Features of a good host



There are some important perspectives that should be kept in mind while you go in the market to shop for the host company for your website.

With the ridiculous hosts available to choose from, we need to keep some followings in your mind to list out the best hosting providers for your webpage.



Do not get confused in this. Up time is just the amount of time your will be up (online) on average when hosted by the given providers. So, it the host assure you for 100% uptime then it means, your site will never go down. But, in actual this is impossible. Hosts must include downtime for maintenance, plus accidents and system shortages. Normally 99.999% uptime is considered very good for an uptime guarantee.


Disk Space

It is basically the amount of storage space the host allocate you on their particular server. The amount of disk space depend on the amount of data, users, files you want to save on the server. Normally, shared users are going to be fine with 20 gigabytes. Mostly host providers promise to provide unlimited space too. But Unlimited Storage is not in actual “unlimited” Or “Unmetered” space.

Yes, this is what one might call fine print of the hosting world: unlimited hosting means you can choose as many resources as you want- which basically varies from host to host. Usually, if the limit of your server space exceeds, it’s a sign that your site is outgrowing. Good hosts will point you out and will bring this to you and walk you through the scaling process- whether you are a shared user who’s now ready to move onto VPS or Cloud customer in need of more dedicated resources.


Money- Back Guarantee

When you sign up with the host, you must be curious in the start that how will it turn out to be fruitful for you. A host that doesn’t provide money-back guarantee are might not sure about their services as compare to the ones who offer money back if the they do not meet client’s satisfactory level and requirements.


Good Reviews

You must do research while choosing a web host provide for your website, what’s being said about them. It’s worth checking the reviews posted by people and testimonials available on the host websites. Or you must consult with the person who know more about web hosting and should ask them for their recommendations. This is how you can go for the right web hosting option and can elect best host providers for your particular website.