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Extensive comparison of HTML and WordPress Website Design

Jul 30,2020

Extensive comparison of HTML and WordPress Website Design

Everyone is aware of HTML websites knows that it involves a significant amount of coding that exerts extreme pressure on developers. WordPress Website Design coming with up responsive designs solve the problem of coding through plugins.

WordPress Website Design

In today’s world, where everything has become digital and global, every business irrespective of the fact that either it is large or small-sized needs an online presence to work, to interact with users and customers. A website is a simple piece of stone to keep yourself live over the internet. Back to the older days, when people used HTML websites, There work was much more difficult. With the advancement of technology, a newer type of site has been introduced. WordPress Website Design uses word press in the designing and development.


Features of WordPress Website design:

The websites built through WordPress comes up with the content management system. From making blogging websites to full-featured business websites, it provides the designing of every type of website. The websites of WordPress built with PHP and MYSQL database provides open-source websites that are free. You just5 have to pay for domain and hosting, and you are done. WordPress Website design gives a responsive approach as it can be used on any type of device, including mobiles, tablets, laptops, etc. The Usage of WordPress Website design is as simple as using MS Word. With a relaxed and user-friendly interface, it does not require any complicated settings and functions.

Features of HTML website:

These are the traditional type of sites that requires to be completed through coding. They do not have any built-in plugins with them. Written with CSS, Javascript, bootstrap, and PHP, these websites are a bit more complicated.


WordPress Website Design VS HTML website Design:

We cannot impose the verdict that which website designing method is better, but through some comparison, it can be made clear

  • WordPress Website Design comes up with CMS and does not require any coding, while HTML websites require a vast amount of coding to get designed.
  • WordPress websites need a lot of maintenance as it needs compatible plugins, whereas HTML websites are free from this issue.
  • WordPress Website design comes up with search engine optimization that helps them to get searched easily while HTML websites do not have this facility.
  • WordPress websites provide a good time posting blogs just like posting posts, but HTML provides better blogging options as you can post it with pictures and videos.
  • WordPress is free, whereas, for HTML websites, you need to pay to developers or designers.