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Do I need WordPress hosting| Does WordPress require hosting

Do I need WordPress hosting| Does WordPress require hosting

Have you decided to use WordPress hosting to launch your website then this is completely a perfect plan.

Wordpress Hosting

WordPress is a great web builder and one of the great CMSes in the world. This is why, because it make it very easy to use, create, build and grow your particular website.
If you want to have your website online and want people to access it easily then you must need to have domain for it and a quality WordPress hosting. Without these two in place, you have no other way to get people accessed your website. And you will also have no other place to store visitor’s data and files.

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You must be wondering if you need WordPress hosting for WordPress sites OR Does WordPress require hosting?

Well the answer is yes. WordPress has actually two types of versions.
• WordPress.org
• WordPress.com
With the second WordPress version, you can have free domain and a website without need to sign up for hosting on your own.
While this is not enough to select WordPress version, as you’ll learn soon.
Here below in this article, we have described the major difference between these two versions of WordPress and that’s how you will determine in a better way that which version of WordPress will be best for your particular website.

The Difference between WordPress.org and WordPress.com

Once you have decided upon using WordPress hosting and now the next important thing to decide is choosing a version for your WordPress site whether it should be .org OR .com .
Whereas, in WordPress.org you will be like self-hosting your own WordPress site while with WordPress.com you will be using sub domain for your site.



This is the version that you probably be familiar with. You have to download the self-hosted version of WordPress in this. When you build a site using WordPress, this is the version that you are probably going to use.
You will install this on your own server and therefore you will need web hosting services here. This version will give you more freedom and control so you will be able to build any kind of site you want.


It is quite similar to a site like Typepad and instead of having your site on your own domain, you will be using sub-domain for your site and will create a free site on a sub domain. So you will have to type in like navicosoft.com to access this particular website.
With this version, you will not have to worry about hosting and domain. All you need to do is, just sign up and build your site with the selection of build in themes.
This might be looking really ideal to you, but it’s not that easy to grow and run you website on a sub domain. Plus, with WordPress.com you will not have wide variety of themes. There are very small selection of themes and plugin to select for your website even if you upgrade to the “premium package.” (premium package is hyperlink)