Digital Marketing Vs Conventional Marketing – Today’s deal


Digital Marketing Vs Conventional Marketing – Today’s deal

Digital Marketing Vs Conventional Marketing might seem conflicting as both serve for the same purpose. However, the advantages that Digital Marketing is providing to all industries, especially in-between and after the pandemic outbreak balanced out this comparison at best.

Digital Marketing is in trend at present following its cool benefits, and it will not be inaccurate if we say that Digital Marketing is replacing Conventional Marketing.


Digital Marketing Vs Conventional Marketing

Let’s observe the pattern of who is leading and why from ‘Digital Marketing Vs Conventional Marketing.



Conventional Marketing platforms include outdoor, print, mail, and broadcasting platforms (signboards, newspapers, postcards, television). In contrast, digital is using all these platforms but in a different way, i.e., via Social Media and Search Engines. Digital Marketing is approximated the only option that can easily pass through the epidemics and still work full-fledged. In contrast, Conventional Marketing takes up the downfall, as there will be no following on its platforms in case of a pandemic breakthrough.


Real-time results

Digital Marketing provides fast, easily trackable, and real-time results shortly after launch with the audience response (What they thought about the product or service?

How do they find it? Is it suitable and engaging? Sales cycle, lead, and revenue generation).

Whereas, the sales cycle and revenue are the only ways for conventional.



The next comparison factor in Digital Marketing Vs Conventional Marketing is cost. Digital Marketing is cost-effective relative to conventional, even if it sounds expensive, the gained profits ultimately catch up or even get doubled or tripled relative to the cost price.


Global Approach

It connects the people and audience across the world as if it is a village. That is whenever there is a new launch or event; it can be visible to people globally. It also lets you target the audience on demographics bases. In comparison, conventional can target the audience physically and is location restricted.


What is today’s deal regarding both marketings’?

Although Conventional Marketing is still in use in some parts and fields of the world to attract the customers, however, Digital Marketing is soon going to takeover on it.

It is because the business owners and entrepreneurs can’t seem to extend and thrive without exploiting the digital and social media platforms. Moreover, internet surfing is touching the peaks using mobile devices. Individuals are finding those brands and services reliable that own a robust online existence and can be surfed on their smartphones. Eventually, to stay connected with the customers on their most-used networks, digital marketing seems to be the only option.

Therefore, companies and organizations using traditional methods of marketing are embracing Digital marketing services and tending to hire Digital Marketing Agency. These tactics include Social Media MarketingSearch Engine MarketingSearch Engine OptimizationEmail MarketingPay Per Click (PPC), etc. to let their voice reach the target audience.