How Does Digital Marketing Help in Inbound Marketing?

Marketing is one of the most prevalent words in this digital-driven era and hence can also be the clichéd one. However, the words that come in pair with this word marketing always be new and often confuse the individuals—for instance, Inbound Marketing, Digital Marketing, Outbound Marketing, Omni-channel Marketing, and so forth. A Digital Marketing Agency is mostly the source that gives a helping hand to them. However, reading about these terms, you might also be bewildered about what is what and what is connected, and whatnot. A similar question we got all the time is how does digital marketing help in inbound marketing?

So this discussion is devoted to an explanatory answer to this question. Let’s get going!

However, first of all, you need to understand the dividing line between Digital Marketing and Inbound Marketing. As for marketing, you already know that it refers to being connected with the audience in the right place and time.

Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing is a marketing methodology or a strategic approach that serves for the growth of the business/ venture. It involves establishing deep-rooted ties with the business target audience and customers and luring them to your business. It focuses on trust and grabbing new business for the long term.

The salient and emphasizing feature of inbound marketing is to provide value more than converting prospects. The provided value itself actually creates reasons and convinces the leads to convert to be converted as a customer/ client.

Inbound Marketing working course of action includes:

  • Customer-centric content
  • Collective campaigns
  • Call to Actions (CTAs)

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is a term as broad as engulfing all that is needed to be in touch with the audience in this digital-driven era. Other popular labels for this term include Internet Marketing and Online Marketing.

Digital marketing is to approach the audience on their preferred platforms and directly tell them about your brand business whether they are interested or not. It assists you in global reach; you can reach out to your audience and customers all over the world. Digital marketing is said to be working for short-term goals like brand awareness by advertising to prospects and customers. In addition, it also works for generating leads, engaging customers, and driving conversions.

Listing the digital marketing tactics will be like this:

Have you employed any of these maneuvers? You will definitely nod yes if we say it triggers brand awareness, boosts online visibility, ranking, increases traffic to websites and social networks.

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From above, you now know that you can’t use Digital Marketing and Inbound Marketing interchangeably. However, they complement each other, which is why the question, “does digital marketing help in inbound marketing and how?” strikes the mind. Still and all, you definitely want to know:

What is best?

Your aim and goals obviously will decide which is best for you. If you have minimum time investment to do and short-lived branding, leads and conversions are what you fancy. It is easily achievable with digital marketing. In contrast, long-run results and growth are where inbound marketing is the safest play. Not to mention, your time investment will be a long haul too.

Lastly, if you are passionate about maximizing the upshots of your marketing efforts in both the short and long term, you can use both.

But, how?

Here it is!

How Does Digital Marketing Help in Inbound Marketing?

We, as people, always have to employ tactics to accomplish our goals. But, as already mentioned, inbound marketing is all about the methodology, while digital marketing is all about the elements. Similarly, digital marketing is for the short term, while inbound marketing is for the long term. So, you can use digital marketing in conjunction with inbound marketing to fulfill your long-term goals.

To engender trust and long-lasting relationships, you need content (unique, powerful, user-friendly, engaging). However, to attract and connect with the users, you need branding, visuals, banners, etc. Content marketing backed up by professional and interactive content writing services will help you with the content. Similarly, digital marketing will help you with digital mediums and branding.

Thus, we can say that digital marketing, along with content marketing, make the desired results come true. As it attracts, engages, and delights the customers online.

So we can infer that Digital marketing is a component of inbound marketing and helps in realizing the inbound marketing results in real-time.

Examples for How Does Digital Marketing Help in Inbound Marketing?

A qualified audience is the one that is interested in what you’re offering. Besides, a potent inbound marketing strategy will lead your way to craft the fit-the-spot content, attractive landing pages, viable calls-to-actions, and email marketing campaigns.

Start with a mobile-friendly responsive web design that is fueled with a next-level user experience for all device users. Also, take care of all the optimizations (speed, image, CTA, etc.) so that when users enter your website, they don’t want to leave right away.

Every business knows and leverages Social Media. Use the inbound-pertinent content fused with visuals and bring forward a fresh look that instantly engages the users.

You can focus not only on the broad spectra, yet you can turn locality-based searches in your favor too. For example, with Local Search Marketing (Google My Business), people will easily find you. Meanwhile, you can be prepared using inbound strategies so when they find you have all the pins to lock their attention and engagement with you.

Like the above, other digital marketing maneuvers such as content marketing & SEO can also be your stairway. So extend your approach to various content pieces (blogs, videos, eBooks, social media posts, etc.), align them with SEO guidelines. Further, unfurl it on all possible digital platforms.

Conversion rate optimization is another stratagem to boost digital marketing and eventually inbound marketing upshots. Here you have to focus on escalating the number of users performing your desired actions. Again, it does not matter what the action is; link clicking, adding to cart, subscribing, sign up, form filling, and so on.

Furthermore, you can execute email marketing and draw qualified conversions by joining the forces of SEO, content marketing, conversion rate optimization, or even remarketing alongside inbound methodology.

Finally, you can combine your preferred digital marketing tactics and direct unified inbound marketing campaigns. As a result, these efforts will pay off in rapid brand awareness, and excellent leads, and customer acquisition.

That is all for the discussion on how does digital marketing help in inbound marketing. Now your part is to sign up with a proactive Digital Marketing Agency and streamline your marketing efforts.


You will see various interpretations about Digital Marketing and Inbound Marketing on the World Wide Web. However, bear in mind that both are not interchangeable, yet they are related to each other. As for the former, it helps achieve the goals adjusted in the latter and harmonize the overall marketing strategy. So the right choice is to let digital marketing help inbound marketing and jack up your conversions and revenue.