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Extensive guidelines to pick up cheap bulk PKNIC domain



Following proper guidelines, rules, and regulations are the essential thing to consider before purchasing cheap bulk PKNIC domain. For getting adequate domination, some guidelines must have to be followed to get cheap bulk PKNIC domain.

PKNIC domain?

.pk is a country code top-level domain used to register any domain with .pk extension in Pakistan. Specially reserved for the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, this domain can be registered by any person who has nationality of Pakistan. Other than that, any person outside Pakistan living abroad can also register this domain but with some higher prices. Any person running a local business, any academic institute, any non-profit organization, or information providing a website, can get this domain. The suffix .pk mainly represents the country’s name. Now when every third person needs this domain, so getting cheap bulk PKNIC domain has become a little more tricky.

For running merchandise in Pakistan, domains are purchased by businessmen. From a well-established business to a newly established company, all need .pk domain.

PK domain registration:

  • .PK- a top-level country domain reserved for Pakistan.
  • Any person living in Pakistan having the nationality of Pakistan can book .pk domain in their local currency, whereas, people living abroad can book this domain in USD.
  • Only those Pakistanis who have their national identity card can register.
  • .PK domain cannot be registered for any illegal work or process. In that case, you might get blacklisted.
  • It can be registered for any business, from establishing a school, to any organization, to any business, all can use.PK domain

Extensive guidelines to pick up cheap bulk PKNIC domain:

For getting cheap bulk PKNIC domain, specific directions and instructions should have to be kept in mind to not to get any inconvenience in the future as minor insubordination in the defined policy can make you get blacklisted.

1. Any organization or individual having the given legislation are not eligible to get.PKNIC domain.

  • Any blame for infringement on the company’s name.
  • In the view of PKNIC, not eligible for registration for some reason.
  • Anyone declared by criminal court disobeying the latest version of the Pakistan Penal code act.

2. The domains registered for software operations that made any intervention on the given policy will lead towards deletion.

3. The fee for maintenance and is non-refundable and non-transferable.

4. Anyone requesting a specific domain, should know beforehand that it is not violating any trademarks.

5. No restriction has been placed to take a domain name that matches the company’s name.

6. No restriction has been placed to take generic dictionary names.