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Buy WordPress hosting with Bitcoin | WordPress hosting through bitcoin

Buy WordPress hosting with Bitcoin | WordPress hosting through bitcoin

Get your WordPress site online by WordPress hosting through bitcoin and establish it as you want!

WordPress hosting

As we know that WordPress is the most demanded and being used widely for website building. It is the most widely used website builder and CMS (Content Management System) tool in all around world. It is powering multiple sites from personal blogs to the sites for small businesses. WordPress is not only a free but also an open-source platform that could be used by experienced developers and new users as well who are just new to this field and looking to start up a new business site.
WordPress hosting was basically designed for flexibility and scalability so people with less or no knowledge can also use this website building platform easily. WordPress comes up with hundreds and thousands of customizable themes and plugins that can be used for WordPress based website design.
So WordPress hosting in simple words, is a host that basically runs the WordPress. Generally WordPress has features like one-click installation, automatic updates, regular site’s backup and much more. In order to have additional and advanced features, you will have to go with the best WordPress hosting providers in the market as like Navicosoft. The more features you want to have will vary on a host you are going with.


WordPress hosting with BitCoin

As we know that Cryptocurrency is now a days getting involved in all the major sectors of world. Bitcoin as the most popular Cryptocurrency has already become one of the most preferred and reliable payment method. The more and more companies are now-a-days adopting bitcoin payment method and web companies are no more different.
For people who are unaware of term cryptocurrency and bitcoin, so basically Bitcoin is a digital currency and with no centralized bank authorization. It works using P2P (Peer to Peer) network. It is secured and reliable.
You can use bitcoin to buy WordPress hosting and the hosts that accept bitcoin payments are known as bitcoin WordPress hosting. Navicosoft as the best web hosting company in the market, also allows you to pay with Bitcoin for WordPress hosting.

These are the few benefits of using bitcoin payment method to buy WordPress hosting:

Makes international transactions easier

Bitcoin transaction for international payments are no different from bitcoin transactions that stay within the country. There are no extra and hidden charges for international payments like bank transfers, ATM withdraws, credit card payments as they deduct 3% of the amount received by the international transaction.

Lower transaction fees

Bitcoin costs you like 1% of the amount and it’s very rare that it charges you more than 1%. Whereas other digital payment methods like PayPal and credit card will charge you 3% to 4%.

Efficient payment

Bitcoin payment is more efficient as compared to other digital payment methods.

Strong privacy

You enjoy strong privacy as bitcoin built in protection policies allow you to completely separate your bitcoin accounts from public personas, if you want. It’s very difficult to find out even the minimal information of users like who they are.

No hidden charges

There are no hidden charges if you use bitcoin as your payment method to buy WordPress hosting.


All the transactions made through bitcoin are secured with military-grade cryptography which confirms high level of security.

So, let’s take an initiative and get your site published through WordPress hosting with bitcoin.