Do you know about Youtube’s clip feature? What is it?


Do you know about Youtube’s clip feature? What is it?

YouTube is the first go-to for anyone who wishes to watch any tutorial, review, or any sort of video content. It is the second most popular website and the search engine that ranks right next to Google. Every minute, users upload about 500 hours of videos and more than 1 billion hours is the users’ daily watch time. More than 70% of the YouTube viewership is from mobile devices. Hence, making YouTube the best social media marketing platform. Attributing to such significant numbers, YouTube has recently introduced a new feature.


Let’s discover more about YouTube’s clip feature.


YouTube’s clip feature

To amaze the YouTube family, it has brought a popular feature like the one in other live streaming platforms such as Twitch. Now, YouTube allows you to render shorter video clips of big videos to share on other SMM platforms making a great opportunity for a social media marketing company. However, this feature is still testing in some regions for feedback and further improvements.

YouTube’s clip feature allows you to create a clip of 60 seconds with a share clip button. You can edit the trim the clip with a draggable editor for the timeline. You can name the clip and share it with a new URL. The whole video loads, and the 60-sec clip loops between the start point and the long video’s endpoint. Maybe a longer version of a gif.

Unlike Twitch, YouTube’s clip feature is more like your personal library of bookmarks in your private account setting that you can share. However, in other SMM platforms, these clips are listed publicly. There is also a popular clips section that keeps on updating.

Undoubtedly, this new clip feature will be creating much more opportunities for SMM platforms strategy. However, what impact it will have is still unanticipated. Currently, YouTube users prefer to make 10 minutes long videos to make their Videos search engine friendly. We are still unable to figure out if the clip of a video goes viral instead of the original video, what will be the consequences for the creator. It may lead to the original video. Moreover, there are these metrics such as watch time.

Besides, a 60-sec clip of an original video might also interfere with the ad-reads. Ads are integrated as part of the video. However, if only a video clip is shared, it may cut the video maker’s income. It will make the creator more dependent upon Google’s ad program rather than the third party deals.

With the advantages, YouTube’s clip feature will bring some challenges for a social media marketing company as well.

Still, let’s see what it brings to us.