Avail registration of through PKNIC prepaid cards


Running an organization needs an online presence for working. A website with domain refers to the organizations established in Pakistan. PKNIC prepaid cards have made it easier to avail registration of domain.

PKNIC prepaid cards

In this modern era, where everything has become digital and global, organizations also need their presence online to run successfully. .ORG domain refers to the domain used by an organization like NGOs. Apart from it, the .org domain is also used by schools, government departments, small companies, and commercial firms. The most-trusted, user-friendly, and easy to remember domain inevitably leaves a handsome impression on users.

As it is one of the most eminent domain, so it goes a good impact on the mind of the user and also helps in increasing the traffic on your website as it is easier to remember. By increasing the credibility and reliability of organizations, it provides better assistance to your business.

In Pakistan, A lot of non-profit organizations are working. .ORG when combines with the .PK cctld tells the establishment of NGOs, small companies, and schools established in Pakistan. Giving the blend of local as well as an international extension it has proved to be the best choice to be purchased through PKNIC prepaid cards.

Who can get the domain?

This domain is not specific for anyone kind of company or area, but any organization can have this domain except for those who are black-listed or are illegal. The chief registrar of domain is PKNIC. They issue PKNIC prepaid cards for purchasing or renewing domain.
The minimum time duration for which you can register domain through PKNIC prepaid cards is two years.

Eligibility criteria to get.ORG.PK through PKNIC prepaid cards:

.ORG.PK allowing running any organization, especially NGOs, depends on getting purchased on eligibility criteria, which should be fulfilled for buying a domain through PKNIC prepaid cards.

  • Anyone can register domain from anywhere in the world if he/she has Pakistani CNIC.
  • Residents of Pakistan can get.ORG.PK easily compared to foreign people.
  • domain cannot be registered for illegal or unethical purposes.
  • Resellers of PKNIC has the authority to register the .ORG.Pk domain.

Requirements for ORG.PK domain:

For registering.ORG.PK domain through PKNIC prepaid cards, some information needs to be provided.

  • Your name
  • Company name
  • Postal code
  • country
  • Your city
  • Email address
  • Contact no


Maximum characters should not be more than 63; you can use numeric characters and hyphen characters as well.