Free Web Hosting Services – Do they worth to acquire?


Free Web Hosting Services – Do they worth to acquire?

Free web hosting services might risk your online presence, impact your profit margins, and create security issues.


How Important is a Web hosting service?

Web hosting services play an essential part in building your online presence. Designing your website may not be just enough! A reliable web hosting service is required to deliver your content to the user efficiently. Businesses cannot risk their online presence in such a competitive world because this can directly impact profit margins.

A company cannot simply risk losing their revenue for no reason.
Moreover, it puts your SEO ranking at stake, making you potential for more malware attacks and security issues. There is a need to avoid any inefficient deliverance of information and combat-related problems for choosing the right web hosting is essential.


Do free web hosting services worth to acquire?

Before you jump into this fascinating world of choosing web hosting service for your business, make sure to do your homework and make the right decision. Consider the following factors before taking up a free web hosting.


Not Everything is Free:

Nothing is really for free. Either it has some limitations or surprise gimmick for you to discover soon. When discovered, these limitations will make you either pay extra hidden charges or face hindrances in achieving your goals.
Web hosting services usually limit the bandwidth and storage available on your website.


Your long term contract with the company can obligate you to upgrade your hosting package to a premium version, which might be expensive for you. These traps are very common with web hosting services, and it is difficult to remain safe.


Website does not look professional:

Free hosting companies only provide basic themes for website design. You cannot customize your website.

Your domain name will be a subdomain which seems very unprofessional. No additional services can be taken along with free hosting. This includes free plugins, no mailing list, and other limitations.


No Server Control:

Mostly free hosting services cannot hold a lot of traffic. If there is a boom in traffic, the speed slows down, and there is a downtime on your website. Also, you will be losing your potential customers. Rather than waiting for the time to lose your customers, investing in web hosting service will be a wise option. Web hosting service can easily be upgraded at any time according to your requirements.


No website transferring:

Working with some tricky terms and conditions cannot be a piece of cake for an ordinary person. If you haven’t paid for the hosting, your content is most likely, not yours. Indirectly you are in debt of not selling your content, transferring your domain, or republishing your creativity. Transferring your hosting will only be possible if you upgrade it. So instead of getting into a mess, a wise decision will be to look for an affordable and reliable web hosting company beforehand.



Free web hosting services accompany risking your website integrity, losing revenue, and risking your online reputation and customer satisfaction.