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Buy domain with bitcoin

Dec 16,2020

Unlock your Ideal Domain Name with Innovative Currency Bitcoin Now!

Domain Name with Bitcoin Pricing 

.com$20.00 for one year$23.00 for one year
.net$21.70 for one year$21.70 for one year
.org$24.95 for one year$24.95 for one year
.biz$26.00 for one year$26.00 for one year
.us$17.40 for one year$18.22 for one year
.info$35.85 for one year$36.47 for one year
.co.uk$14.12 for one year$16.50 for one year
.com.pk$27.63 for two years$27.63 for two years
.pk$27.63 for two years$27.63 for two years
.org.uk$14.12 for one year$15.50 for one year

Cheap domain name & registration with bitcoin for your startup

Back in 6000 BC, trading was based upon a barter system in which people exchanged goods for goods. The barter system was replaced by currency, and this digital age of the world is replacing cash with digital currency/ virtual currency such as Bitcoin. Various businesses are now accepting bitcoin or have shifted entirely pay with bitcoin method. The business world has been inflating due to an increasing trend of entrepreneurship recently. Below average job opportunities have promoted the startup culture. A startup needs to have a strong online presence among all the big businesses. You need to take a start from a domain name search, and it would be best if you found a cheap domain name & registration with bitcoin.

Cryptocurrency – Bitcoin

Bitcoin currency is a peer-to-peer virtual cash system that was made in 2009 by Satoshi Nakamoto. There are almost 1.92 billion users of cryptocurrency, and the popularity of the currency is still increasing on the trend.

Such rapid adoption of bitcoin payment method is mainly due to ease of money transaction with very low to no tax charges and no paperwork. To use digital currency, you just need an internet connection. Above all, the system provides full security and anonymity to its users with blockchain storage. Technology has offered man so much, and it has made it so easy to buy a cheap domain name & registration with bitcoin for an entrepreneur.

What does a domain have to do with my startup?

In our rapidly growing world, everyone is in the race to ace. If you aim for the ultimate success, you must have a cheap proper brand and logo.

More than a logo, you need a formal domain name. No doubt, you can market your brand products through SMM platforms (Social Media Marketing). However, if you buy a cheap domain name & registration, it affirms your individuality and identity among the pool of countless businesses and startups. In the age of digital currency, it is even easier to buy a cheap domain name with bitcoin.
You can buy cheap domain and maintain it yourself or wordpress hosting with bitcoin from a digital marketing agency. Maintaining an online presence is essential for a business. However, a reliable domain & hosting is a key vital to its performance. Having your domain, you can keep your copyrights well-protected. It helps in creating brand awareness and a sense of reliability among customers as well. Therefore, to keep pace with the technology, you must buy a cheap domain name & registration with bitcoin for your startup.

Digital payments are the trend to be exchanged for goods and services, whether nationally or internationally. So cryptocurrencies have taken over the digital world with wide-ranged payment benefits for the users. There are plenty of cryptocurrencies in trade among people. According to an approximation, around 15,000 decentralized currencies have been circling. However, an interesting fact is that only Bitcoin has mountaineered the crypto world leaving behind all the others. Stick through the end, and you will realize why it is so and how buy domain with bitcoin can ease everything for you.

Bitcoin can ease Buying Domain


Bitcoin is a Digital currency – an online-based payment that has no physical existence. That means it is not like a dollar bill or a coin that is tangible. Instead, they are the Digital Tokens or Digital Coins that can be received and sent online only. In simple words, bitcoins can be transferred from user to user on the peer-to-peer Bitcoin network and without the necessity of intermediaries.

Bitcoins are being processed using Blockchain technology, a digitally allocated, decentralized, public ledger that is available across a network to store the records of transactions. Also, bitcoin makes use of cryptography to keep online transactions secure.

As we said above, Bitcoin is the most acclaimed and adapted as compared to other digital currencies. In cryptocurrencies market capitalization of 2.6 trillion dollars, Bitcoin alone has a market capitalization of around 1.1 Trillion Dollars. That is why people joining the crypto trend also prefer following the footsteps of bitcoin geeks and purchasing their sought-after services. For instance, going for a Cheap Domain Name & Registration with Bitcoin.

So let us tell you in detail how many benefits you can earn and how Bitcoin can ease Buying Domain Name. But first, let’s speak a bit about the Domain and its demand.

What is a Domain Name?

The Domain Name is the web address that can be easily remembered and typed to enter and navigate a website live on World Wide Web. IP addresses (Internet Protocol) can also be used to visit online sites but isn’t practicable for humans. Moreover, IPs are long and random numbers series, making them difficult to remember and share and favorable for computers only. So Domain becomes the easy way to surf the internet and websites.

Bitcoin can ease Buying Domain

The Domain can be a combination of the letters, numbers, hyphen (allowed in the Domain), and the domain extension. The former three entities can erect the website/ business name. Similarly, the last part is the domain extension starting with a ‘dot,’ for instance, .com, .net, .org, etc.

The Domain is the only resource to start building a website and expecting people to visit you. Without a Domain, no website can appear on the internet and be visible to people. Thus, try to lay your hands on the Domain Name(S) That Can Get You Clicks.

Also, while going to Buy Cheap Domain Name, find the right registrar that accepts Bitcoin payment and is also reliable in its registration services. If you luckily find one, then the following will be at your fingertips.

Domain for Bitcoin

Bitcoin can ease Buying Domain in many ways.

Work with your favorite Domain Registrar.

Obviously, the customer support of every company diverges from others. Also, the lucrative perks like deals and discounts allocation associated with the Domain on registration with a particular registrar company vary too. For instance, it can be a free Domain Name, DNSSEC security, privacy protection, rapid migration, Domain transfer lock, and many more.

Bitcoin can ease Buying Domain

So individuals have their recommended registrars they want their Domain names to lodge with. Seeing as Bitcoin is accepted worldwide, so you have no worries about buying the Domain from your chosen Domain registrar company. Whether in your country or outside the boundaries, you can choose any company to be your registrar. It’s just that the registrant (you) and the registrar (Domain registration providing company) both use Bitcoin.

Bitcoin can ease Buying Domain

Buy Every available Domain with Bitcoin. 

In addition to the above, all domains can buy with bitcoin as long they are available. So apart from this only condition, all domains extensions can be the choices for your website. A tool like Free Domain Name Checker is available to know if your fascinated name is available or is already taken.

Following the business location or website targeted place, you can opt for Country Code Top Level Domains (ccTLDs), General Top Level Domains (gTLDs), second and third-level domains for your creative web presence.

Besides, if users prefer matching Domain with business niche (which they definitely should), so multiple extensions like .com, .org, .net, .biz, .info, .tel, .com.pk, com.ca, edu.fr, .org.qa, .net.pk, and many other combinations can be the way to go

Domain Renewal 

Like Domain Registration for the first time is easy with Bitcoin, renewal is possible too. After the Domain validity period ends, domains must be renewed to keep a hold on them. Otherwise, after the grace period is over, they can be available to be owned by a new customer. So Bitcoin can ease Buying Domain and renew the existing Domain names smoothly.

Domain Renewal Like Domain Registration for the first time is easy with Bitcoin, renewal is possible too. After the Domain validity period ends, domains must be renewed to keep a hold on them. Otherwise, after the grace period is over, they can be available to be owned by a new customer. So Bitcoin can ease Buying Domain and renew the existing Domain names smoothly.

Keep user anonymity on top while buying the Domain. 

Bitcoin promotes user privacy the most, so the public cannot track the transactions. Once you transfer the bitcoins to your registrar, no one can trace the transaction unless you or the company publicize the Bitcoin wallet address. Besides, bitcoin transactions require public keys, so your names, billing information, etc., will be hidden from third parties. Eventually, there is no information hacking, unlike the traditional card transfers info leaks.

However, if, by chance, the wallet address gets publicized, you can create a new wallet address for yourself.

Fastest processed payment ever to Register for Domain 

To register a Domain with the company, users often pay with their credit cards and bank transfers that take time. Also, if any situation occurs with the bank or intermediary, traditional/ fiat currencies can cause more delays.

However, Bitcoin can ease Buying Domain instantly, specifically because no intermediaries are involved. Therefore, users can register the Domain the fastest as bitcoins get transferred and processed in a short span (a few minutes), irrespective of the time and location. Besides, the users can buy the Bitcoin at any time and send it to the registrar and get going with the Domain.

The users can easily check how many digital coins they have at the current time. So in case, if you have a lot of coins left after registering the Domain and don’t need them anymore, you can sell bitcoin anytime.

Bitcoin can ease Buying Domain

No Transaction Cost 

Every website owner loves to buy Cheap & Free Domain Name Registration. But, conversely, traditional currencies cost transaction fees that might feel like losing more than anticipated and the goods/ service itself. Thankfully, Bitcoin doesn’t have these issues as it imposes little to no transaction fee. This, in return, makes it a suitable payment method for international transactions too. Whether an international registrar, you can smoothly Buy a Cheap Domain Name.

In addition to this, the reply and resolution time of the support team is also very significant. You will have to ensure that the mobile hosting provider delivers you support through several media, including mail, phone, and chat. In addition, it provides you with the chance to interact with the support team.


Alongside the above scenarios of how Bitcoin can ease Buying Domain, being immutable is another feature of bitcoin. It might be a favorable condition for some people, and for some, it is not.

After the completion of the transaction, bitcoin ownership changes to the new owner (your registrar receiver). Also, the company now has a private key to access and manage the digital currency. But it is not like that can never be reversed. It is possible if the receiver returns the actual bitcoins.

Payment Security 

The aforementioned Blockchain technology is the greatest reason behind Bitcoin security in conjunction with cryptography. So let us explain it for better understanding.

Blockchain is an electronic ledger that records all the transactions of digital currencies. Also, it comes with open access to all the users of the bitcoin community due to being digitally distributed across the entire network of computer systems.

Bitcoin can ease Buying Domain

So a third party accessing, hacking, or cheating and altering the information is impossible. Even if anyone tries to do an intrusion, the entire bitcoin community will know.

Besides, its decentralization feature blocks all third-party seizures and intervenes in government authorities and financial institutions like banks. As this payment method has no security flaws whatsoever so, Bitcoin can ease Buying Domain at best.

You can buy all related Website Solutions. 

Bitcoin can ease Buying Domain

Many companies dealing with website solutions are Domain providers too. So keeping all purchases on one ground, you can buy other services related to your website for the same company. For example, you definitely need Hosting alongside Domain names to let the e-store created in conjunction with Web Design and Website Development come to life.

Afterward, for its branding like Logo Design and to enhance its visibility, usability, and ranking, you have to purchase SEO ServicesContent Writing ServicesDigital Marketing, etc. So you can buy all of them with bitcoin payment, whether from the same company or each from a different company.


All the above facts are enough to spotlight why bitcoin is the most popular method of cryptocurrency. Besides, it is wonderful that Bitcoin can ease Buying Domain Name and other tech services outsourcing too. So power your online business with the right web name and welcome your audience and customers.


How can I get a domain with bitcoin?

Choose a domain from gTLD, ccTLD, SLD, Third-Level, or Premium Domains. Now after checking its availability from the domain checker. We have a valid BTC vault, and we accept Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, and all Alt Coins (including Ethereum, Tether, and Cardano). All you need is the email address and password to create the account, and afterward, we will verify your email and activate the domain. So, place your order to pay with Bitcoin and get your domain registered instantly.

How much does a domain with Bitcoin cost?

There is not any fixed price; it depends on the exchange rate. Also, we never estimate the false cost. Therefore, we have listed the domain prices in fiat currency. The current exchange rate will be applied at checkout, and the total amount will be converted to Bitcoin.

Is purchasing a domain with Bitcoin legal?

Cryptocurrency is legal in many countries. So, domain registration with Bitcoin is legal. However, it is better to look into your city/Country’s laws. Also, always process through a reputed website and authentic Bitcoin domain registrar.

Why should I buy a domain with cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin are innovative and are very safe for payments. Also, they offer a unique range of benefits. For example, you can pay any amount for your domains from anywhere globally and from any device. In addition, your identity will remain anonymous, and transactions will be much faster, highly secured, and with little to no transaction fee.

Can I buy more than one domain with Bitcoin?

Of course, yes! You can register multiple domains at a time or separately with bitcoin. If you bump into any problem or need help in the purchasing process, we have a qualified team serving customer support available at all times. You can contact us any time and get your queries resolved.

Why Buy Domain with Bitcoin from Navicosoft?

We understand our customers’ concerns over internet privacy. Navicosoft always accompanies its customers for utmost convenience, being a customer-oriented domain registration company. Also, we have been one of the earliest and most reliable domain name registrars and web hosts with bitcoin acceptance. When you register your domain with us via bitcoin, we offer free privacy protection and DNS management.

What payment methods are acceptable other than Bitcoin?

We also accept other payments if you are interested in other payment gateways besides cryptocurrency. Currently, we approve a wide range of secure payment options. For example:

  • Bank Transfer
  • Credit Card/Debit Card
  • PayPal

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