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Discover an orbit to get exemplary cheap bulk PKNIC domain



All domains in Pakistan, including first-level, second-level, and third-level, are registered under .pk. A pliant card named as PKNIC card is used to renew or register a new domain of .pk. A small number of companies are there straightway that are providing cheap bulk PKNIC domain.

A good domain name for running a website is equally important. Finding an upstanding domain name is no more a back-breaking task now! You can easily recognize an orbit to get exemplary cheap bulk PKNIC domain through PKNIC cards.

Discover an orbit to get exemplary cheap bulk PKNIC domain

Millions of websites are present on the internet guiding how to get cheap bulk PKNIC domain. This realization is equally predominant because some people want to register their web site domain with a low budget. Not every reseller in Pakistan is providing PKNIC prepaid cards. While purchasing any PKNIC domain, try to choose those resellers who provide PKNIC cards with domain purchasing. Its price ranges from two thousand to three thousand Pakistani rupees.

Which domains can be purchased using PKNIC cards?

All domains that need to be registered or renewed with .pk extension can be purchased using PKNIC cards.
While purchasing a new domain through PKNIC card, make sure to keep the following points in mind:

  • The maximum length of your domain name should have to be 63 characters precluding the .pk extension.
  • For second-level domains, the number of characters before .pk should have to be three characters. Four characters will never be accepted. For example, .comw.pk will never be accepted in any case

While talking about the third-level domain, make sure not to start it with a dash or hyphen. Furthermore, you cannot register a domain like .net.com.pk or gov.com.pk. The minimum limit of one domain name is allowed

Buy PKNIC cards online

PKNIC cards serving as the card to renew any old domain or to register a new one are the basic ingredient to purchase ccTLDs. You can register any new domain or renew an older one with the extension of .pk through this card. Domains like .com, .org, .net can be renewed or registered with .pk country code top-level domain. To get the right virtuous PKNIC card, Make sure to choose an upright place to make purchases. Online purchases of PKNIC cards cost around two thousand and three hundred Pakistani rupees, which have the validity of 2 years.

Register your required domain with PKNIC domain

To register any new domain, make the following steps certain:

  • In the domain search bar check the availability of the required domain
  • Login to .pk account
  • Go in menu billing and choose to add domain credits.
  • finally, from register domain menu, register your domain



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