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Handy Outline about the suffix for .PK Domain names

Sep 23,2020

Handy Outline about the suffix for .PK Domain names

A suitable suffix for .PK Domain is accountable for your website and provides the right hunch of your business, brand, or services to the visitors.

.PK Domain

If you are moving towards the registration and purchasing of a .PK Domain, read this outline for sure. It will provide you with handy information about the .PK Domain and suffix for .PK Domain names.

Vital intro of .PK Domain and it suffix

You might already know about the .PK Domain. This domain is the country code top-level domain of Pakistan. But what you should do in case you are not getting signed-up with the top-level domain. Then don’t worry, you can go with the second-level and third-level domains for your website. They are directly below the CCTLD (country code top-level domain, “actually the .PK Domain”). These domains are provided with a suffix for .PK Domain and sounds more like an extension of .PK Domain.

However, some facts should be taken into account while going with the second-level and third-level domains. It’s because the first impression of the domain is held accountable for yours and your business introduction. Therefore, it is necessary to choose wisely.

Suggestions for suffix for .PK Domain

A suffix for .PK Domain should also be able to attract the right visitors for your website. Some suggestions regarding these suffixes are listed here, along with their suitability with the businesses and professions.

  • .COM.PK is one of the top-demanded domain names after .pk. It is mostly used for general and commercial business of all government and private sectors, owned by a company or an individual.
  • .EDU.PK best suited the educational sector, including all types, for instance, universities, colleges, schools, diploma institutions, and academic foundations.
  • .NET.PK engages well with the network-related business.
  • .ORG.PK suits best for the charity organization or non-profit foundations like NGOs.
  • .BIZ.PK is quite helpful regarding the general businesses and the promotion of a business.
  • .Fam.Pk fits for websites for personal use or personal brand, or family purposes.
  • .WEB.PK denotes for the websites.

The suffix for .PK Domain starting from the letter G, indicates their relativity with Pakistan’s government sector. For instance,

  • .GOV.PK for the government of Pakistan
  • .GOP.PK for the government of Punjab
  • .GOS.PK for the government of Sindh
  • .GOK.PK for the government of Karachi
  • .GOB.PK for the government of Baluchistan
  • .GKP.PK for the government of KPK
  • .GOG.PK for the government of Gilgit Baltistan

What should you do now?

Now choose the suffix for the .PK Domain and go for registration with the Web Hosting Company. Ultimately start promoting your online business and getting known in the online market for your services and brands.


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