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Comparison Between Crystal Reports & Web Intelligence

Nov 18,2021

Crystal Reports & Web Intelligence are two dominant reporting software apps that are developed in the various portfolios of the parent company, SAP. However, Crystal Reports is one of the evident products in the SAP’s Crystal Solutions products portfolio. On the other hand, Web Intelligence was established and released by using SAP’s Business Objects with Web Intelligence products. Each company or organization has particular requirements for enterprise information since there is a common requirement for a tool that offers consistent access to the data, organizing and publishing it.

Whether to utilize Crystal Reports & Web Intelligence relies on various determining factors. The real question one needs to ask are regarding:

  • Type of users
  • Are they entry-level or powerful users
  • The number of users increasing or updating specific reports
  • Users who will be operating or viewing existing reports

The aspects of Crystal Reports support exceedingly organized reports that are pixel-perfect and typically require printing exported as PDF documents. Such tools pull data from numerous sources and return, which results against limitations that are already evident. Crystal Reports, by SDKs, lets the embedding of such reports into the third-party application. Even if it has a dominant tool for designing, analyzing, and report publishing, the key drawback of Crystal Reports is that designers of such reports need a broad knowledge regarding the application’s working and increasing your understanding of different database systems.

Whereas Web Intelligence provides ideal outcomes for ‘unstructured’ reports. In addition to this, the way it functions is that the developer has to build a ‘universe’ for users who can access the data. The ‘universe’ is primarily a meta-data layer that ‘encapsulates’ complications of the database from end-users. Moreover, Web Intelligence lets the users improve their own reports by limiting them only on the basis of available data. Hence it is possible by using a drag-and-drop web interface. However, a prominent downside for this application is that the procedure for output print as well as PDF reports are not as clear controlling as that of Crystal Reports. Moreover, users might mix it up despite the degree of simplification.

SAP crystal reports software is a tool that offers and provides you with solutions of Crystal Reports hosting business statistics along with the deployment of business intelligence. In addition to this, SAP crystal reports offer you full support with the SAP crystal reports server, which allows the management of databases using the management console.

You need to get an affordable, effective, and trustable crystal reports hosting for your business. Hence try not to oversee the services according to your hosting requirements. Opt a Crystal Reports hosting company which is the best in the market, has exceptionally great relevant experience, and provides economical Crystal Reports hosting services.

In this way, you will be successfully able to enjoy a clearer outlook of your business by using an industry-leading report design along with visualization solutions. In addition to this, opt for a crystal reports hosting operating on Microsoft Windows servers so that it successfully provides you 100% compatibility as well as performance. Moreover, Crystal Reports hosting company should provide you with a technology

to drive the finest business performance with innovative report generation competencies.

Comparison Between Crystal Reports & Web Intelligence:

Here are some of the aspects that will help you compare Crystal Reports & Web Intelligence and help you get to a conclusion.


In Crystal Reports, there are various tools available to work with the layout. Moreover, it is also extremely flexible since the formula clearly defines the fields’ position. It is specifically worthy for making single table reports. Hence, if the report has above one table, sub reports need to be used, affecting the performance.

On the other hand, Web Intelligence is not flexible; hence it is difficult to get the exact layout. Moreover, it is very difficult to acquire flexibility based on considerations such as displaying the dynamic number of columns. There is no problem in placing more than one table in the report.


In Crystal Reports, data does not essentially need to be filtered by using prompt value. Hence Prompts’ Lists are defined in the report. Therefore, a default value can be easily calculated. On the other hand, in Web Intelligence, Prompts within reports need to be used to filtrate data. Moreover, the lists of values are built on database values. Therefore, Custom-built or calculated value lists require assigning prompt into the Universe.


In Crystal Reports, Crystal Reports Writer and Designer license are essential components to develop and adjust the reports. However, in Web Intelligence, reports can be established or improved by simply using Info view or Webi Rich Client.

Data Source

Crystal Reports use universes, or they can access the database openly. Hence some other innovative features such as contexts are not accessible in Crystal. Moreover, you cannot possibly use Database Direct connection and Universe together. However, Web Intelligence only uses universes.


In Crystal Reports, office employees report in a similar form or the management for nearly standard reports or even other analytical reports. On the other hand, In Web Intelligence, top management, as well as executives, use these reports for decision making. They make ad-hoc analyses to dig into data and choose what data to prefer in analyzing the reports when they build it.

Get the Best Crystal Reports Hosting!

Finding a Crystal Reports hosting provider does not only support crystal reports by delivering a hosting plan but also provides complete technical support, which is not an easy aspect. Not all the Crystal hosting providers give you hosting plans which are suitable enough to support crystal reports 2016 with the latest version. Moreover, you can choose a Crystal Reports hosting provider that offers you windows hosting servers with several .NET frameworks along with SQL server configured.

It will be best if you approach a Microsoft partner since they will also be providing you with ASP.NET hosting along with crystal reports hosting. Again, select a company that values your time and money. Another aspect will be to look for the best possible Crystal hosting packages which are suitable enough according to your requirements.


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