Difference between managed WordPress hosting and shared WordPress hosting


Shared WordPress Hosting

Shared hosting is the best low-cost option for new users. One who has a website would need hosting for it and there is hosting plans available for every website. Shared hosting can run as low as $5 USD per month. Shared hosting is a very good alternative hosting plan for new users who have small business and are just new to this field. This type of hosting probably costs you very low because it can have hundreds of, sometimes thousands of users on a single server. So, all the websites available on server share their resources like bandwidth, CPU and memory.

However users using shared hosting are responsible for configuring and setting up their sites. Hosting providers normally make a variety of website builders and CMS options to build sites like WordPress, available for installing on another new site. Users can contact their particular host providers in case of any issue or problem as far as their site is being hosted.


Managed WordPress Hosting

On the other hand, managed WordPress hosting is dedicated option.
As it is shown by name, managed WordPress hosting is one of the highest level of available hosting options for WordPress sites. In this managed WordPress hosting, sites are managed by the host providers themselves to facilitate the users from all point of view.

Many hosting providers companies offer manages WordPress hosting along with VPS, shared and dedicated hosting services while others just focus fully on managed WordPress hosting services to help the users with all aspects.

With managed WordPress hosting, it will utilize the dedicated server. The exact type of server depends upon the type of hosting provider you go with. When managed WordPress hosting providers, servers and OS (Operating System) are configured by the hosting company in order to maximize the functionalities and performance of all kinds of sites. Managed hosting services packages can cost you up to hundreds and thousands of dollars monthly. Use of managed WordPress hosting makes sense only when you are a completely non-techy person with zero websites knowledge and have a huge business with a lot of visitor traffic.
Bottom line is, manages WordPress hosting is such a fast WordPress hosting with a high quality support staff team available to help you out anytime you need.
As it sounds great, managed WordPress hosting is also really great for bloggers who are established and can justify the expense of it.