Historical optimization trend in SEO services | Factors

Historical optimization trend in SEO services | Factors

Since the business world has shifted to the digital world, digital marketing is vital to any business. To the fortune of Entrepreneurs, the digital world offers affordable marketing tools and platforms. You don’t need to spend large amounts of money on marketing strategies. You can work on it yourself as well. Search Engine Optimization has been the best result-promising digital marketing tool. Realizing the tool’s significance, search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo keep on changing the SEO ranking factors. To ace the digital world competition, you must keep updated with every new trend in SEO services. You can learn some outdated SEO practices here.


What are the SEO ranking factors?

Where everything is systemized, how can search engine ranking can be random? Indeed, it isn’t!

Google is the most preferred search engine; therefore, we talk about the SEO ranking factors for Google. Google works with an algorithm, and it has certain factors in the algorithm to rank the websites in search results according to the relevancy of the search result. To determine the relevance of a search result, Google uses latent semantic indexing.

Google keeps on innovating and updating its algorithm and ranking factors. Therefore, now and then, google update calls for a new trend in SEO services.

Ranking factors list by Google is always a secret. However, SEO experts have somehow sorted it out and come up with a list of 200 ranking factors. It is too much to count on, that’s right. However, not all the factors as essential to be considered in SEO services. So here is the list of some of the most crucial ranking factors.


Secure Website

There are HTTP and HTTPS websites. Google has marked HTTP as insecure and prefers HTTPS over HTTP sites because 84% usually withdraw from an insecure website.


Mobile friendly pages

90% of internet users access content through mobile. Google ranks the websites with desktop pages same as the mobile version of it.


Schema Markup

Using rich schemas on your Website is a good practice. It won’t rank your Website higher, but surely it would help the search engines understand your website’s content, and it would be easier to access.


Content quality

Content quality refers to grammar, punctuation, spelling, comprehensibility, and engagement of the content. It is essential because approximately 60% of the visitors do not purchase from a website with low content.


Content length

There is no defined number of words, which would result in better rankings. However, all one can say is the proper distribution of the keyword through the content is essential. Moreover, more words allow better keyword density.

If it seems too much to grab on, you can simply hire an SEO expert or an SEO company to optimize your website content.



What is historical optimization? How does it work?

Historical optimization is an ignored trend in SEO services.

However, it can do wonders. As the title indicates, it refers to the optimization of already existing data. For content writers, it becomes a challenge to produce unique content for the same things. When a website is blogging to get leads, it won’t make any sense to reproduce the same content. To counter this, the tactic of historical optimization is the best suited. You optimize the previously produced content and generate much more leads than it had once generated. Surprisingly, you may expect an increase of about 100%.