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Gain most preferred domain through cheap bulk PKNIC domain.



Things are getting digital and need digital presence too. By making websites and making it live, a company or business or merchandise can show its online presence. PKNIC provides domain registration through cheap bulk PKNIC domain prices.

Cheap bulk PKNIC Domain

The age of technology has totally revolutionized the lives of humans. As their lives are getting more and more comfortable with the advancement of technology. The world has become global, and things have become digital with the progress of the internet.
In today’s world, where everything is digital due to the internet, websites need to be live over the internet. Either it is educational, commercial, or organizational, every site requires a digital presence to interact with their customers and users as well as providing information to them.
In Pakistan, a domain name with .pk suffix is assumed to be more impressive. PKNIC is the chief registrar of domains with .pk extension that provides cheap bulk PKNIC domain at the lowest prices possible.

Domains registration with the .pk suffix:

From running a school, college, and academy to running any commercial business to any charity or non-profit organization, each and every company can get a domain name with .pk suffix. In Pakistan, all these domains, including .edu, .com, .net,.org, can be registered with .pk cctld.


.com.pk: Specifically designed to use for commercial purposes but can also be used by any individual purpose. It can be registered by people with Pakistani Nationality but can also be registered for people who live abroad.


.gov.pk: This domain is designed to be used by government entities. PKNIC registers this domain for governmental entities located in Pakistan.


Edu.pk: Providing this cheap bulk PKNIC domain, PKNIC provides this domain for educational purposes only. The institutes, academies, schools, colleges, and universities affiliated with Pakistan can get this domain quite quickly.


.org.pk:  PKNIC registers this domain for non-profit organizations, specifically giving them a unique identity to get recognized at once.

Gain the most preferred domain through cheap bulk PKNIC domain:

The choice of domain depends upon the needs of a person. A person running an educational institute may get the .edu.pk domain, whereas any person running a business commercially may get the .com.pk domain. PKNIC registrar provides a wide variety of domains and does not impose the idea to purchase any specific one. It gives cheap bulk PKNIC domain with at least two years of validationPKNIC provides the facility of PKNIC cards to register or renew the cheap bulk PKNIC domain.