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Design the most accessible and congenial WordPress Website Design

Design the most accessible and

congenial WordPress Website Design

An accessible WordPress Website Design is the one that is accessible by any person providing complete usability, including a suitable design for everyone.

WordPress Website Design

Not about reading the website makes it accessible, but the design must also be inclusive enough for people with some disabilities. Providing a WordPress Website Design that can offer a suitable interface to everyone in necessary to grasp the attention.


Components of accessible Design:

An accessible design should have to be pretty suitable to everyone regardless of the disabilities they are facing. An accessible WordPress Website Design is composed of two main components, i.e., technical and user interface.

Why accessible WordPress Website Design?

Around 15% of people all over the world are facing a disability. It merely means that they do not perceive the things other people do. So it is essential to make such website interfaces for them they find convenient to use as they do have complete right to live like rational human beings.

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Design tips:

As a designer, one needs to know the tips and tricks to make the website accessible and readable.

Design for Autistic spectrum:

For patients suffering from Autistic Spectrum disease (ASD), the WordPress Website Design should have simple colors with consistent and straightforward layouts, Written in plain language with descriptive buttons, and it should have a flexible interface.
There should not be any bright colors or complex interfaces with vague buttons and complex idioms or figures.


Design for Dyslexia patients:

For these patients, your phrases should align to the left, looking at the consistent layout. Content should be short, precise, and clear and try to convey the messages through audio and video with proper image placements and diagrams.
Do not stuff the WordPress Website Design with italic or bold fonts or any underlined non-inks. Write accurate spelling and make sure to write the messages in big blocks as well. Please do not make them force you to remember any single thing.

Design for Anxiety patients:

Make a design that gives them the proper time to think about what to select and what to do next. Give them adequate support with the chance to check their answers before they submit it.
Do not make their next steps jumbled up and do not make them rush to do certain things. Do not make the support hard to access them, and do not ask any questions in the end.