Dazing tips on verification of Dedicated Web Hosting


Dazing tips on verification of Dedicated Web Hosting

Read this guideline and get to know about the way of corroboration of Dedicated Web Hosting and check if your host provider is reliable.

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In dedicated hosting, a server is dedicated to an individual looking to have an online presence in the form of a website. And the provided server is not shared or partitioned with other users in this hosting. But if it is undoubtedly not shared, you need verification of Dedicated Web Hosting.

The website owner can house whatever and as much he wants on the website, i.e., content regarding the services and products in the form of infographics, images, and videos. This procedure requires all features like space, bandwidth, RAM, and processor, etc. in an adequate quantity, and dedicated servers offer all.

Why verification of Dedicated Web Hosting

Why you need evidence for this examination. It’s because dedicated web hosting is expensive than the other hosting. And if you have bought one, you have spent a significant revenue. Why not verify that the spent money is worth it?

Moreover, as discussed above, the quantity of the features is sufficient. But if you are facing any problem regarding speed or space. Make sure to check if it is a technical issue, or your server is not dedicated. You might have got limited features of another hosting.

How to do the verification of a Dedicated Web Hosting?

Other hosting types are relatively easier to find out and get affirmation. But verification of Dedicated Web Hosting is challenging. Nonetheless, some tips for testing the server are:

  • Examine the details of the server by connecting to the dedicated server via SSH.
  • Use the dmidecode command to see the BIOS particulars that can tell about the virtual components if there is any.
  • Inspecting the disk can also provide information if there is any virtual component. (if yes, then it is not dedicated server)
  • Running esxtop, i.e., if the results are responded, then the server is not a dedicated server because such a server does not generate results for esxtop.

Also, the website’s IP can be utilized to check if there is any other website that is hosting using this IP or not. If there exists any number, then it’s not dedicated. This process is called reverse IP lookup.

 All you got to do is to make sure to sign up with a reliable company like Web Hosting Company first hand. So that you don’t have to worried about the verification of dedicated web hosting. Even if you have conducted the confirmation of the server, you should get a satisfactory answer. However, if the reputation and credibility of the service provider are ambivalent, then corroboration is a must to do.