single administrator that can be sent from user to user on the peer-to-peer bitcoin network without the need for intermediaries and you can use it to buy your ASP NET hosting package with complete ease.
Due to the unique nature of virtual currencies, there are some inherent advantages to using Bitcoin to pay for your ASP NET hosting. Bitcoin transactions are processed through a private network of computers linked through a shared ledger. When you purchase your ASP NET hosting package using Bitcoin, you can reap the following benefits:
• User Autonomy – You will be able to buy ASP NET hosting and control how the money is spent without dealing with an intermediary authority like a bank or government.
• Discretion – Your ASP NET hosting purchase will not be linked with your personal identity and cannot be traced back to you, ensuring maximum privacy.
• Peer-to-peer focus – The Bitcoin payment system is purely peer-to-peer, meaning that you will be able to send and receive payments pertaining to your ASP NET hosting package to or from anyone on the network around the world without requiring approval from any external source or authority.
• Elimination of banking fees
• Very low transaction fees for international payments
So get your ASP NET hosting with bitcoin package without any hassle by using Bitcoin and establish your online presence just the way you want.

The worry about any business IT infrastructure is surely daunting. Every single business is different so are the needs. From all business sectors around the globe, people are looking to buy ASP NET Hosting with bitcoin, WordPress hosting, crystal report hosting, windows hosting, Magento hosting, and a bundle of other IT services with Bitcoin. 

Affordably tailoring suitable solutions is the need of the hour. In today’s competitive era, most business organizations are turning their sight to expert service providers with reduced service costs and increased performance and productivity. So let’s have a look at how it is possible to get the services in the most affordable and secure way.

Windows Hosting with Bitcoin

Windows hosting is currently the fastest-growing hosting service across the world. Windows hosting is mainly the type of web hosting that uses a windows web server to host the websites. Today the use of windows web hosting is on the rise due to various preferences. If there is a need to develop websites using any Microsoft technology, then windows hosting is needed. PHP, MSSQL, MYSQL, PERL, Crystal reports, WordPress, and various open-source platforms can run on windows hosting efficiently.

Moreover, windows hosting is so simple to configure. DNS servers are very complex to set with Linux hosting. However, with windows hosting, creating one’s DNS is a simple as point & click. Meanwhile, installing & configuring Apace files are simply too easy to be done over windows hosting. The user-friendly graphical user interface helps in creating the new virtual host by using the IIS manager.

Security is one of the other things that a website owner is concerned about. Security patches are available in the windows hosting server to make sure if the website is extremely secured or not. The Windows hosting environment is so helpful for many of today’s websites as it supports the latest technologies of IIS, SQL Server, etc. NET.

So in this digital era, where everything has been digitized, the same lies for the currency as well. While purchasing windows servers, one must be thinking about BTC or Bitcoins. Most of the hosting providers accept to buy windows hosting with bitcoin.

However, a few don’t as well. Bitcoin payment method specifically opens more ways to reach a broad number of clients as well as those who are comfortable to pay for windows hosting with bitcoin

Bitcoin has various benefits for the customer as well as the seller. For instance, being the newest payment method, it helps to overcome any issue that may occur while using the conventional methods as it is a decentralized method so that customers can stay worry-free regarding any payment failure.

Furthermore, the conventional payment method is related to fraud prevention, and fraud prevention policies are sometimes too much complicated. The bank, most of the time, does not validate the receiver and declines the payment. So buying windows hosting with bitcoin also prevents such kinds of issues.

Linux Hosting with Bitcoin

Linux hosting refers to the web hosting that runs on a Linux server. Linux is one of the most stable servers as well as the easiest to maintain. With the passage of time, Linux hosting is getting more and more popular due to the ease of its use and user-friendliness. In Linux hosting, users are given a cpanel control panel. This panel helps people to manage their website operations with ease. For instance, users can have enjoyed one-click installations with Linux hosting.

Moreover, Linux hosting does come with more features than web designers expect. Linux hosting is widely considered the most secure hosting as compared to others. When someone gets Linux hosting, he can stay assured that the website is protected with the most powerful security solutions in the market. The security features include security firewalls, SSL certificates, FTPs, and prevention from hackers.

In addition, Linux web hosting is comparatively more straightforward to use than windows hosting. The main reason is the user-friendly cpanel control panel. Cpanel is so simple and easy to use. It makes the regular website tasks like installing & removing the apps, taking backups, creating email accounts, and managing the databases so easy and accessible. 

Linux hosting is also known for its stability and reliability. It is the reliability of Linux hosting servers that has made it so great to be used for most modern websites. You can run your WordPress website, Magento website, Laravel, Shopify, or any other eCommerce website on Linux hosting with guaranteed no downtime and performance lag or server issues.

Linux hosting also has a large support community. One of the other edges of Linux hosting is that it is an open-source operating system that is economical, and most of the time, free to be used and modified. Linux hosting is usually compatible with PHP, PERL, CGI, SSH, MYSQL, Apache, WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, and other such platforms.

For many people, to buy Linux hosting with bitcoin seems to be a critical thing, but in reality, it is not. Bitcoin payment method helps gain an edge to gain more loyal customers and clients. As there are millions of threats present on the internet including hackers, and spammers, yet no exception stands for bitcoin itself. When somebody buy Linux hosting with bitcoin, he can stay assured that privacy & protection go hand in hand. 

What makes bitcoin hosting so special is the increased privacy. A person can stay anonymous and buy Linux hosting with bitcoin. Furthermore, bitcoin transactions are more secured as compared to bank transactions. Also, there are no hidden fees when somebody pays via bitcoin. Everything seems to be transparent. 

Bitcoin payments are protected from DDoS attacks as well. Also, there are no losing hours. A customer can send the cryptocurrency to the hosting provider at any time of the day. No verification documents like an ID card or passport are required. The bitcoin transactions are protected with military-grade cryptography ensuring a strong level of protection.

VPS Hosting with Bitcoin

VPS is the abbreviation for virtual private servers. VPS hosting is an excellent hosting platform for personal websites, eCommerce platforms, and other medium-sized businesses. VPS is more powerful as compared to shared web hosting. Or in other words, it is as powerful as a dedicated server with the price as low as a shared server. In VPS, a virtual layer is installed at the top of the operating system. This layer separates the operating system into different portions. It simply allows the users to install their own operating systems and run accordingly.

There are simply a lot of benefits of VPS server hosting. One of the main benefits is that it offers dedicated server resources to the clients. It means that a specific amount of RAM, CPU and disk space is allocated to a VPS. In case of a website faces a sudden surge in traffic, it can borrow the resources from another VPS as well.

VPS supports the use of a hypervisor. It means if a website needs more resources at a certain time period, and the VPS in its neighbor is not using certain resources, then it can borrow the resources from there. Moreover, VPS hosting gives full root access. It means that it allows the users to configure and make changes to the hosting environment.

Root access is not always guaranteed with some hosting environments like shared hosting environments. Dedicated server hosting also comes with root access, but as compared to VPS, it is a bit expensive. So VPS hosting is surely a good alternative to dedicated hosting features with a minimal price tag.

Moreover, the VPS server, as discussed earlier, is a middle ground between shared hosting and dedicated hosting. So, it means that it is fully scalable as well. As the needs of any website grow, so does its resources. It can help you upgrade or downgrade the resources instantly.

Last but not least benefit of the VPS server is its affordable prices with maximum benefits. It can reliably host any website and upgrade the resources as the traffic increases as well as accommodate the growth in the price, same as shared hosting. It is better to get a VPS rather than committing to a dedicated server with around twice the prices as compared to VPS.

As VPS servers provide more freedom of resources to people, when somebody buy VPS hosting with bitcoin, it gets more secure and professional. With a VPS server, as people get more allocation of resources and more scalability, so to buy VPS with bitcoin gives more privacy in terms of transactions. No hidden fee or unwanted deduction of money is there. To buy VPS with bitcoin, one must have enough bitcoins, as well as a trusted provider of VPS who accepts bitcoins. 

To buy a VPS with bitcoin, one can search on Google about the VPS hosting providers who accept BTC. AS it is an anonymous payment method, so checking the reputation of a certain hosting provider is also very important. The payment should only be made once after getting full satisfaction about the reputation of a certain hosting provider. 

Dedicated server hosting with Bitcoin

As the name describes, dedicated server hosting is associated with a dedicated server. If a website has a significant amount of traffic and needs a lot of server resources, then a dedicated server is a perfect match. The customers get full access to the server that helps them in managing the resources easily.

Dedicated servers provide the ultimate security and privacy a website needs. Though dedicated server hosting packages are comparatively more expensive yet it offers the maximum benefits as well as scalability in terms of performance. When someone purchases dedicated server hosting with Bitcoin, it not only helps in a significant reduction of prices but also increases security for making transactions.

In a dedicated hosting environment, all the resources, including disk space, bandwidth, and RAM, are purely dedicated. It helps in the faster loading of the websites without no crashing. Moreover, the downtime of dedicated servers is very low.

To buy a dedicated erver with bitcoin means to have increased security and privacy. There are no risks of infections or malware adoption. As in a shared hosting platform, various websites are hosted on a single platform, so a lot of chances are there to catch viruses. Dedicated server hosting is free from these tensions as only a single person is allowed to manage the entire server

Magento Hosting with Bitcoin

Ecommerce businesses are growing rapidly today. To buy Magento hosting with bitcoin is a good reason to launch an eCommerce website efficiently. Magento CMS is among the most popular eCommerce platforms found in the market today. It supplies all the essential features needed for any eCommerce website. It includes a shopping cart, check out, account creation functionality, and payment integration functionality. 

Easy installation is one of the important factors to buy Magento hosting with bitcoin. The account setup is super easy & fast. The assured compatibility and reliability with Magento hosting help users to create their eCommerce store with ease. Furthermore, it does not give any performance issues or downtime. It provides unlimited bandwidth & power that is unbeatable by another application hosting.

Security is important while running an eCommerce store. Magento hosting comes with proper security measures, including DDoS protection and malware scanning. Anyone can buy Magento hosting with a bitcoin payment method as this secured hosting should be possessed with a secured payment method. As bitcoin is a digital currency, so it does not demand any verification documents. Still, it is the most secured one. Always try to find the verified hosting providers to buy Magento hosting with bitcoin as not all the hosting providers are accepting BTC payment methods, and some are scammers as well.

Drupal Hosting with Bitcoin

So drupal hosting is a type of web hosting that ensures its compatibility with the Drupal content management system. Drupal is mainly an open-source content management system that powers thousands of websites online. This CMS is most commonly used by people who want to have high privacy & security or have complex needs.

When someone buy drupal hosting with bitcoin, it gets easy to add a Drupal website on web hosting. The hosting comes with a one-click Drupal installation. It is so easy to maintain & update the website using drupal hosting. Drupal hosting with bitcoin helps manage various vulnerabilities, spam, viruses and helps in firewall configurations.

managed Drupal hosting plan is scalable enough to meet the changing needs of any website. It can also handle traffic spikes efficiently. It gets the website up to 100% downtime as well. The security features that come with Drupal hosting are also unmatchable. This hosting environment comes with a user-friendly control panel that helps in controlling the website operations with ease.

Due to the flexibility of drupal, this CMS is not limited to any single kind of website. In fact, it can be used to make personal websites, community portal websites, corporate websites, blogging websites, eCommerce websites, social networking websites, as well as resource directories. When a customer gets drupal hosting, he gets able to create the module he wants, update it, delete it or make any sort of modification. 

To buy drupal hosting with bitcoin is the most affordable way to get this good hosting. No special ID or private information is needed. One of the most obvious reasons to buy drupal hosting bitcoin is the ease of payment. It also keeps the identity hidden so that nobody can use the information in any criminal way.

Joomla Hosting with bitcoin

Just like other CMS, Joomla is also a content management system. It allows users to build powerful websites as well as applications. When someone buy Joomla hosting with bitcoin, it allows the users to enjoy one-click installations. Today, Joomla is used by millions of people around the world. Joomla Hosting comes with numerous benefits in which the security, speed, and performance are on the top.

When someone buy Joomla hosting with bitcoin, he/she does not have to worry about the lengthy process of connecting the Joomla account to hosting. As Joomla hosting comes with one-click Joomla installations so within a couple of minutes, everything falls into place, and the Joomla website gets ready to be published on the web.

In addition, adding Joomla to the hosting account does not demands any extra cost or subscription fee. In fact, the total cost for web hosting remains the same no matter if it is needed to add Joomla, Magento, or WordPress. Furthermore, the compatibility it provides with the website is also matchless.

Joomla Hosting also makes the websites intuitive. It helps in easy management of website operations, no matter big or small. It makes the updates easier as well as provides large community support in this regard. With an excellent Joomla hosting provider to buy Joomla hosting with bitcoin, people can get additional aspects of Joomla Hosting running.

Cloud Hosting with Bitcoin

Cloud hosting is the kind of web hosting that makes applications & websites accessible and useful using cloud resources. It is not like traditional hosting, where everything is deployed on a single server. Instead, when people buy cloud hosting with bitcoin, they get a network of connected virtual cloud servers to host the applications & websites with ease. 

Cloud hosting offers a lot of benefits. Since traditional VPS does not allows its users to resize the server as per the variation in demands. Cloud server hosting provides pay-as-you-go services. It means that clients pay for the services as long as they need them. There are no long-term contracts or any commitments. The moment the client feels to terminate the services, it gets terminated instantly.

The dedication of the CPU is as important as other resources. To buy cloud hosting with bitcoin demands the dedicated allocation of CPU. Since in VPS, a single CPU cycle is shared with many users, eventually slowing down the services for all users. Cloud hosting is a good alternative to solve this issue.

Then there comes the storage. Many VPS are offering hard disk storage that is not good enough and can slow down the speed of any running website. The latest cloud servers are empowered with secure solid-state disks. SSD storage can read up to 5 times faster than traditional hard disks.

Organizations today are mostly referring to cloud hosting due to the unparalleled security it provides. However, cloud servers are not only limited to that. In fact, they provide much better scalability, reliability, and high availability of resources.

Node JS Hosting with Bitcoin

Just like other platforms, Node JS is also an open-source server environment that can run on various platforms, including Linux & windows. Node JS is popular for business and commercial websites due to its fast loading speed and other precious features. Just li9ke Node JS, its hosting also is very useful to host a website with high traffic volume. When people buy Node JS hosting with bitcoin, they expect it to run so smoothly and fast. Node JS hosting, no doubt, works, in the same manner, ensuring the website’s security as well.

As node JS includes custom coding, the Node JS hosting comes with root access to easily manage the website. In addition, it does include large bandwidth and disk space so that a website could enjoy maximum speed and efficiency. 

Moreover, to buy node js hosting with bitcoin means saving a lot of your time & effort. As this hosting is specifically designed for business & commercial websites so being lightweight hosting, it makes the website of any organization quickly searchableSmall business owners or startups can also have this hosting as it is not limited to be used commercially. Still, anyone who prefers blazing fast websites can get node js hosting with bitcoin.

Node JS also comes in VPS plans. It allows resources like Ram, hard disk, and CU dedicated explicitly to your account. For websites with an extremely large amount of data traffic, shared node js hosting stays insufficient. A Node JS website, when hosted on a VPS server, can become two times more efficient.

Buying node js with BTC is a fully secured way. Today, most of the payment transaction methods are not secured. Some of them are even that much complex that it demands certain proofs of identifications. BTC being the cryptocurrency, is free from all these worries. Customers can pay their invoice digitally without even showing their identity and get their services activated instantly. 


React JS hosting with BTC

React JS is a library framework that is used excessively for making interfaces, specifically social websites. Facebook is one of the other known platforms made with react js. React js helps in building the interfaces of the websites very quickly. There are various libraries and other related stuff to help users create their applications.

One of the other features that have made react js this popular is the simplicity & flexibility of use. It has made creating dynamics super easier. It allows the developers to reuse specific modules & components. In addition, it is super easy to learn by a layman. It has also proved to be efficient in terms of Search Engine optimization.

When a customer buy react js hosting with BTC, it helps him in hosting react-based websites and applications. When react js website is hosted on a fast and efficient platform, it gets the complete privacy, security, and compatibility it needs. Also, the preinstalled SSL helps in creating secure socket layer connections.

Unfortunately, there are a few hosting providers who provide React JS with bitcoin. Also, finding an authentic one is also very challenging still worth doing the task. BTC is the most secured currency found today. People are craving to have this payment option worldwide. But it is also necessary to verify a company’s authenticity before baying via Bitcoin. Bitcoin currency does not demand any revelation of the identity, so; there is a great need only to have the genuine hosting providers buy react JS hosting with bitcoin.

Domain registration with Bitcoin

Domain name registration is the act of securing a domain for a certain period. The domain remains in a person’s possession as long as he renews it. Domain name registration is important to run any website or to get business emails. The main thing about domain registration is that it gives the business its unique identity. Moreover, it helps to build the client’s trust worldwide.

With the rise in the 21st century, one of the other development is the discovery of cryptocurrency. It is mainly a means of exchange of an authority transferable through the worldwide web in a secure way. So to get domain registration with bitcoin is surely a deal, not in vain. This digital currency is a great deal to minimize the transaction fee. Bitcoins are transferred from one person to another without visiting the bank. So it has also been proved a hassle-free payment transaction method.

SSL certificate with bitcoin

The internet where is a good place to do business, is also a place full of hackers. Hackers put everything at risk just to steal sensitive data and hack the website. So in this, a strong web connection is needed. The purpose of buying SSL with bitcoin lies for the same. SSL stands for secure socket layer. As the name implies, it provides an extra layer between the website and the browser.

An SSL certificate serves to create an encrypted connection as well as to authenticate the website’s identity. Both these things are important to dodge hackers and prevent websites from getting hacked. In short, SSL created a way to communicate data in an indecipherable format so that no third party could access it.

An SSL certificate should be a must-have in today’s world. People are even more conscious about security than they were in the past. So Having an SSL certificate with bitcoin gathers the courage for clients to sign up on a particular website and purchase services. Besides the security features, SSL is also a good source of search engine ranking.

When a website has a secured connection, visitors are more likely to stay on that website. So when clients stay on a website, it boosts the search engine rankings. Also, it is the rule of google that if it flags a particular website as insecure, it never bothers to rank that website properly. So to earn customers’ trust and secure the website, SSL is an essential part.

Not all of the SSL providers are accepting Bitcoin. Still, a lot is there. Before purchasing an SSL certificate with Bitcoin, a user should search various providers worldwide. A person should be able to differentiate between scammers & real ones. As cryptocurrency hides the actual identity, one should be more aware while making a payment with Bitcoin. Bitcoin itself has a lot of edges, but scammers are also there making fools out of people in various ways.


Cpanel license with Bitcoin

CPanel is one of the most widely demanded control panels today due to its flexibility and user-friendly features. It helps in website management tasks making the website run more smoothly. Either it is file management, file transfer protocol, email management, data protection, domain control, SSL management, user management, network tools management, or any other thing, cpanel helps in smooth managing of alone the operations related to the website.

As cpanel is the most used control panel today, so to run cpanel, a cpanel license is needed. To buy a cpanel license with bitcoin means a user will no longer have to get permission from anyone to use the resources. Once someone buys a cpanel license with bitcoin, the resources can be easily managed on the relevant server. 

After getting a cpanel license, a user gets the authority to handle bundles of features for a lifetime. These features include preinstalled CGI scripts, some advanced tools like SSH access, cron jobs, AWS stats, PBG keys management, FTP management, easy backups, email management, site tool management, subdomain management, database management as well as network tools management.