Discernment of Web Hosting relation with Operating System


Discernment of Web Hosting relation with Operating System

In most of the Web Hosting packages, the prices and features vary. Moreover, you are asked to choose an Operating System, or sometimes many of us have already chosen OS in mind. However, the confusion stays here that why do you have to select one and what is the Web Hosting relation with Operating System. So let’s dig in to find out.

What is an Operating System for a Server?

Every individual living in this tech world has come across computers and laptops and knows that to makes these devices workable, we need an operating system. Just like this, to host your website, you need a server or space on a server that stored and managed your website data files.

To drive this server, an operating system (OS) is required. Otherwise, the server itself has no meaning and will be an entity present in datacenters comprising electronics.

However, a critical point to mention here is that the OS for server computers and to host your website has nothing to do with your computer/ laptop’s OS.

Web Hosting relation with Operating System

That is why when you buy a server to store your website data, it means you are directly correlating with the OS.When we have to choose Web Hosting, we match our requirements with the website, business needs and niche, hosting services plans and packages. Likewise, before choosing Web Hosting, individuals have to select an Operating System to go with (discussed above). For which many features and measures have to take into account before finalizing. Sometimes, the Operating System is fixed as per the hosting package, and the OS choice is limited.

Types of Operating Systems

Server Operating System has two types.

  • Linux
  • Windows

Hosting relation with Operating System is also depicted how Web Hosting Services are named following each Operating System. For instance:


Web Hosting Choices

Both operating systems have their own uses and benefits. Mostly, the difference between both OS occurs depending on the technology or programming code getting used to design software and web applications. Considering their vital role for Web Hosting Servers, hosting packages are also classified accordingly. Many Best Website Hosting Companies offer OS-based services for shared, VPS, and dedicated spaces on servers.

Hope you find the discussion on Web Hosting relation with Operating System comprehendible and satisfactory for your query.