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How do I get a PK domain?

How do I get a PK domain?

Are you looking to get a PK domain for your business?

A sneak peek at the PK domain

PK Domain is a ccTLD (Country Code Top Level Domain) representing the country name Pakistan. PKNIC – an organization certified by the Government of Pakistan. So PKNIC is the .pk domain name registry in Pakistan.

If you are a local citizen, a businessman, a worker, or living abroad and want a website, you can register for the PK domain. It paves the way for your company to provide relevant and localized information about the product and services. As a result, it can help uplift your website rankings in Local SEO and helps in building customer trust and the company’s revenues and many more benefits.

pk domain

Domain name with the suffix of PK

Not only the exclusive pk domain you can have other TLDs with a suffix of pk as well. .com.pk, .org.pk, .net.pk, .org.pk, .edu.pk, gob.pk, .gog.pk and gos.pk, to name a few.

For instance, .com is a general TLD and famous worldwide. So if you get a .com.pk domain, it will be an excellent opportunity for local and international companies to present their business in Pakistan.

How do I get a PK domain?

Availability Check

Whichever PK domain you desire to get, first, you have to check the availability of the domain.


It can be possible that another business might have already registered the domain you desire to book. Besides, two websites/ online businesses cannot have the same domain name worldwide as per the rules.

Just like a business name is its trademark, your domain identifies your website/ e-store. Therefore, having a distinct identity is a must to survive and protect your business/ website. So you cannot buy the already taken (and in use) domain.

However, two websites can have the same domain names if their extensions are different. For instance, xyz.com, xyz.com.pk, xyz.net, xyz.net.pk, xyz.org, etc., are all different domains. So you can register them.


If your chosen domain is available or you decide to get another name, now you need to hurry to register it. It is because thousands of individuals register domains every second, so get a PK domain matching your business niche before somebody else grab it.

Many companies and registrars provide direct registration services for the PK domain names with the Pakistani Domains Registry. That being said, search for a reliable domain providing agency to avoid any scams. In addition, various web hosting companies in Pakistan also assist with PK domain registration. If you find it suitable, you can purchase the web hosting & domain from the same place.

Whichever way you decide to go, place an order to register and get the domain.

What do you need for .PK domain registration?

For individuals

  • Name of the head (the person registering the domain)
  • CNIC copy
  • Email address & postal address
  • Contact number

For institutions/ organizations

  • Institute or department name
  • Email address
  • Affiliation certificate
  • Letterhead of institute
  • CNIC copy of the head
  • Signature of the director/ head on letterhead
  • Payment

After completing the requirements, finally, you have to pay to get a PK domain. Price varies with the extensions. The typical price starts at 2000 PKR, to 2200, 2500, or 2800 and above.
Depending on the payment method your registrar use Credit Card/ Pre-paid Card/ Cheque/ Bank Drafts/ BTC/ PayPal, etc.), you can pay.


If you have a PKNIC card(s), you can easily register your domain with it too. It is a plastic card working in a similar fashion to mobile prepaid cards. So, you can use the pin and purchase a .pk domain.

PK Domain Validity

You can register your PK domains for a minimum of 2 years. After this validity period ends, you have to renew it. Simply put, you will pay and make it usable for you. PKNIC Prepaid cards also work to renew any .pk domain.

Get a PK domain, represent your brand name digitally in Pakistan, and serve your audience with outstanding commitment and dedication.