Dividing-line between Web Development field & Web Design


Dividing-line between Web Development field & Web Design

Getting in connection with the website, a mess of technicalities is ready to surround you. Being associated with the single thing: website, people get confused about the synonyms like design and development. Many people are not aware of the dividing line between the Web Development field & Web Design.
A relatively simple answer to this query can be that the designer will design, and the developer will code. But this simple answer does not satisfy the curious minds, and therefore requires more elaboration. Let’s dig into the discussion to find the answer.



Web Design

Web Design field comprises the controlling and managing the website’s visualization and accessibility for a better user experience and user interface. The features included are all the visual aspects, for instance, layout, color, typography, design related to information, and the website’s purpose.

Whenever the internet visitors get to see a website, the website’s impression is actually web design. That is what they get to see on the webpage.
Web designing also includes creating the website templates that are further customized and developed according to the client’s demanded website’s niche.


Web Development field

Web Development is a whole broad category on its own. This discipline works with the creation and execution of coding and programming of different machine languages. This programming is actually the base for making the website able to come alive with a design and functionality.

The database connections, servers, and applications running are taken into account in this field. It ranges from creating the websites’ interfaces to the management of the intractability of the websites with the internet, mobile, and desktop devices.
After signing up for a Domain Name and Web Hosting for an online existence, the next work in the row is the Website’s Development.


What is the difference?

Both the Web Development field and Web Design interlink with each other. And both are necessary for website building.
The hierarchy of these features is: Web Design comes first before entering the Web Development field. To illustrate this fact, the planning of the overall look, structure, and layout of the website is done. Afterward, the designers’ website design will pass for the Web Development Services implementation for Website Development.
Combining the dividing-line of Web Development field & Web Design in a net shell: Web Design maps a website and its useful features. However, Web Development Services basically enliven this mapping to bring out a functional website.