How Dynamics 365 will Benefit to Business Application?

Retaining the customers and enhancing the sales is what every business worries about the most. Since this is the case, plenty of solutions propose in time. However, a solution outweighs all others because of its flexibility, reliability, and compatibility with the business. Yes, we are talking about Microsoft Dynamics 365. So let’s check out how Dynamics 365 will benefit to business applications, whether online or offline.

Let’s start off with the basic intro of this software.

What is Microsoft Dynamics 365?

Microsoft Dynamics 365, aka Dynamics 365 or D365, is a cloud-based (a group of remote servers hosted on the internet) business applications platform. More specifically, it is a combo of interlinked and modular Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) applications and services. Furthermore, Dynamics 365 is a multi-language and multi-currency software with a subscription-based model and with a bunch of Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools and productivity applications.
Microsoft Dynamics 365 is readily usable for all three platforms, such as a Web-based app, iPhone app, or Android app. Moreover, being a business-related platform, it enclosed the features necessary for Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP). So you will basically notice Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM, Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP, and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central (discussed later in the post).

Why do you need Dynamics 365?

The key elements participating in the business success include business relationships, sales, marketing, and customer services. That means customers are the foundation of business, and these facets mentioned above are all connected and readily influence each other. An eCommerce website is a powerful platform to draw leads and convert them into potential customers. Therefore, opting for eCommerce website development & design is common among online businesses.

However, when it comes to retaining customers, a business needs to establish an excellent customer relationship. You can close more deals and get the most out of your marketing efforts by only retaining customers. That being said, nothing can compare the viability of software (more precisely a CRM software) to streamline the business communication with the customers and retain them.
Dynamics 365 helps you control everything by embedding all these business and management essentials under one roof, “cloud.” So that a business can drive on the track of growth and success, stamping a seal on the fact that Dynamics 365 will benefit to business operations now and in the long run too.


Who can use Dynamics 365 for an online business?:

Any business looking for software that can manage customers, prospects, and team members can leverage this software. Growing and mid-market organizations and even established enterprises will find it useful. Microsoft Dynamics 365 serve as a suite of ERP and CRM applications regardless of the industry, healthcare, manufacturing, financial services, retail, etc.


How Microsoft Dynamics 365 can help an online business?

So, businesses can use it as a CRM – Customer Relationship Management and ERP – Enterprise Resource Planning or either both at a time depending on their preferences and needs.

  • To keep track of the sales and close more deals and transactions
  • Keep up with the market trends and
  • Optimizing the resources and technicians’ efficiency for better customer support
  • Financial management and reducing operational expenses
  • Automating the business operations (manufacturing & supply chain)
  • Consolidating your physical and eCommerce
  • Optimizing your HR and reducing the workload

The best part about leveraging it is that you can choose the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central solution. It is a comprehensive business management solution to manage operations, finances, sales, and customer service. In short, the user can upgrade from the entry-level accounting software or a legacy ERP system to a single all-in-one solution. In addition, you can explore more about MS Business Central ERP Pricing & Solution to know if it is suitable for you.

Now, let’s explore the advantages of Microsoft dynamics 365 in detail.


How Dynamics 365 will Benefit to Business functioning? 


Dynamics 365 as a CRM Solution 

The most practicable CRM software is the Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM as:

  • It has an intuitive yet user-friendly interface that increases its viability as a customer relationship management software.
  • Moreover, it is splendidly compatible with other Microsoft products like Office 365 and other Dynamics 365 apps.
  • It delivers integrated real-time driven and actionable data. Eventually, you can manage and streamline the customer relationships, field services, customer services, and so forth, alongside tracking the sales leads, let alone marketing and pipeline. In return, you can track your SEO, social media, and paid advertising efforts using the CRM if sales increase.
  • With Dynamics CRM, you can automate processes like sending emails, scheduling follow-up activities, and updating record statuses. You can create customized workflows within the software in conjunction with your other used business applications.
  • Dynamics 365 CRM has robust compatibility for LinkedIn (– Microsoft bought LinkedIn). So you can get a powerful feature with the name LinkedIn Sales Navigator. It helps identify leads, lead generation recommendations, view leads’ LinkedIn profiles (full information) and stay connected with the leads and customers using LinkedIn’s messaging.
  • You can deal with extensive reporting and insights as it helps request data for entities like clients, contracts, activities, etc., and can even define your own dashboards to fit in with your role. In short, Dynamics 365 will benefit businesses by providing you with a comprehensive understanding of your business performance and how you can effectively scale it more.
  • Lastly, it can be flexibly customized and deployed following an individual or organization’s needs. Moreover, you can easily deploy it on the cloud, on-premises, or partner-hosted. However, on-premises solutions involve hardware and IT costs. In contrast, others do not, and here you and your team can access the data/ information anytime, anywhere, and however, they want.

Dynamics 365 as an ERP Solution

ERP is abbreviated for Enterprise Resource Planning and it is a broad term hiding a business’s operations, financials, supply chain, commerce, and reporting, manufacturing, and human resource activities under its wings. So Microsoft Dynamics 365, when employed as the ERP solution it helps with all that a business deal with its day-to-day processing and future growth.

  • Dynamics 365 aids in unifying your physical and eCommerce experiences in order to strengthen the commerce for the retailers. It renders AI-based businesses-customize recommendations to personalize the shopping experience for customers. Boosting employee productivity, eliminating fraud, etc., are other lucrative benefits.
  • When it comes to Finance, dynamics 365 provides a complete rundown fueled with real-time information and AI-driven insights on the business finances. You can automate the daily finance-related tasks that eventually eradicate the manual data entering hassles.
  • Similar to above, Marketing isn’t any different. 365 ERP solution is a powerful tool to improve your customers’ journey. You can expect AI-driven insights concerning your brand reputation and market to be perfect at the right business decisions. In addition, aligning the sales and marketing departments, nurturing sales-ready leads, and perpetuating the multichannel marketing campaigns becomes smoother.
  • It also helps with the HR functioning of the business, for example, payroll, recruiting, etc., extending to employee performance tracking and other HR-related tasks and troubleshooting.
  • It uplifts the Business Productivity and Manufacturing with real-time data and lets a business meet customer needs on time and efficiently. Production planning, resource management, project and cost management, all can be administered to the best.
  • Supply chain management becomes even more effortless with dynamics 365 due to the robust dashboards, business intelligence (BI), and Internet of Things (IoT) technology. In short, Dynamics 365 will benefit to businesses with automation and leaves no inventory management information problems.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Pricing 

Concluding from above in a precise way is that Dynamics 365 is an innovative yet powerful solution for online businesses. So let’s discuss a bit about its pricing.
As discussed above, you can use dynamics 365 as a CRM or ERP suite or both, and any business can use it. However, some opt for only one of the Customer Data, Sales, Supply Chain, Commerce, Marketing, Finance, Project Management, or HR. Or others want to activate two and three or some uses all services and features of D365. So prices vary with the area and scale of the business and the services you want to leverage.
For instance, the lowest dynamic 365 app in Customer Service costs $50 per user per month, while the highest-priced dynamic 365 app in Customer Data Platform costs $1,500 per tenant per month.
Discounts and licensing work too. So another important factor that influences the pricing is buying for the first time, becoming the licensed user, and buying the subsequent time.
For example, if you buy a dynamic 365 app from the feature plan “Customer Services Enterprise” for the first time for your business, you will pay $95 per user/ month. Similarly, if you are licensed too and buy the second time, you will pay only $20. You can even look forward to other discounts.
Many IT companies that are partners with Microsoft also offer Microsoft Dynamics 365. The company that is an expert at Dynamics 365 particularly can help you with complete platform upgradation and data migration for Microsoft dynamics 2009. Moreover, the migration is fully supported for monitoring, optimal performance of applications, and error rectification (if occurred).
The above facts demonstrate how Dynamics 365 will benefit business demands constructively. Also, when all scale organizations are using Microsoft dynamics 365 to meet their customer demands proactively. Regardless of the niche and scale, your business can also rely on Microsoft Dynamics 365. So why wait for time-saving operational and smooth-running growth in 2021 and onwards.