Top 10 Companies to Buy Hosting With Bitcoin


While some claim Bitcoin is dead, others insist that it is the future. Well, I think it has a bright future and will rank among the most widely used payment options in the twenty-first century. Fortunately, just a small number of hosting businesses have embraced payment processors quickly and started accepting Bitcoin. The number of web hosting providers that take cryptocurrency payments is still rather small. Not all of them are quick and dependable enough to host your website, even though Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are becoming more and more popular. When you choose to buy hosting with Bitcoin, you should not compromise on functionality, speed, or security only to maintain your anonymity.

The majority of large enterprises are still establishing themselves in the Bitcoin hosting industry. Leading the way are the smaller hosts, where some offer outstanding hosting options while others provide low-quality and problematic services. However, the best part is that numerous credible web hosting companies accept cryptocurrencies and guarantee reliable hosting packages.

What Should You Expect from the Best Web Hosting Companies with Bitcoin?

Before getting to know about the companies to buy web hosting with Bitcoin, you must learn about a few factors. Further, you must also consider these factors while choosing a web hosting company that accepts payment in Bitcoin.

For instance, your success rate is directly impacted by the speed optimization of your website. According to studies, websites that load slowly tend to draw fewer visitors. Even the ones they already have could disappear. The average website load time for a user is around two seconds. They never keep browsing the same webpage if it takes too long.

Besides, the majority of businesses acknowledge that little delays can occasionally cost them thousands of dollars. There are times when we feel like doing more internet research to go deeper into the ocean of knowledge. And the majority of the time, we dislike the interruptions brought on by many circumstances. One of these scenarios is a slow website.

  • Payment using a cryptocurrency payment platform

Although some of these hosts enable direct fund transfers, it is considerably simpler to pay via a reputable Bitcoin payment platform. In addition, it is always preferable to find web hosts that also accept other cryptocurrencies.

How to create a bitcoins wallet?

  • Excellent Performance and Uptime

As you must know, performance and uptime determine the reliability of your website hosting. If the host provides you with low-quality hosting services, you won’t be able to benefit from it. Thus, it is critical to ensure that you choose a hosting company that focuses on the reliability of the hosting package.

  • Good Storage Space and Bandwidth

No matter how you pay for it, your website needs a lot of storage space and bandwidth. No 500 MB plans on this list will run out of space after one backup.

  • Domain names with Bitcoin

In most cases, these web hosts offer domain name services along with outstanding web hosting plans. In this way, no one can discover any details about your account.

  • Additional privacy features 

With cryptocurrencies, privacy is key. You’re not receiving anything if your money path is concealed, but everything else is out in the open.

10 Best Companies to Buy Web Hosting With Bitcoin

We feel pleasure to find the best web hosting providers as one of the top web hosting companies for small businesses & major corporations. We prioritize finding exceptional hosting services for customers all over the world. To find out which businesses are doing well with smart pricing, we went deep into several factors. Our cognitive search provided a comparison when differentiating between companies that provide excellent website hosting with BTC.

1. Navicosoft 

Excellent Web Hosting Agency with BTC, Along with Reliable Services and Customer Support

Navicosoft has uncovered the most cutting-edge technology and advancements while powering millions of websites. To help you with your online life, we provide the best web hosting and a digital window for your company. Navicosoft has created a polished platform for the best site hosting and accepts cryptocurrency payments. We bring together the knowledge of our agency and support team (all qualified people) with the most modern techniques. So that we can provide you with a genuinely one-of-a-kind service for all web hosting types. Thus, they are among the best web hosting providers to buy web hosting or vps hosting with Bitcoin.


  • Now that we offer one-click installations of all popular CMS, integrating your apps is considerably simpler.
  • We are one of the oldest and greatest website hosting businesses. So we make it a point to manage and improve our services with the most recent technology to keep up with new developments.
  • At Navicosoft, we provide our clients with affordable WEB HOSTING together with a risk-free, 3-day trial period! You have three days to test out our hosting services without cost.
  • Our website hosting migrating service is free. By centralizing your website on our servers, you can save yourself a lot of bothers.
  • Our web hosting services come with free domain registration. With our hosting plans, you may save money by receiving one domain name for free.


  • Easy Payment Method with Bitcoin 

Other than ordinary payment methods, we enable you to purchase exceptional hosting plans with Bitcoin safely. You can access Windows hosting with Bitcoin in this way while still having all of your privacy secured.

  • Free Site and Data Transfer

Navicosoft offers a free website migration service from another hosting company to our servers with all the capabilities you require.

  • Highest Uptime

Because we maintain availability, your websites always have the highest uptime of 99.9%. We are well aware of the fact that uptime determines the performance of your website. So, we above all prioritize your site performance.

  • Unlimited Bandwidth and Storage 

Bring in the web traffic you want; we can manage it with unrestricted, unlimited bandwidth. In addition, to keep your website functioning fast yet best, we provide you with limitless disc space.

  • Free SSL Certificate

In contrast to all other web hosting companies, we also secure your sites with a free SSL certificate.

  • Free Trial for Three Days

We give our clients low-price web hosting together with a risk-free, 3-day trial period! You have three days to test out our hosting services without cost. After three days, you can stop using our web hosting services without any fees if the services don’t satisfy you.

We are proud to provide full attention to more than 10,000 business clients and governmental entities. Because we make sure to assist our clients in every way, you can obtain managed services from our IT specialists. In addition, we consider secure web hosting to be essential. Thus, we provide the safest hosting plans for all web hosting kinds, from traditional hosting to WordPress hosting and cloud hosting. We use the best web hosting software to ensure that websites are functioning properly and quickly.

2. Hostinger

Another well-known provider of web hosting services in this industry is Hostinger. It has been helping businesses develop their online identities since 2004 via its excellent hosting plans. With its corporate headquarters in Kaunas, Lithuania, it is a well-known domain registrar and web hosting service provider. They currently provide a variety of shared hosting plans and several commercial plans that are low-price to intermediate hosting services. You can pay for hosting using Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency of your choice by using CoinGate.


  • Hostinger outperforms far more expensive competitors in our independent performance tests.
  • Additionally, you’ll have live chat access to the business’s support team around-the-clock.
  • The basic plan from Hostinger is affordable and delivers a generous 30GB SSD storage and 100GB of bandwidth.
  • They offer incredibly affordable web hosting with top-level services. Thus, Hostinger has withstood the test of time.

Key Features 

  • Supports Numerous Crypto Currencies 

Hostinger is sure to accept whatever cryptocurrency you choose, as it supports over 70 different cryptocurrencies. If payment processor CoinGate accepts your chosen currency, you can pay with a few clicks.

  • Upgraded Plans with Advancements 

Hostinger’s Premium Shared Hosting plan includes a year’s worth of a free domain name, which is somewhat more expensive but offers great value on advanced plans. As a result, it is the more affordable choice overall for the first year. Additionally, you’ll gain access to extra resources, advertising credits, and other things.

  • 30 GB storage space and 100 GB bandwidth 

The most basic shared plan has more than enough room for your needs, with 30 GB of storage space and 100 GB of bandwidth. More advanced options offer higher specifications and powerful VPS (virtual private server) machines.

  • Domain privacy available for purchase

Purchasable domain privacy will conceal your domain registration information. As a result, it makes it hidden from snoops conducting a WHOIS search on your domain.

  • Discount on 48 months advance plan 

They provide a range of hosting choices. You must purchase a hosting plan 48 months in advance to qualify for the maximum Hostinger discount. Additionally, select the Premium or Business subscriptions to receive your free domains.

Given that the main goal is to offer newbie bloggers and developers simple-to-use hosting. So it is hardly surprising that Hostinger has swiftly embraced Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as a payment option. The most recent infrastructure from Hostinger, which is wholly controlled internally, serves the customer. In addition, its skilled and knowledgeable specialists offer technical support. Thus, the business can provide high-quality service from start to finish.

3. NameCheap

Namecheap, a well-known ICANN-accredited registrar established in 2000, provides affordable domain names, SSL certificates, WhoisGuard, and web hosting. As its name suggests, Namecheap began its journey as a particularly affordable domain name registrar. Since then, it has expanded its business to include web hosting, offering shared VPS and dedicated servers. web hosting that accepts Bitcoin as payment. In addition to dedicated servers and shared hosting, they also offer WordPress hosting and cloud hosting. You have the option of paying using Bitcoin in addition to PayPal, Visa, Mastercard, and American Express for any of their services.


  • Performance is more than adequate, especially if the majority of your audience is in the US or the UK. Further, all plans come with wonderful features like backup tools and a free content delivery network (CDN).
  • In addition to vocally opposing government initiatives that invade users’ privacy, it donates to organizations that defend those rights.
  • Their hosting packages contain a variety of benefits like strong uptime, quick page loads, round-the-clock assistance, and improved security measures.
  • Their pricing policy is transparent and equitable. They thus provide a variety of hosting solutions at fair pricing.


  • Use cryptocurrency to fund your account balance

CoinPayments requires you to wait for payment authorization before using. So you can use BitPay to fund your account balance with cryptocurrencies rather than CoinPayments. You can use Bitcoin or Bitcoin Cash for payment.

  • Free WhoisGuard

Namecheap offers WHOIS protection without charging an additional fee. Your information won’t be accessible in the WHOIS database if you enable the option at checkout.

  • Simple WordPress hosting 

WordPress plans include an SSL certificate, automatic installation, and a one-click backup option.

  • Secure SFTP access 

Secure SFTP access is available with Namecheap’s most affordable services, allowing you to manage your website in total security.

The good news is that Namecheap has accepted Bitcoin payments since 2013. Therefore, in addition to all the other conventional payment methods, one can pay with BTC there.

4. Hostwinds  

Providing web hosting services since 2010, Hostwinds is a business in this industry. It is a client-focused business that is working to revitalize the hosting sector. In addition, it offers managed Windows/Linux, managed reseller hosting, business hosting, and shared hosting. Along with other conventional payment methods, Hostwinds now also accepts Bitcoin as payment.


  • The shared hosting packages from Hostwinds provide limitless storage, bandwidth, and databases.
  • With cryptocurrency, you can purchase all hosting services, including specialized privacy features like Hostwinds’ VPN service and cutting-edge SSL certificates.
  • They have highly skilled individuals who have solved technical website issues and offered hosting plans to several businesses. In addition, they work very hard to build permanent relationships with their clients by being understanding and competent.
  • Hostwinds offers comprehensive hosting options as a consequence, enabling you to obtain the greatest site performance possible.


  • CoinPayments

Hostwinds takes a variety of cryptocurrencies, including well-known ones like Bitcoin and Ethereum, as well as less well-known ones like Dogecoin, Qtum, and Digibyte. Additionally, within 30 days after signup, cryptocurrency payments may be reimbursed as an account credit.

  • Optional Backups

Backup services are optional and are available for an extra monthly fee. The service runs entirely automatically, making backups of your website each night that may be restored at any time.

  • Choose your data centre 

The business operates three cutting-edge data centres in Dallas, Seattle, and Amsterdam, both in the United States. Thus, pick the one that is most accessible and has the best speeds for your target market.

  • Windows hosting 

Hostwinds is one of just a handful of businesses that also accepts Bitcoin as payment. On every managed or unmanaged VPS plan with the company, you can choose Windows.

The Hostwinds staff has assisted businesses in developing useful websites with first-rate hosting with BTC. If you are unable to set up/ manage your own server, the staff provides full administration and assistance. The professional group of web hosting experts gives its clients top-grade service. Therefore, you can also consider Hostwinds to buy web hosting with Bitcoin.

5. Shinjuri

Because it kind of depends on which shore you’re standing on, the term “offshore hosting” is ironic. It refers to hosting that is situated “far away.” Outside of first-world nations bound by copyright agreements and may, as a result, breach your privacy. In Shinjiru’s case, this distant shore may be in Malaysia, Bulgaria, Singapore, or any other five places. Moreover, the business provides shared hosting, VPS, and dedicated solutions and runs cutting-edge data centres in each nation. So it surely is a top web host that provides web hosting with crypto.


  • Shinjiru is a Malaysian business established in 1998. It provides high-quality offshore hosting for low prices to people and companies who are concerned about security.
  • They have all the tools you need to protect your identity, including offshore shared hosting, dedicated servers, private email hosting, VPS, and bitcoin hosting.
  • You may now host a website, add SSL, register domains online, and generate anonymous email accounts to further secure yourself. All of this is possible with the Bitcoin and Ethereum payment systems.
  • When there is a technical problem or interruption, they provide their customers with rapid help. Additionally, they are aware of how difficult it may be for beginners to choose hosting plans. As a result, they assist you along the way.


  • Pay with CoinPayments

You can directly send Bitcoin to the business’s Bitcoin wallet. Or the other way around is to use the platform to accept payments in Bitcoin and Ethereum. The confirmation process for manual transfers of Bitcoin will take longer and cannot be reversed.

  • Utilizes LiteSpeed server technology

Despite the fact that it is still not widely used, LiteSpeed is a newer and more effective technology available today. It will provide faster loading times and improved overall performance for the websites it hosts.

  • Strongbolt plans

These include all the security features that the basic plans are missing. For example, it comprises a hidden DNS (Domain Name System), IP address, and advanced DDoS (distributed denial-of-service) protection. Moreover, an anti-malware and anti-hacker security suite.

  • 24/7 Assistance 

Support is provided round-the-clock through phone, Skype, live chat, and support tickets by the company’s representatives.

  • Three Crypto Currency Options for Payment

You have three options when using cryptocurrency to make payments: Bitcoin (Auto), Bitcoin (Manual), and Ethereum (Auto). They will link you directly to the CoinPayments gateway for the BTC/ETH Auto payment. So you may transfer the payment by scanning the provided barcode. For BTC Manual payment, you must transfer the appropriate amount of BTC to their BTC address based on the current exchange rate.

So another offshore hosting company that has been operating since 2000 is Shinjiru. In addition, they also have arrangements for full protection against distributed denial-of-service attacks (brute-force). They offer a wide range of tools you need to come and grow online. Also, it has a variety, including offshore VPS hosting, private email hosting, Bitcoin hosting, and Bitcoin storage. Additionally, they now accept Bitcoin as payment for all of their services.

6. Bitcoin Web Hosting

It’s not even that the business accepts bitcoin; rather, it only does so together with a few other specifically chosen cryptocurrencies. It does not support Credit cards, PayPal, and other “traditional” payment methods. The shared, VPS and dedicated server options offered by Bitcoin Web Hosting are primarily for clients that want to remain unidentified and inaccessible. Moreover, the prices are higher than those of the other services on this list. However, if this is the level of security you require, you won’t find many other services that can compete.


  • In addition, the business also provides hosting that is shielded from copyright claims and surveillance as an optional upgrade.
  • They maintain open channels of communication with their customers to educate them on the values of their business. They can also offer you the best recommendations for boosting the performance of your site hosting.
  • Their virtual private servers provide the benefits of a dedicated server without the added expenditures for larger businesses that require more power.
  • On enterprise-grade cloud platforms, their clients can operate mission-critical business apps. They appreciate the team’s gigabit network’s great performance, reliable service, and friendly attitude.
  • The best part is that they offer a money-back guarantee too!


  • Use CoinPayments to Pay 

When paying for a hosting service, use CoinPayments because it won’t start working right away. You must instead enter the invoice and make the payment using the CoinPayments link. It accepts Bitcoin, Ethereum, Monero, Ripple, and six more cryptocurrencies as payment.

  • Optional hosting in Europe

The foundational plans are housed on American servers. However, customers can choose an “offshore” European data center that is exempt from the DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act), PRISM, and Patriot Act.

  • Forever free domain

Bitcoin Web Hosting will cover your domain costs for the duration of your account as long as you pay on an annual basis.

  • Guaranteed 45-day money-back

It offers a no-hassle, money-back guarantee. In addition, both shared, and reseller hosting solutions are accessible.

Their award-winning shared hosting service provides you with outstanding performance effortlessly and inexpensively. In addition, it offers the best web hosting for small enterprises and personal websites. Their web hosting with BTC has been assisting business owners, entrepreneurs, bloggers, and digital hobbyists for more than seven years. You can trust them to host your websites, whether they are for personal or business use.

7. NameSilo

Another well-known brand in the domain and web hosting sectors that accepts bitcoin as payment is NameSilo. One great feature of NameSilo is that it provides low-cost domain names and the most affordable prices for domain renewals. Their adaptable and affordable hosting services provide you with everything you need to get going right away. With their assistance, you may choose a plan from several packages that best meets your website’s requirements. In order to help you understand, the professionals at NameSilo will walk you through the basics of VPS hosting. Thus, you can choose to buy web hosting with Bitcoin from it at an affordable cost.


  • At NameSilo, they offer several web money payment methods. Also, they have an enterprise-grade security system to guarantee secure, fraud-free transactions for their clients worldwide.
  • No interruptions and lightning-fast SSD storage are features of their Shared Storing services. And that is perfect for WordPress, E-commerce, or just hosting your website files.
  • They have a straightforward and fair price range. So they provide a wide range of web hosting options at reasonable prices.
  • They now accept Bitcoin as payment to make their services more efficient.


  • Free SSL Service 

With the purchase of its Turbo package, a free SSL is provided. To make sure your website is secure with its other hosting plans, you can select Positive, Essential, or EV SSL.

  • Fast Servers 

They utilize lightning-quick servers with business-level security and world-class support.

  • Advanced Security 

A Secure Sockets Layer gives your clients the confidence of a confirmed domain name. Furthermore, safeguards your website against fraud and identity theft. They ensure that your site stays safe from unfavourable external attacks.

Obtaining an SSL certificate brings various advantages, including keeping your sensitive information private, and improving your Google ranks. Similarly, other benefits include assisting you in meeting PCI/DSS regulations and fostering trust among website users. NameSilo is among the most reputable web hosting companies. Globally, it is becoming more well-known and has established a solid reputation for itself. In addition, large-scale businesses have benefited from its excellent hosting services.

8. Hawk Host

 Another web host that accepts bitcoins and has been around since 2004 is Hawk Host. In Dallas, Los Angeles, New York City, Amsterdam, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Toronto, it offers shared hosting, reseller, semi-dedicated, and virtual hosting. Even if you buy with Bitcoin, HawkHost offers a 30-day money-back guarantee, which sets them apart. You can now begin using the Hawkhost plan WITHOUT RISK. If you decide it’s not what you want during the first 30 days, you can get your money back with no questions asked! Since the majority of site providers don’t provide money-back guarantees for web hosting bitcoin payment, this is a bonus.


  • You’ll be up and running in a matter of minutes with their one-click setup. There is no need for technical knowledge to get started because it supports hundreds of programs, like WordPress and Magento!
  • Their passion has been to offer the best hosting available since 2004. They have experience and knowledge and commit to helping your sites be successful.
  • When the time comes for you to switch from your current host, their 24/7 migration team will be ready. Your account will be transferred and restored with their complete free assistance.
  • All of their hosting plans come with enterprise-grade high-performance SSD storage as a FREE bonus. So it ensures that your website loads as quickly and smoothly as possible.


  • 24/7/365 support

Their support team is always available to help you with any problems at any time. Thus, you won’t need to encounter any trouble to get rid of a technical issue.

  • Money-Back Promise

You have 30 days to cancel and receive a full refund if you’re not completely happy. However, you would definitely be satisfied with their exceptional hosting plans as they promote the best performance.

  • Efficient Control Panel

Utilize cPanel, a robust yet user-friendly hosting control panel, to manage every element of your hosting.

  • A Lot of Freebies

Get free migrations, SSL certificates, and a robust drag-and-drop website builder with their outstanding hosting plans. Thus, you will get additional features and superb security services when you choose to buy web hosting with Bitcoin from Hawk Host.

  • Cloudflare Supported Host

Suppose you want to increase performance, decrease latency, and strengthen your security. In that case, you can enable Cloudflare’s services in front of your websites hosted with Hawk Host.

The team exclusively uses AMD EPYC or Intel Xeon CPUs that are rated for business use. Right now, their decision regarding the processor depends on its accessibility in a particular area. Though rest assured that you would have superb performance regardless of the CPU your cloud compute instance is on.

Thus, they employ completely redundant top-of-the-line solid-state drives (SSD) or NVM Express (NVMe) for storage. By doing so, they make sure that your applications execute as quickly as possible. In addition, they leverage StorPool’s distributed design, which creates an environment that is far more dependable & quick than typical hosting options. So, they are one of the top website hosting providers that accept Bitcoins payments.

9. Fornex

A multinational web host with more than 10 years of experience, Fornex, offers web hosting with BTC. To provide customers with the greatest quality and most stable service, they use their own equipment in large data centres. The data centre locations extend throughout the world (including Germany, Switzerland, The Netherlands, Ukraine, Russia, and the United States). You may obtain limitless web hosting for websites of nearly any complexity and load. They offer you free HTTPS protection and first-rate service around-the-clock powered by incredibly quick NVMe drives.


  • Your company can remain flexible, competitive, and safe with the aid of smart network solutions powered by Juniper.
  • Any location in the USA, Germany, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Ukraine, or Russia is yours to select. The on-site engineers will handle the remainder.
  • With the quickest turnaround time possible and no installation fee, they can set up a server in any configuration.
  • The professionals resolve the majority of technical problems at no cost to you, such as project setup or website migration. Please feel free to contact tech support at any time, and we will be happy to assist you.


  • Support and Customer Assistance 

The support staff is available day and night, all year long. No matter whether you’re using shared hosting, a VPS, or a dedicated server.

  • Uptime Guarantee 

They are so confident in their hosting services to give every one of their customers a 99.9% Uptime Guarantee. That is something that you won’t find anywhere else.

  • Additional Features

Every server includes basic server management, 24/7 technical support, and Geo-distributed DNS. Other features include IP KVM (IPMI) 24x, DDoS protection for attacks up to 10 Gbps, and 50 GB for backups.

  • Easy Migration System 

While moving your website from one host to another can be intimidating, they are here to help. Their knowledgeable team guides you through the process and makes sure your website is accessible and live at all times.

You can easily find out more about the features and prices of different web hosting at any time. Simply get in touch with a member of their representative team. They speak with potential customers in order to fully explain their superior web hosting solutions. In addition, they also help their clients keep track of the technical components of the website. As a result, you can save yourself the hassle of learning website management technology. Moreover, they have a solid reputation for offering advice and customer service.

10. PlanetHoster 

Web hosting, domain name registration, SSL/TLS management, and Internet solutions are all provided by PlanetHoster. The corporate headquarters of PlanetHoster are in Laval (Greater Montreal), Quebec, Canada. The business, established in 2007, has a redundant internal IP network. In addition, it provides approximately 150,000 customers with services through its HybridCloud infrastructure, which is spread among its sites in Canada, France, and Switzerland. To build genuine relationships with customers, PlanetHoster always prioritizes technical support performance, security, and efficiency. Moreover, they offer a completely unique service by fusing the knowledge of their support team with the newest technologies.


  • Support and assistance are available round-the-clock through phone, screen sharing, live chat, tickets, and email. Errors and omissions insurance that covers you up to $4,000,000 per incident is not outsourced.
  • It is a solid financial foundation with the capacity to provide specialized solutions and provide cutting-edge finance technologies.
  • They can provide you with a free SSL certificate thanks to their partnership with Let’s Encrypt.
  • It is an innovation-focused business aiming to help you all prosper in the marketplace. They run a number of research and development initiatives.
  • They offer various payment options, including Bitcoin.


  • 24/7 Support

PlanetHoster has developed a stellar reputation for customer support over the years. In the event of issues, you can easily receive specialized service catered to your requirements.

  • Outstanding Infrastructure

When you pick PlanetHoster, their extensive services provide you with the freedom to develop without hindrance. They provide you with effective and user-friendly technology solutions to help you navigate the Internet successfully.

  • Best Security

PlanetHoster guarantees the highest level of data protection for all of its clients’ thanks to its extensive internal security processes.

  • Managed Hosting Service

Their managed hosting service relieves you of the taxing responsibility of server administration while lowering expenses and providing a solid technical foundation for your hosting solution.

The primary goal has always been to combine the newest technology into a singular product. Also to provide the staff’s experience in a manner that is appropriate. The priorities have remained the same over time. To provide a special service in the sector, PlanetHoster continues to strongly emphasize performance, security, and technical support. It has, on average, over 94% of satisfied consumers from its customer base in North America and Europe.

Which Company is the Best to Buy Web Hosting with Bitcoin?

The fastest Web hosting is still essential for success as the competitive market continues to grow. No matter what’s your payment method, it is critical to ensure the performance of your website hosting. Thus, when it comes to all-inclusive, premium hosting packages, Navicosoft is at the forefront. Our emphasis on the website needs assures that no security theft still threatens your website or corporate data. Thus, we gained popularity and appreciation from our beloved clients and ranked among the top hosting providers.

It is advisable to conduct independent research on the top web hosting companies to buy web hosting with Bitcoin. Even if you are unfamiliar with the many varieties, you can still explore and select one.

Furthermore, we kept a few things in mind while we searched for the top web hosting providers offering hosting with BTC. It has features, reliability, security, affordability, scalability, and uptime. Whether you are a professional businessperson or a beginner user, you may pick the wrong location or host. That, in return, will affect your future expansion. Therefore, avoid bad customer service and read on to choose the best.

NameCheap and Shinjuri offer several hosting options and low-cost hosting packages. They provide the highest level of reliability, assistance, and unique upgraded features. Similarly, Hostinger offers more resources and specialized technical support. Additionally, it offers hosting options with a wealth of features, easy upgradeability, and no additional fees. PlanetHoster, Hostwinds, Hawk Host, and Bitcoin Web Hosting, among others, are all worthy of your attention. They have a strong performance and a variety of features.

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Should You Choose to Pay Via Crypto Currency or Credit Cards?

As everyone is aware, Bitcoin is a P2P (peer-to-peer) digital money that is borderless and decentralized. It allows for immediate payments to anybody, anywhere in the world. The transactions will not be managed by any government, financial institution, or central authority. Which implies that anyone can access it, regardless of their financial situation. The unbanked will benefit enormously from this.

Even though you have access to credit cards, you might want to think about utilizing Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies instead. This is why:

  • Transaction costs for cryptocurrencies like bitcoin are cheaper. You can avoid paying excessively high card fees by using bitcoin. It is because you no longer need a middleman when using fiat cash to make a payment.
  • No, you don’t require a bank account. You actually carry a bank around with you if you keep your Bitcoin in your personal wallet. The use of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies does not require any paperwork or personal information. That is what leads us to our next argument.
  • It offers additional privacy. Thus, it is incredibly difficult to obtain personal information from a Bitcoin transaction. Furthermore, you have no obligation to reveal your identity or location.

So, by utilizing your credit card for purchases, you unintentionally put the security of your entire account at risk. However, Bitcoin is unique since you don’t have to give any personal information to a third party, making it anonymous. The private key and address are all you need to send money using Bitcoin. Thus, it is always beneficial to buy web hosting with Bitcoin.

Recognize Your Privacy Needs and Pick a Bitcoin Host Accordingly

The fact that your account won’t be activated right away is a drawback of using bitcoin as payment. Due to the volatility of crypto coins, payment verification can take several hours or even longer. If you choose to request a refund, you have no idea how much it will be worth.

Still, there aren’t many Bitcoin options if your privacy, anonymity, and commitment to the cryptocurrency ecosystem are vital to you. In addition, you won’t have any money trails that point back to you. And with offshore hosting, you’ll have the best possible protection from government involvement.

Why is Navicosoft the Best Option to Buy Web Hosting with Bitcoin? 

Your virtual buddy with a premier web hosting service provider is Navicosoft. We use the market’s best practices and the newest technologies, and our hosting architecture is current. Due to our dependability and high-quality services, we have earned the trust of several companies and organizations since 2008. In one location, we have all the resources you require, including domain, hosting, website building, and marketing tools. Today, we host over 200,000 nodes, and our cutting-edge security always aims to relieve tension from website owners. Today, we are proud to have earned the confidence of a sizable number of people from all over the world.

Our almost 15 years of existence in this era of fiercely competitive hosting providers is proof of our fantastic services. We provide a simple hosting experience, and that is what makes us an outstanding web hosting agency. No matter whether you need shared hosting, dedicated hosting, VPS hosting, or reseller hosting. As a hosting company, we offer reasonably priced hosting services with incredibly upscale hosting features and support. In addition, we genuinely care about your website’s uptime and loading speed. As a result, we give server optimization and speed special consideration. Not only that, we offer a wide set of services that can help customers grow in the online world.

So, if you’re looking for a web hosting plan with BTC for a personal or commercial website, don’t feel overburdened. We ensure that we’ll offer the greatest hosting packages together with smarter and more trustworthy website construction.


1. Do you accept Bitcoin for domain name purchases?

Yes, almost all the hosts on our list allow Bitcoin payments. So if you purchase a domain name along with your hosting (if the plan does not include one already), you can use bitcoin to pay for the entire invoice. Besides, Navicosoft allows customers to buy domain names without also needing to buy web hosting with Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies.

2.  Is using Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies to pay for hosting secure?

It is secure to buy web hosting and domain names using cryptocurrency. However, you should always check that your computer security is up to date. Also, you can think about using a VPN for more privacy and protection. The majority of suppliers let you pay with CoinPayments, the most secure method of paying with cryptocurrency for hosting. However, using other cryptocurrencies, like BitDegree, requires manual blockchain transfers. So it is a little riskier than using a safe platform like CoinPayments.

Buy Hosting Services with Bitcoin and other Crypto Payment

Navicosoft is your go-to domain and hosting provider that goes above and beyond to bring you the best, effortlessly. And that’s not all – we’ve got something special for our customers who prefer innovation and cutting-edge solutions.

Say hello to the future of payments with our reliable and flexible Bitcoin and crypto payment services. Embrace the freedom and security of decentralized transactions. No more worries about traditional payment gateways, as Bitcoin offers unparalleled benefits for your online ventures.

Ready to experience the perks? Pay with Bitcoin and unlock unmatched

and a wide range of other hosting and digital marketing services. Enjoy lightning-fast, borderless transactions, and complete control over your money.